Posted by: christinelaennec | May 1, 2012

May Day in Aberdeen

What a beautiful day it was here today!  Especially after last week’s freezing cold winds and rains.  I wanted to share some of the delights of my May Day morning walk to work with you:

St. Nicholas Kirk seen through budding trees, 1st May 2012, Aberdeen.

Looking down Schoolhill towards the shiny clean Marischal College, 8:25 a.m., 1st May 2012, Aberdeen.

Blossoming apple tree on King's Crescent, Old Aberdeen, 1 May 2012.

College Bounds, Old Aberdeen, 1 May 2012.

Powis Gate - formerly the entrance to the Powis Estate, now part of the King's College campus of the University of Aberdeen.

King's College, Old Aberdeen, 1st May 2012.

As you can see from the tower clock, even though I was a shutterbug, I wasn’t late to work!  A very happy May Day to you all.



  1. What a beautiful day! Everything looks so fresh and new, the sky and the plants all around. I am hoping to visit Scotland someday since some of my father’s people came from there and were very proud of that fact.

    We do have a pretty blue sky today with lots of clouds, today no heavy haze which means pollution What’s the temperature?

    Did you ever dance around the May Pole? I did during second year of college. Happy May Day to you and your family

  2. Happy May Day to you too! Loved the pics and always feel as if I’ve had a walk around Aberdeen!

  3. Happy May Day to you too. It looks lovely. When the rain stops and the sun shines the world seems a much better place. I love the photos. What a lovely walk into work.

  4. What a beautiful little journey you have to work! I just love it all, the cobblestone streets, the tall spires of the gorgeous buildings, the lovely flowering trees. Lucky girl, indeed! xx

  5. Who would want to be late for architecture like this? Nice photos, Christine. We saw a glimmer of sunshine yesterday. Glad some came your way, too.

  6. We really don’t take notice of May Day here in the States (sad, but true!). Considering that yesterday hit 90 degrees where I live, perhaps that’s understandable… Lovely photos! Just looking at them made me happy. Is the house in the apple tree photo actually blue, or is that just a trick of the light?

  7. Have tried to comment already today but have got in a tangle because of WordPress forcing me into using my new WordPress account, for which I don’t yet have a blog.
    Anyway, after some techie tinkering, hopefully this is it sorted, so just to say how lovely and nostalgic your photos are for me. Old Aberdeen is so beautiful in May. I wonder if we’d visited in May rather than February whether daughter’s university decision would have been different?!

  8. Dear all,

    Thank you for sharing May Day with me!

    Linda, I believe it’s in the low 50s today in Aberdeen. But on Tuesday the sun probably took us up to a toasty 60F! I have never danced around a May Pole, but remember seeing beautiful May Pole scenes from a bus travelling through the Alps.

    Dianne, nodding violets and Karen, I’m glad you enjoyed the walk! Yes, I do have a lovely walk into work.

    Martin, I like the idea that if I’m late to work the architecture disappears! I wouldn’t dare want to find out. Yes, the sun made everyone so much cheerier.

    Ellen, 90 degrees is seriously warm for the beginning of May. I remember making May Day posies to hang on our neighbours’ doorknobs (growing up in Portland, Oregon) but maybe nobody does that any longer?

    The houses are actually green and blue, it’s not just a trick of the light!

    Linda, I’m so sorry you’ve had that hassle, and thanks for persevering. I thought of you when I was snapping away! And, re. uni choice, I don’t suppose any amount of sunshine and blossom would have transformed a city into a small picturesque seaside town, really.

  9. Powis Gate is so beautiful that it almost hurts my tummy.

  10. Man, I liked Aberdeen. I need to go back to Scotland.

  11. What a beautiful little journey 🙂
    You have a delightful blog, will be back to read more.

  12. Relyn – sorry to give you a tummy ache! I always think it’s a bit too Euro-Disney, but fun.

    dplblog, I’m glad you liked Aberdeen, and I hope you can come back to Scotland soon!

    Kia – thank you very much, and welcome to my wee corner of blogland.

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