Posted by: christinelaennec | May 7, 2012

The bay window

One of the things I love about our house (which is actually a large flat) is the bay window:

The bay window

At this time of year our neighbours’ beautiful cherry tree is a lovely sight.  I think I might have missed taking a photo of it at peak blossom, but you get the idea.  The bay window is a great place for me and Michael to have a cuppa together, when we get the chance.  Now that the days are lengthening very noticeably (the sun rises at 5 am and sets at 9 pm) we can enjoy the evening light.  Tilly also enjoys sunning herself on the chairs.

However, all is not quite as it seems.  It has been a very cold spring.  Earlier on the day I took this photo (Saturday, 5 May), it SNOWED!  This is the second time I’ve experienced snow in May in Aberdeen, in the 20 years I’ve lived here.

Today is a public holiday in Scotland – the May Bank Holiday.  I wish you all a happy day wherever you are, and a happy week to come!



  1. What a beautiful photograph. I love a bay window, and I love that elegant wooden framed chair, I can just imagine sitting there in the sunshine with a lovely cup of tea and a nice scone, soaking it all up and feeling very content.

  2. What a lovely spot for sipping tea and chatting with hubby, just perfect! Yes, indeed the weather is cold right now, isn’t it? Brrr! Surely soon it will warm up! We are enjoying the longer days too, the birds start singing here at 4am! 🙂 xx

  3. It is a truly beautiful spot your bay window and I can picture you sitting there with your tea. It is still very cold here in Wales too and everything is under water we had so much rain. Everything in my garden is late this year and some things will never do anything now because they have been drowned. Enjoy your bank holiday, we have one too xox

  4. what a lovely spot to sit and look out the window. I love your high ceiling and the bay window. brrr. I can’t believe you had snow. I hope it starts to warm up for you soon and also that you have a nice day off.

  5. This weather! Our pink cherry trees are just about all out in flower. I love them. Also we have white ones. I do not however have such a lovely bay window to sit in. Lovely.

  6. It’s been bitterly cold, even here in the south, but no snow…yet. Stay cosy, this side of the bay, with a nice hot cups of tea.

  7. A beautiful, calm spot – how lovely. A chair by a window, in the sun, is one of life’s luxuries.
    I particularly remember snow in Aberdeen during May. It snowed heavily one day during my Finals – so that would have been after 20 May, because there was teaching up until then. I was living in Chaplains’ Court, in the Chanonry, and all the cherry blossom was out. During the snowfall blackbirds were singing from every blossoming tree.
    No holiday for me today – work as usual!

  8. And a perfect spot to read! Have a wonderful week, Christine.

  9. What a lovely spot to sit and have tea in those pretty chairs! There is nothing like a bay window to bring in the light. I do hope that you have warmer days this week. Your days are nice and long and that must help somewhat to compensate for the chill. The little vase of flowers on the window sill are sweet. xx

  10. Lovely pic of the bay window and the trees blooming in the background. I’ve had two homes in years past with bay windows and truly loved them. Imagine – snow in May!

  11. What a beautiful spot!
    I love bay windows. And with views of blossoming trees too…sigh 🙂

  12. what a wonderful spot for sitting and reading and thinking and knitting and wondering. I don’t think I’d ever get up. Beautiful view for sure.

  13. Thank you everyone, for taking time to comment! I love receiving your comments. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the bay window with me.

    Martin – “this side of the bay” made me laugh!

    Linda – I can believe it. My other snow-in-May experience was waiting to meet someone, thinking, “It is absolutely FREEZING” and realising snow was falling on me out of the sky. It was May 26th.

    Now the cherry trees around Aberdeen are losing their blossoms so we have ‘pink snow’!

  14. What a great view! Cherry trees remind me of Michigan.

  15. What a lovely corner to sit and soak up some spring rays. I do find that a cold spring does make the blossoms last so much longer.

  16. Yes, I too love a sunny bay window. I can imagine you and Michael enjoying a conversation in that spot; but I wonder whether you each always sit in the same chair…or whether there’s one chair that you both prefer, or whether there’s just a random allocation? I suspect the blue chair with arms is Michael’s!

  17. What a lovely corner to sit and relax! 🙂
    We (in Paisley) didn’t get snow, just lots of rain, gales and hail. 😦 What a crazy spring!

  18. Dear Kelly, Sigrid, oldblack and Kia,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the bay window as well. As you say, Sigrid, the blossoms last longer in the cold – as long as the gale-force winds stay away.

    oldblack, your comment caused Michael and me to ponder if we each have a preferred chair – something we’d never considered before. We concluded that we each prefer the non-blue chair, but that picking a seat is also determined by where the sun is, and (in my case) how much cat hair I am happy to sit on. So now we can each magnanimously offer the yellow chair to the other!

  19. I absolutely love bay windows. Yours is ever so charming. Perfect spot for a cup of tea and some contemplation!

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