Posted by: christinelaennec | May 26, 2012

Summer arrives in Aberdeen!

What astonishingly warm and sunny weather we’ve had here recently.  Temperatures in the low 20s Celcius, that’s over 70 degrees F!  It has been wonderful, especially after a very cold spring indeed.  Here are the intensely beautiful Himalayan poppies, who apparently find Scotland a good place to be (so cold springtimes are a GOOD thing):

Blue Himalayan Poppies in Cruickshank Botanical Gardens, Old Aberdeen. 22 May 2012.

The blue of their flowers is really amazing.  At home, lots is happening in the garden:

In my garden: bluebells, tulips, peony yet to bloom, geranium, pulmonaria finishing, and an old rose in the background. Aberdeen, 23 May 2012.

It was so warm the other day that the scent of the azaleas greeted me and for a moment I was puzzled before I worked it out!

Azaleas and clematis montana in my garden. Aberdeen, 23 May 2012.

Inside the house it is cool and lovely (except the upstairs is baking – that’s where the cat hangs out, nearly comatose in the heat):

summertime light in the hallway

It’s been wonderful to see people enjoying being outside.  The below photo is taken in a park that we always refer to as ‘The Cinderella Park’.  It got this nickname from a family friend, now sadly departed, who lived nearby.  He said it was the most neglected park in Aberdeen – I don’t know if that’s true, but the name has stuck!  I really liked that young family picnicking with their baby:

‘The Cinderella Park’: Bon Accord Terrace Gardens, Aberdeen, 24 May 2012.

This morning I had many helpers in the church garden!  During the morning we planted about 400 bedding plants:

Some of the Garden Committee, taking a break from hard work. South Holburn Church, Aberdeen, 26 May 2012.

The Good Lord has been very kind to us with this lovely weather, and now we will have to pray for some rain (only at night of course) to keep these baby plants going!

I hope your own weekend is relaxing and fun, whatever weather you’re having!



  1. Hi, Lovely pics, beautiful here too. I can’t believe that we are going out of the house without grabbing a coat! x

  2. Thank you for brightening my cloudy spring day!
    Love you, S

  3. Lovey sunny pictures. This weather really is amazing, isn’t it? I’ve had trouble sleeping for three nights on the trot, I think that’s a first for me in Scotland. It’s so nice to have this much sunshine and warmth, I agree, and I hope your little plants get a refreshing burst of rain overnight.

  4. I am watering all my seeds, potted plants, how on earth do you cope with all those bedding plants in this heat? Yu will have to get all your churchgoers to bring some water tomorrow!

  5. Lovely photos Christine, the weather here is just as wonderful as in Aberdeen…enjoy it

  6. Your garden is lovely! And I’m thrilled with your photo of the HImalayan poppies. I’ve tried to grow them, but mine just died.

  7. I tell you, that red door thrills me.

  8. Such light and colour in this post, Christine. And, until today, I had never heard of Himalayan poppies.

  9. so glad you’re getting some beautiful weather! Those blue poppies are gorgeous…what an intense color. I also love that yellow/orange azalea! Have a wonderful start to your week!

  10. It’s been heavenly, hasn’t it? Do you have the duller weather today? At least the bedding plants won’t fry! 🙂

  11. Lovely and cheerful images! 🙂 I am loving this warm weather so much! It won’t last (just saw the forecast) so I am soaking up all the sun I can, LOL!
    Plant can be watered, no need for constant rain. 🙂

  12. Saturday! I think it will be better for both of us if we travel separately you would have to do a big detour and I am not a good passenger! Looking forward to Boogieing with you both.

    • Jill – just as well, as I bought my train tickets a while back! Really looking forward to it too. I’ll look for the woman in the miner’s helmet 🙂

  13. Such a cheerful and happy post! I love the flowers in your garden, especially that beautiful Clematis Montana! I have just planted a Clematis and I am hoping it ends up looking half as pretty. Your red door/window (?) is beautiful, I love how you captured the sunlight. Isn’t it wonderful that you and your helpers planted all those flowers around your lovely church! Well done! (Aching backs, perhaps?) And the blue poppies…heavenly. xx

  14. Dear all,

    Thanks very much for your lovely comments. It was fun to share our summer weather with you! I have been to water the church garden the last two mornings, but as I am at work tomorrow it will have to fend for itself. The sun went away today and we had much cooler and cloudier weather – but no need for hat and gloves, so an improvement still.

    Relyn and Karen, the red is the border of a stained-glass window in our stairwell. It’s completely typical of Victorian stairway windows in Aberdeen (though some houses have much fancier ones).

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