Posted by: christinelaennec | May 31, 2012

Tiny Delight

I once saw a bumper sticker that said “Magic Happens” and indeed it does.  I was delighted to see this addition to the granite kerb (curb) of a street in Aberdeen a few days ago:

Seen on a kerb in Aberdeen. May 2012.

I particularly love how the fallen cherry blossom accentuates this tiny figure’s own “bouquet”.  The sight of this unusual female reminded me of the Torry Quine that I posted about some time ago.  Maybe they know each other?   Thank you to whoever for this piece of whimsy, it brightened my day.



  1. This is wonderful!
    My daughter does similar things with her wild art 🙂 She’ll just leave a trail of beautiful leaves or a fairy house by a tree root for some passer by to find 🙂
    I think this kind of “wild” art or “wild urban art” is fantastic!

  2. That’s delightful, whimsical and unexpected..!

  3. In Aberdeen?! Crikey! Lovely!

  4. That is amazing, how had they done the figure?
    So glad you took a picture as it won’t last will it.
    Just lovely.

  5. How utterly delightful, I would have been cock-a-hoop to see that on a kerb in Aberdeen!

  6. Oh this is so lovely….
    Er x

  7. That is SO whimsical. Crikey – in Aberdeen? indeed.

  8. isn’t it so delightful that our creative gifts can be used to cheer people up, even complete strangers. it’s amazing to me that people who write or draw can affect others who they have no relationship with.

  9. Now, that is magic!

  10. Such a sweet thing to find! Amazing! I once drove down a country road with little balanced stacks of stones every few feet along the side of the road. Some people give joy in unexpected ways. xx

  11. I would have loved finding that on the sidewalk and beside the curb! Delightful!

  12. Dear all,
    I’m so glad you enjoyed this as much as I did!

    Suzy – Oh yes! When our daughter was younger, we used to find many fairy dwellings in the garden. So sweet, and distinctly magical. As Lewis Carroll once wrote (more or less), perhaps fairies don’t believe in the existence of humans either…

    Jill – it seemed to be made of paper and fixed on with some kind of clear adhesive. I doubt it will have survived yesterday’s rain.

    ajb – yes, it is amazing how we each have the potential to affect other people, for good or not-so-good.

    Karen – that sounds wonderful! As you say, it is a gift of joy from a stranger.

    Thanks again everyone for your comments. They are a delight to me!

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