Posted by: christinelaennec | June 13, 2012

Not one Olympic torch, but two!

Well we’ve had some excitement here in Aberdeen; the Olympic torch relay came to town!  The Dafter had had a rough day but with the help of her trusty wheelchair we managed to go and watch:

I believe this is Scott Mciver carrying the Olympic torch (Aberdeen, June 11, 2012).

It was great fun, with friends and neighbours meeting up and an amazingly enthusiastic atmosphere.  It really was a memorable occasion.  One of our family friends was another of the torch bearers, and we watched him on the webcam at home and felt so proud and happy that he’s received this recognition.  We’ve known him for the past 16 years through Gaelic-Medium Education, where he’s served on various parents’ committees.  We knew he was involved in the Red Cross, but until reading his torch-bearer’s profile, had no idea what an amazing contribution he makes in that area.  Aren’t people incredible?  Go Colin!

Here at home, the Dafter confected THE (not just another, she tells me) Olympic torch:

THE Olympic torch, made by the Dafter.

(American readers:  ‘torch’ is British English for ‘flashlight’.)  Needless to say this will not be going on eBay any time soon!

A big and heartfelt thank-you for all your well-wishes regarding the Dafter’s health and our life/work balance (I believe that’s the phrase).  We appreciate them enormously!



  1. Ha ha, I like the Dafter’s torch! I’m so glad you were able to get out and see some of the torch relay, I was sorry I missed it when it was in Scone yesterday. Colin seems a very worthy torch bearer, people are indeed amazing and good on him!

  2. The look of that Olympic Torch you would need to be a weight lifter to lift it!

  3. Glad you were able to get out and see it. 🙂
    Best wishes for your daughter’s health.

  4. Glad that you enjoyed the atnosphere and managed to feel part of the torch spirit ( continuing at home too 😉 )

  5. A little slice of History witnessed! Good for Colin, that is quite an honor to be chosen. I like the bit of Dafter’s humor and good to see she is getting in the spirit of things! xx

  6. Glad you were able to get out and be a part of the Olympic festivals. Took a little tour of your blog and loved it. Coming over from Erna’s Scotland blog. Following you my friend. Diane

  7. Must have been an event…both Torches in Aberdeen, I wish I could have been there , but I’m a week late..

  8. Good for you! Having missed the torch yesterday evening I swithered about getting up at 5 am today to see it set off from the Castle at 7 am but was too lazy!

  9. how fun! love the Dafter’s torch. brilliant idea and great sense of humor.

  10. Amazing how a weird looking torch can stir more emotions in Scotland than HRH…I like the Dafter’s much more x

  11. Looking forward to the Olympics! So neat that you were able to participate.

  12. Dear everyone,

    Thanks for sharing our excitement, and amusement over the Dafter’s torch. (Jill, thank you for the laugh!) It was cool that we could participate in a historical moment, and as you say Heike, it certainly contrasted with the lack of enthusiasm over the Jubilee the week before. And it was lovely that Colin, and the other torch-bearers, were recognised for work that they do so tirelessly and invisibly.

    Diane, a warm welcome to my little corner of blogland! Lovely to have you.

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