Posted by: christinelaennec | June 29, 2012

“Another day”: June 2012 weather in Aberdeen

It would only be fair to point out that we have had a few summery, warm and beautiful days this June. In fact, this morning promises to include some sun!

Sun! June 18, 2012, Aberdeen. (My back patch.)

And there have been a few beautiful sunsets on such days:

Sunset, 11 June 2012, 10:10 pm, Aberdeen.

But for the most part, the weather has been rainy, foggy, overcast and quite dark.  The long summer evenings and sometimes daytimes have found us with the lamps turned on.

Fog, haar, murk. Typical weather for June 2012 in Aberdeen.

As the weather man said the other evening, “Murky, misty and mucky – all the Ms!”

When the children were little, if they complained about the weather on rainy days, I would say to them, “You know how you chanted, ‘Rain rain go away, come again another day’?  Well today must be the ‘another day'”.  They used that particular incantation cautiously, I think!  Well this June has been very full of “another day”s, although we can be thankful that we haven’t had the floods that people in other parts of Britain have had.

Aberdeen, June 28th 2012.

Amazingly, despite little sun and low temperatures (often not above 12 C / 54 F), the flowers in the garden continue to bloom:

Rainy ‘Charles Rennie Mackintosh’ English rose, June 2012, Aberdeen.

I continue to enjoy their scent indoors.  I love the form of the English roses’ blooms:

Roses indoors on a rainy day.

The vase on the left was apparently brought to America in the late 19th century by my Swiss great-great-grandmother.  Now it has crossed back over the ocean to live with me and I love it.

In non-weather-related news, the Dafter has come through a tough week that has involved a nasty fall into a sharp radiator (this is what can happen when you’re very tired), and a tooth extraction.  The tooth extraction was planned and not related to the radiator incident.  I’m pleased to say that she has emerged with her elbow and sense of humour intact, although of course minus one tooth.  Today is the last day of school here, although for her it’s a day like any other.  We haven’t managed to meet the hospital tutors yet, so that will happen when school resumes in mid-August.  Until then, roll on July!

I wish you all a lovely weekend.



  1. your roses are gorgeous and the vase is exquisite. i am not a huge antiques kind of person but i am nostalgic and enjoy keeping some things around for sentimental reasons. it is very beautiful. i can almost smell your roses. sorry to hear about your daughter’s fall; i hope she will enjoy her summertime off.

  2. Oooh, I’ve just posted for the first time in ages and then hopped over here to find you’ve been on a similar theme! This weather is pretty all-pervading, isn’t it? I so miss the long light evenings. Your disappearing monuments are interesting!
    Best wishes to The Dafter for a better week next week.
    What do I see in your veg patch – kale, and is that cabbage or brussels sprouts?

  3. Ouch! Poor Dafter.
    A better day today?

  4. I’m hoping that summer will arrive on the next bus, Christine. We’re in danger of rusting, if this weather continues.

  5. Christine, I have a foggy picture like yours, but taken over the side of Union Bridge, there, into the “chasm” that runs beside the Union Terrace Gardens!

    We are heading off on holiday to warm, sunny Italy tomorrow and won’t know what’s hit us. I will be blogging if internet allows. My blog name on here is “fifona” – have not yet figured how to get my signature here to link to that.
    I imagine I will probably have to compose while we’re away and update when we get back. It is a fairly remote hilltop house we are renting.

    I’ll see if I can get J and O to “guest blog”, that way the Dafter might be able to get a teenager’s insight into the tourist life over there! M might even try some – perhaps even in Gaelic. (Must I also pack a dictionary?)

    Looking forward to your updates on our return!


  6. It’s a world of extremes, eh? Here in the States, it’s hot as a greased griddle – in Kansas City, where I am, it was 105F yesterday. No significant rain for a while. A rainy, dark Aberdeen looks to be a slice of heaven on earth. Then again, most of Scotland looks like heaven to me.

    • Agreed! Hitting a radiator and having a tooth pulled are no fun no matter the weather. I’m so relieved the two weren’t related!

  7. It has been a very murky June, at least latterly, almost autumnal some days. As you say, at least we haven’t had the floods that other parts of the UK have had to deal with. Your photos are beautiful though, and how cheering to have such lovely pink roses in pretty vases. I hope the Dafter’s all right, a nasty fall and a tooth extraction is a lot to deal with in one week.

  8. Sorry to hear about your daughter’s fall and glad to hear she’s recuperating from a (no fun) tooth extraction! Loved the pics of the roses and the vase that has traveled back and forth across the ocean…

  9. Thanks everyone, especially for commiserations about close encounters with radiators and dentists. All is well now.

    I’m glad you like the roses as well. I was hoping my blog readers wouldn’t feel they were suffering from – as the catalogues say – “a succession of blooms”.

    ajb, I like old things, and in general I try to use them rather than shut them away.

    Jill, definitely much better today, thanks.

    Linda, the raised beds are Michael’s (I should have given proper credit) and he tells me it’s kale and broccoli. I can tell you that the kale is delicious!

    Bud, you’re right that rain is a blessing. I certainly don’t envy you those temperatures. I remember living in Illinois and living through one summer when the sky was an unremitting blue day after day, while the earth cracked and the trees withered…

    Martin, you’re absolutely right – I’ve just today realised that one of the hinges on my shed door has rusted shut!

    Fiona, I hope you’re all having a wonderful time!

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