Posted by: christinelaennec | June 30, 2012

Tearoom Delights

Well the last day of June has held at least two surprises:  sunshine, and this lovely book by Lorna McInnes!  It’s aptly named because it really is a delight, and I wanted to show you.  She’s done a fantastic job producing it.  Look how beautifully packaged it is, with a sachet of tea (Lady Grey no less!) and a saltire sticker on a gold envelope:

Tearoom Delights by Lorna McInnes, with lovely packaging.  (Apologies for our well-scrubbed kitchen table in the background!)

The inside covers have some lovely photos that make me want to go to Perthshire, Angus and Dundee even more than I already did.  And I was very amused by her “Tearoom I Spy” and word search:

Tearoom Delights: inside cover and I Spy insert.

I was a bit surprised that I hadn’t visited a single one of the 23 tearooms that she’s included, and I look forward to discovering them.  Here’s a lovely map, which impressed me greatly, as I struggled to draw the maps in my own self-published May’s Diaries.

Tearoom Delights: map by Godfrey Fitton of the area covered (Perthshire, Dundee, Angus)

Lorna’s descriptions of each of her chosen tearooms are very enjoyable to read, and there’s all the information you could wish to know about each place.  Lorna’s pretty line drawings and letterings are scattered throughout the text:

Inside ‘Tearoom Delights’

For the moment I’m not able to head out and explore the countryside, but I’ve very much enjoyed my armchair travelling this afternoon.  This wee book is the perfect size to tuck away in the glove compartment or in your backpack, and at £7 I think it would make a great present for people who live in Scotland as well as lovers of Scotland abroad.  I hope that Lorna will continue to scour the Scottish countryside for our benefit, and make this book Volume 1 of a series.

If you’re interested to find out more, go to  You can order a copy through or, or by contacting Lorna directly at



  1. Oh, what a delightful book! The biscuits (scones) on the cover look delicious! How I would love to have enough time in Scotland that I could tour tearooms among all the other places I want to visit! Thanks for sharing…

    • I’m sure that when you do come to Scotland, you will easily be able to incorporate visiting tearooms into all other activities. And Lorna will be an excellent tour guide for the tearooms!

  2. Has she done Aberdeenshire or should we three do some research!

    • She hasn’t yet done Aberdeenshire, just the odd one here and there, I think you should do some research! I can recommend it as an excellent use of time.

      • Jill, I’m worried what the effect of Lorna’s high standards of research would be on my waistline!

      • The secret is to jump about a bit between cakes.

  3. so excited to see Lorna’s book in finished form! i am grateful to you for posting how it turned out and how adorable it is. i must get a copy for myself! enjoy your reading and sipping your lovely cup of tea.

  4. Wow, Christine, thank you! What’s all this about not being a quick blogger? 🙂 You’ve done a lovely job of showing my wee book off, I’m so touched and happy. I need to do a post about it myself but I think I might reblog yours if that’s okay, you’ve presented it so nicely. That’s got my Sunday off to a jolly good start!

  5. […] blogger and Tearoom Delights customer, Christine, has done a lovely post about my book on her blog, Writing from Scotland, and I would like to direct you there for an independent review. The teabag mentioned on her blog […]

  6. Thanks for the sneak-peek. I can’t wait to get my hands on this blog. Lorna’s blog is awesome.

    • oops not blog – book!!

      • I knew what you meant! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book.

  7. This seems to be a major cultural difference between Australia & Scotland. Despite our UK-dominant heritage, with only one or two exceptions the only “Tea Room” you’ll find in Australia is run by and for Chinese people, possibly with a Buddhist flavour. On the other hand, we have zillions of cafés or caffès, reflecting coffee’s total dominance of the hot beverage market!

    • That is very interesting. I wonder what the history behind the lack of tearooms in Australia is?

  8. What a delightful wee book! Congrats to your friend Lorna. 🙂
    I don’t have much experience with Tea Rooms in Scotland, because the only one I had right after moving here was very disappointing – such a horrible tea and old scones. I should try again asap. 🙂
    Happy July!

    • I’m distressed for you, I’ve had a few experiences like that myself and it is most disappointing. I hope you have another bash at them though, because there are some truly marvellous tearooms in this country that serve consistently good tea and beautifully fluffy freshly baked scones. Perhaps Christine could offer you a few tips for where to try from the book.

      • Kia and Lorna,
        For someone living near Glasgow, I would venture to suggest that the ultimate tearoom experience is surely the Willow Tea Rooms?

      • Definitely worth a try, and if you’re in Glasgow there’s another place I’ve yet to visit called The Hidden Lane Tearoom that I’ve had recommended by several people. I’m looking forward to sampling it one of these days.

  9. I’ve just ordered my copy and a friend will bring it across when she visits later this month. Can’t wait to read it!!!!

    • Dear Heather,
      I’m sure you will enjoy your ‘armchair travels’. It looks from your blog like you’ve been having somewhat warmer weather than we have!

  10. This looks a delightful little book for everyone who lives/visits up there. Maybe she should do one on North Wales 😉

  11. […] bring him here often enough, anyway. It had been a fantasy of mine to meet up with Christine in a Scottish Tea House or experience first hand some of the sights that I’ve seen in Annie’s […]

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