Posted by: christinelaennec | July 25, 2012

Award Ceremonies of the Blog World

First of all, credit for the post title goes to the Dafter, who is helping me step up to the podium this evening.  WHILE KNITTING (the Dafter, not me, that is)!!!!  I’m so pleased…  She hasn’t knit for a few years now, so I’m very happy.

Two of my fellow bloggers, Jill of Land of the Big Sky and Lorna of Tearoom Delights, recently gave me a Sunshine Award (thank you Jill) and an Illuminating Blogger Award (thank you Lorna).  For the Sunshine Award, I’m asked to answer a few questions:


  • Favourite animal – definitely cats for a pet.  But because the Dafter has been passionate about lions since she was a small child, I have become very fond of these Big Cats as well.  I love the intelligence and independence of cats, though mostly I’ve had housecats who have been very people-centred and thus probably not completely representative of their species.
  • Favourite number – 8, the number of infinity!
  • Favourite passions – I will limit myself to ten eleven, as I have strong feelings about lots of things.  Like Jill, social justice; my family; languages; knitting and making things generally; writing; reading; [the Dafter is here suggesting ‘lists’!]; gardening; colour, beauty and design; the Dafter’s art; my blog!
  • Giving or getting – I think giving, probably by a slim margin!  I enjoy thinking about what someone might like and keeping secret lists of gift ideas for people.
  • Favourite pattern – That is completely impossible to decide.  Today I am wearing my stripy colourful cardigan so that’s my favy pattern today!
  • Favourite day of the week – [The Dafter:  ‘Every day ending in Y!’]  I think probably Sunday.  I love going to church, and I do try to keep Sunday afternoons a bit apart from the rest of the week, i.e. no house chores, work, church gardening.  My favourite things to do on a Sunday afternoon these days are work in my own garden, knit, and see friends.
  • Favourite flower – the rose!  (Scented ones.)
  • Favourite country – like Jill, Scotland.  I do love living here and I have quite a long list of places I would still like to visit in Scotland.  My other favourite country is the Oregon of the 1970s, under the leadership of Governor Tom McCall.
  • Favourite colour – Also an impossible question.  A few years ago I ordered five bare-root rose bushes, after long consideration at the erstwhile rose garden at Cocker’s Roses.  The funniest thing was that, apart from one deep red rose, somehow the other four were all very close in colour – pinky/apricot!  So maybe that was my favy colour at the time.
  • Favourite meal – breakfast:  French toast, pancakes, berries and yogurt, muffins, cinnamon buns, etc. etc.  Not all at the same time of course.  I would happily have breakfast for breakfast and for my evening meal!

I would like to nominate five other blogs to pass the Sunshine Award on to:

Beatrice Euphemie Vintage Cottage Style.  Karen has a beautiful blog that has some stunning photographs of Mt. Rainier and the Pacific Northwest, and her posts are always uplifting to me.

Roobeedoo.  It doesn’t matter if she’s writing about sewing, her family, her reading or the state of the world, Roobeedoo makes me laugh – often out loud.

Lesser (Spotted) Bunting.  I’ve newly discovered this blog, and have found it’s shed a beautiful light on some aspects of Northeast Scotland that I hadn’t discovered before.

Scruffy Badger Time.  Even if you’re not a sewist, Mrs. Scruffy Badger’s blog is irrepressibly sunny.  Her antics constantly delight me.

My Southern Heart.  Dianne is a Southern Belle transplanted to the Pacific Northwest.  Her blog is beautiful, positive and very sunny even when it’s rainy.

Now for Lorna’s kind nomination, the Illuminating Blogger Award.

You’ll be pleased to know this involves divulging only ONE random fact about myself!  Random fact:  At one time my hair was so long that my mother trimmed it by sitting me in a kitchen chair and cutting along the seat of the chair.

Here are five blogs that I find illuminating, to pass the award on to:

In the Sheepfold – Kelly’s musings on parenting, religion, and life in general have made me see things a bit differently and consider the world from a different perspective.  And many of her posts are just plain funny, mostly about the adventure of raising four kids.

Come Sit By My Fire – I find Relyn’s blog surprising, thought-provoking, and a pleasure.

Occasional Scotland – Linda’s beautiful photography and posts have illuminated Scotland for me in a number of ways.

Journeys to Scotland – this blog consistently informs me of things happening in Scotland that I was unaware of, and now my list of Things I Want to See and Do in Scotland is much longer even than it was before!

Morning’s Minion – I enjoy the beautiful photographs of Kentucky, and the interesting essays on this blog.

The Illuminating Blog Award was set up by the Food Stories blog and the rules can be found here.

I should mention that some time ago, when I was submerged in the unfolding horror of the Dafter’s illness, someone nominated me for a blog award.  I have raked through comments but can’t find who or when it was, so my sincere apologies if it was you.  Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers who make Blogland so colourful, fun, comforting and interesting!



  1. Great acceptance post 🙂

  2. Lots of lovely blogs for me to dip my toe into. Well done Christine!

  3. Thank you, Dear for the nomination and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about you in your lists. I will have fun looking at all the wonderful blogs in your nomination list. Oh, I have a few things in common with you, one is that my hair was very long, too at one time! It would catch in things like doors and seats. I always feared things such as escalators and elevators! he he. xx

  4. Sunshine eh? I had better grab it while it lasts! 😉
    Thank you Christine!
    And that Dafter of yours is sounding very chipper – there’s nothing like having a dig at your mother for cheering up a teenaged girl!

  5. Congratulations on your well deserved awards, and what a great post to do for them! I’m shocked by the length your hair was, I’m growing mine but I don’t imagine it’ll ever get that long. I’ll be having a look at your nominated blogs anon, congratulations to all of them, too! I like your attitude to breakfast, it made me think of some amazing spreads I’ve been confronted with at B&Bs.

  6. Congratulations! Very well-deserved! 🙂 xxx

  7. What an honor, Christine! Thanks for thinking of me.

    You absolutely deserve both awards. I never fail to come away from one of your posts or comments feeling a bit more joyful.

  8. Thanks for your recommendations, Christine. I want to check them out. I think it is lovely you have received three awards, and you certainly are deserving of them. I enjoyed getting to know you better as you answered the required questions =)
    Hugs from Gracie ❤

  9. I was very interested in all those (previously unknown to me) facts about you….a few more pieces in the Christine jigsaw. In particular, that your (perhaps second) favourite country is “Oregon of the 1970s, under the leadership of Governor Tom McCall”. Of course I had never heard of Tom McCall, so I read up on him a little, and I think I have a basic understanding of what you saw in him and his policies. I don’t know much about American politics, but his regime doesn’t seem to have been what I would think of as being typical of a Republican’s?

  10. Congratulations on your awards…more than deserved. I so so love reading your blog and so glad I was one of the first people to ‘follow’ you. Off to your homeland on Wed., treat for Anna-Maria…I am taking her to NYC and can feel some serious yarn shopping coming along 🙂 xx

  11. Thank you Christine, and what a great acceptance / nomination post….it epitomises all things wonderful about your blogging…thank you for the award nomination, I am so glad you still visit and always enjoy your comments 🙂

  12. You are so thoughtful. Thank you, Christine. I find myself smiling and smiling over your description. Suprising, hunh? I like it. I like it a lot. Sending you love and hugs, my friend.

    • Oh yes, Relyn, surprising in the nicest possible way. Delightful.

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