Posted by: christinelaennec | July 29, 2012

Dafter Productions

The other day I found a little kit in a shop, whereby you can scrape designs and reveal rainbow paper underneath the black.  I gave this to the Dafter, and was amazed to see what she’d done with it.  Working from a photograph (of Nathan Sykes of The Wanted, in case by some chance you don’t recognise him), she made this:

Personally, I am amazed and proud.  This is something that, even if I were trying on the best, healthiest ever day of my life, I would be unable to do.

The Dafter has also recently returned to knitting.  She made a wee mat for Tilly.  Like all cats I’ve ever known, Tilly loves a good mat to lie on.  (The old ‘cat sat on the mat’ sentence is true!)  She seemed to know that it had been made for her, and she was happily kneading it in the sun.  Later on I saw she’d flipped herself and her new mat over to a completely different position on the bed – very funny.

Tilly loves the mat the Dafter knitted her. She’s kneading it here – so happy.

Next, the Dafter knit a beautiful scarf for a friend.  We went into town to pick out the wool – a major accomplishment – and in less than three days she was finished.  Here she is on the last few rows:

The Dafter says this is the best way to knit a scarf for a friend!

It is rotten to be ill, especially when you’re young and have been ill for a long time, but thank goodness for creativity.  I’m really proud of her.



  1. what a great girl you have there! i was very impressed with the picture. she is very good and how clever of her to be so creative and generous with her time.

  2. Wowee, the picture is stunning! And lovely knitting too! Lucky friend, to receive such a lovingly-made scarf. Clever girl! xx

  3. That picture is amazing! Goodness me.
    i wish someone would teach me to knit, but i somehow doubt i’d master it.
    What a talented daughter you have!

  4. Aaaaww! Lovely photo of the Dafter! She is so creative and generous! Tilly looks to be in Kitty heaven. So happy to see the Dafter being creative again! You must be so proud of her. xx

  5. I continue to see that the Dafter is quite artistic. She definitely has
    talent as well as interest in this area. I enjoy seeing her artwork and now
    I am glad that she has returned to knitting (I cross stitch, but knitting I
    could never seem to master). I hope this will help her on the positive
    side and that she is feeling much better.
    Many blessings….

  6. Your daughter looks like she feels good in that picture. I am so glad she has enough energy to be able to draw and knit.

    That picture is amazing.\! I have used paper like that when I taught art camp for children ages 4, 5 and 6. They loved it. The little ones just had fun scratching but sometimes the older ones would do a clever drawing. Your very talented daughter makes me want to go and buy some Scratch Art paper for myself, not that I could create anything half as wonderful as that. Probably not one hundreth as good as her creation

    I am going to show this to my grandchildren, the two 14 olds and the two almost 11 – maybe the one almost eight. They all like to draw – and have enjoyed just playing around with this paper. Now they can see what can be done.


  7. I am amazed! She is so talented!
    I love the scarf too looks so warm and cosy and it is the perfect colour!

  8. That Nathan Sykes picture is amazing, it’s so like him! I don’t even begin to understand how the Dafter did that but every time you show us some of her artwork I’m surprised again, she has a real talent. You must be very proud of her knitting, I think it’s amazing that she can find the energy to knit a big scarf like that in three days, it must be really encouraging for you and wonderful for the lucky recipient. What a blessing that her illness hasn’t curbed the Dafter’s creativitiy, she’s a wee star.

  9. Seriously?! Ms Dafter – you’ve really got talent!

  10. Well if nothing else this creative side is just amazing. There is real talent there, which I am way behind. When you are concentrating on drawing, painting or whatever your mind switches off the bad things, thats why I love it!
    Tilly also appreciates, and the friend for whom that lovely scarf is intended. Wowee.

  11. I’m tremendously impressed by the Scratch Art picture. And I love the scarf – brilliant colour. And Tilly is such a good cat. We bought ours a scratching-post, but they only want to scratch my best trousers. And to knead my best sweaters.

  12. Wow, Christine! Beautiful work, and I am so glad Dafter is feeling well enough to use her giftedness so creatively!!!
    Hugs from Gracie ❤

  13. That artwork is amazing. I hope she turns it into a lifetime pursuit! The knitting is an impressive exercise in patience for someone so young. I think with that talent and persistence, she is going to accomplish something wonderful!

  14. Indeed, the Dafter is wonderfully creatively skilled. I, like you, would be extremely proud if a child of mine displayed that degree of talent! And as Karen commented, what a great picture it is, showing her as a lovely soft,warm person.

  15. The Dafter here! Thank you all very much for your lovely comments, you’re too kind! In case by any chance anyone’s wondering about the rainbow picture of Nathan Sykes, I used tracing paper to draw out which bits should be black and which should be colour, then drew over the lines on the tracing paper onto the piece of paper from the kit thingy 🙂 And I’m very glad Tilly seems to like her mat I knitted! I hope you’re all well, and thank you again for your nice comments 🙂

  16. What amazing talent and pure grit she has! No wonder you’re proud of her…you should be!

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