Posted by: christinelaennec | August 22, 2012

Very targeted advertising

I’m not quite sure what to make of this billboard.  Done in a 1930s railway-poster style, it shows a merging of Aberdeen and Abu Dhabi.  In case you’re wondering, the Aberdeen part of the picture is on the right-hand side:

Billboard in Aberdeen, summer 2012

As I wrote here, Aberdeen has many links to the Middle East because of the oil industry.  There are some people, no doubt, who shuttle between Aberdeen and Abu Dhabi, and perhaps for them a peculiar merging of the two places happens just like on the poster.   I’m not too sure how beer comes into it, though.  Or are Tennants making a very sophisticated alphabetical joke, so that the folks of Brighton have a poster showing them merging with Baden-Wurrtemberg?

And as this will obviously have been a rather short print-run, have they made use of this poster in Abu Dhabi as well?  I rather doubt it…



  1. A very interesting poster, for sure! Two such unlikely cities joined together. Promoting tourism? I’m sure those palm trees might look very tempting in the middle of an Aberdeen January! Beer seems a very strange import from such a place. But then again, we love Mexican beer, here and that is a little strange, too. It’s a strange world. xx

  2. Apparently there’s also a Zanzibarrhead one which pleases me immensely!

  3. I like it! We had one recently making a play on the Hilltown area of Dundee and Beverly Hills – here’s a link…

  4. I confess I’m a bit confused. Clever play on words, though.

  5. That’s a great poster! I reckon it’s for all the poor souls who are jetting off for work to Abu Dhabi from Aberdeen, to reassure them that although they’ll be grafting in ridiculous temperatures, they will be able to obtain a cold Scottish beer at the end of the day.

  6. I love the wordplay, but Tennent’s isn’t something I’d be persuaded to drink, no matter how clever the advertising.

  7. Weird indeed! Beer (or any alkohol for that matter) is not something I came across a lot when working in the Middle East.

  8. It has to be said that when my daughter heard that a girl from her class was moving to Abu Dhabi, she asked her if she would have to change school, as she assumed it was somewhere nearby “because it sounds the same”! No, she isn’t doing Geography this year.

  9. I thought they werent allowed to drink there? So if that is the case (no pun) the advert wont be showed there. Totally confused. Tho sorry, I do like Tennents. Or do they mean what is brewed for export is now in Tescos?? The upshot is this was not a good advert! Bit like the car adverts on the t.v. if its silly its a car advert.

  10. Dear everyone,
    Thank you so much for all your comments. I’m glad it’s not me who’s a bit confused. Di, thank you for the link to the rest of the series. Laura I like Zanzibarrhead too, along with Buenos Airdrie and Great Barrier Leith.

    Yes, I’d thought alcohol was not allowed in Muslim countries, but perhaps Lorna you’re quite right that behind closed doors expats will be drinking it. (Except for Martin of course!)

    Jill, we always think the most confusing tv ads are for perfumes. If something completely mad comes on, we all say, “It’ll be for perfume.” Perhaps Tennants wants to be considered as a perfume now.

    Roobeedoo – aw, bless her!

  11. Just seen Lanzarothesay – i think is brilliant and clever eadvertising, maybe not the most direct/obvious and maybe also preaching to the converted but it is good to make your existing customers smile too. Nice blog 🙂

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