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August highlights 2012

My goodness, August has been and gone.  Here are a few highlights from my month.

A restored fountain in Aberdeen:  ‘As Heaven Gives Me / So Give I Thee’.

On a restored fountain near Spa Street, Aberdeen.

This August we have had a bit too much of what the heavens so bountifully provide, but more on that in a minute.

One of my favourite days this month was taking the Dafter and one of her friends to Aberdeen Art Gallery.  Going on an outing like this, since the Dafter has been ill with ME, is now a major deal, something we might accomplish once or twice a month.  The girls had fun and it was great to see them chatting together and looking quite seriously at the paintings:

The Dafter in her wheelchair and a friend at Aberdeen Art Gallery, August 2012.

We all really enjoyed the “Room of Annie Lennox” exhibit.  Annie grew up in Aberdeen and this exhibit has been on in London and Aberdeen only.  There was a huge long wall hung with her gold and platinum albums and awards, interspersed with quotes from her school reports.  This one says:  “Ann spends too much time, without mental awareness, at the piano which is a dangerous habit.”  The girls relished the juxtaposition of Annie Lennox’s teachers’ rather condescending judgements of her potential, and the evidence of all she has accomplished both as an artist and as a humanitarian.

Hilarious school reports for Annie Lennox!

This month also found our household undergoing major disruption as we had our kitchen redone.

Kitchen refurbishment – poor Tilly doing the best she can.  “This is my food place but where is everything else?”

It was all worth it in the end – I’ll show you a bit more in another post (in case you’re interested!).

As I said, the heavens have sent a LOT of rain.  There have been many torrential downpours.  I was trying to take a photo of the water overflowing from the gutters here:

Typical weather for most of August 2012 in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Many days have found us arriving home soaking wet:

The Aberdeen look:  after a typical August trip home from work!

But it could have been worse, that’s for sure.  Some people in Aberdeen have seen their cars floating away in flash flooding.

Lastly, this month the Dafter began to receive some individual tutoring from the hospital tutoring team.  She is still struggling with feeling dreadful much of the time, and has real problems reading and focusing.  Even watching a television show she hasn’t already seen is an activity reserved for a good day.  However, she does have good hours and days and we are making the most of them.

So we have a great deal to be thankful for.  Hello September!



  1. So good to see the dafter out and about. It sounds as though the visit to the art gallery was just the right tonic. Here’s to a drier September!

  2. August? Was that really August? Sheesh. Cant wait to see the kitchen. Good to see the Dafter out with friend. That must have been a good day. Most of my school reports were of that tone, tho not with the piano, more on what was coming out of my mouth, too much of it, havent changed.

  3. The rain is amazing. Sorry it’s been so terribly wet for you. I’m looking forward to seeing how the kitchen turned out too.

  4. Glad to see your daughter out with a friend. Hope she will have many good days from now on, she sure deserves them. No one should feel dreadful most of the time, and sure not someone as young as her. She sure is a brave girl.
    This summer has been rubbish in our corner of the wood, I’m so glad to go back to Italy for a few days in Sept, I really need to see a bit of sun, I am lacking Vitamin D.
    Wishing you all a lovely September!

  5. It looks like you have had quite an unusual Month, but soooo happy to see the Dafter out and about with her friend. It’s so refreshing to see young people enjoying art. I’m sure this inspires her tremendously and helps her forget the pain for just a little while. I’ve always been a fan of Annie Lennox. Love the teacher comments! I wonder if they knew their quotes are famous? Your fountain is lovely and would seem a cool sight in August, but not this year, I see. We usually have similar weather, but this month we have not had a drop of rain! Love the photos of Tilly in her bewilderment and of the wet pants! I look forward to seeing your kitchen and hope you have a drier SeptemberI! xx

  6. I just love the teacher’s comment on Annie Lennox. And I’m very glad to see the Dafter getting out.

  7. Like everyone else, I’m looking forward to seeing the completed kitchen! We need one at our place too, but it will have to wait a bit longer. Our oven stopped working a couple of years ago and we can’t afford to replace it, so being without full kitchen function is something I can relate to. I’ll use your oven when I come to visit 🙂

    Great to see the Dafter out with a friend. Maintaining social relationships (let alone making new ones) must be so hard when you’re not able to hang out with people in the usual ways (to/from/at school & sport being the most common contexts around here).

    I can imagine what people would say if the local council decided to build a fountain with anything like the detail of that beautiful restored structure – they’d say “what a waste of money!”. Maybe I’m old-fashioned (well, not ‘maybe’), but I reckon the enrichment of people’s daily experience that the fountain has given over the years has made it well worth the initial investment, and I’m glad someone in Aberdeen sees similarly so they were willing to commit funds to its restoration. (Note to self: go & look at fountain while the cake is baking in Christine’s oven during next visit to Aberdeen)

  8. Glad to see The Dafter able to get out and about. Such a nasty thing, ME.

    Interesting to see an exhibition about Annie Lennox. I hope it’s still on for a few months and hope to visit it next time I’m north.
    Coincidentally, or not, the next instalment of Who Do You Think You Are is about Annie Lennox – next Wednesday, BBC1 at 21;00.

  9. Thank you thankyou for the photos of Aberdeen art gallery – one of the places that I used to hang out a lot in when I lived there. If it’s any consolation, so-called ‘Sunny Sussex’ was also blessed with bountiful amounts of the wet stuff this summer. Let’s hope we can enjoy some sunny blue September skies. Judy.

  10. I would say you had an interesting month, to say the least. I love the cat’s expression. ❤

  11. Lots going on, Christine! I enjoyed reading about the Annie Lennox exhibit. And I laughed at the “Aberdeen look” photo! So glad the Dafter felt well enough to get out and about some. You have a good and healthy outlook: enjoy the good days. This, too, shall pass.

  12. Dear All,
    Thank you for your lovely comments!

    Martin – it was a tonic for me as much as for the girls just to see them enjoying themselves.

    Jill – ha ha! I’m glad formal education didn’t succeed in taming you.

    ajb – I will do a post on the new kitchen!

    Kia – yes she really is brave. ME is a hideous disease but luckily not life-long or life-threatening. Enjoy your trip home and soak up the rays!

    Karen – Yes, it is great to see young people enjoying art. Glad Michael’s soaking wet trousers amused you! And poor Tilly… she’s back to normal now.

    Flora and Karen – It’s quite possible that some of the teachers who wrote those comments came to the exhibition!

    oldblack – as you might have seen in other posts here, there has been a huge debate about the fate of the Victorian Union Terrace Gardens. Personally I love the Victorian nature of Aberdeen, but there are some who want “progress”. Re. the Dafter maintaining a social life, it is the most difficult and heartbreaking aspect of this illness. And re. your visit someday, I would be delighted to show you around while the cake is baking.

    TeuchterTeuchter – (love your blogname!) I think the exhibition finishes on Sept. 28th. And I will definitely be watching Who Do You Think You Are on Wednesday night.

    Judy – you’re very welcome. I hope you’ll get a bit more sun down south as well this month.

    Stacy Lyn – it was a busy month, and yes, Tilly’s expression sort of sums up the effect of the upheaval on the household!

    Ellen – yes indeed, there’s no point doing anything other than focusing on the good days. (Though I have been known to do the opposite, on a regular basis!) “This Too Shall Pass” is a saying worth its weight in gold.

  13. Oh, I do love a good museum visit. And the rain… we’ve finally been having some here, too. Of course, we were in drought conditions so ours is very welcome.

    • Yes, I’ve been following the drought news. Too much rain isn’t great, but the one time I’ve lived through a drought I found it utterly heartbreaking. I’m glad yours has finally broken to some extent. Thanks for stopping by, Relyn!

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