Posted by: christinelaennec | September 12, 2012

The 12th of September

I was very moved by what Relyn of Come Sit By My Fire posted on this day last year.  She wrote here about how although the 11th of September was a dreadful day no-one will forget, people carried on the next day, and that’s what counts.



  1. What a lovely positive message.

  2. I agree, Christine. The strength of the human spirit is so enduring.

  3. thank you for your gentle reminder to remember. your picture is most appropriate.

  4. Yes, Christine! There are so many difficult circumstances…but for some folks 9.11 is their birthday and worthy of celebration, and a reminder to me that while we rightly mourn loss, we still have life to invest in blessing and love.

  5. A lovely sentiment, Christine. My wonderful son-in-law celebrates his birthday on this date, so yes, life does go on, even for those left behind by this terrible tragedy, although forever changed. xx

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