Posted by: christinelaennec | September 20, 2012

Happy day!

This past week I was very spoiled by my family on my birthday.  I came down to breakfast and this gorgeous bouquet of flowers:

My birthday bouquet

And an amazing stack of presents and cards:

My presents and cards, guarded by Tilly. Sept 2012

The most touching present of all was this beautiful copy of one of my favourite hymns, in the Dafter’s usual colourful style:

Most beautiful and thoughtful gift made by the Dafter.

I know that this will have taken her several days to do, as with the ME she has so very little energy to concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes.  The effort that this cost her, and the thought that she put into thinking this up – and it is the perfect present for me! – touched me very, very deeply.

So I’m once again reminded that I’m a very lucky woman.   Now if only they can replace our boiler!  (Can I get more candles and wish for that too?)  For the past week we’ve been enjoying a roaring fire in the living room all day long, but the rest of the house is very cold and the Dafter isn’t doing so well as a result.  This morning there are mutterings about scaffolding difficulties, etc.  So I shall retreat back by the fire, and knit, and enjoy my birthday presents.



  1. Happy birthday my dearest Christine, all the very best wishes and big hugs from chilli Wales. The flowers are so beautiful and what a thoughtful present by the Dafter indeed. Sorry to hear about your boiler, but knitting by the fire all day doesn’t sound so bad to me. Enjoy…you deserve it!
    Much love, Heike xx

  2. Happy belated birthday !! You got some beautiful flowers and a wonderful present from your daughter.
    I hope they fix the boiler soon because it will be colder each day.

  3. Happy Birthday, So pleased you had such a lovely day, the prayer is beautiful. You are in my daily prayers, sending love, God Bless, Julie xx

  4. What beautiful handwriting your daughter has, and the words of the hymn are wonderful. I’m so glad you had a special day, and I hope you soon get your boiler fixed! Thank goodness for the open fire for some warmth! xx

  5. Dear Christine, what a beautiful bunch of flowers! It does look like you had a very Happy Birthday. When I read the words of that hymn, the Dafter so lovingly inscribed and illuminated for you, I thought of the monks working over their manuscripts. With her MS it probably took as much effort and time to do your present as it might have taken a monk to do a page. I could hear voices singing the words as I read. I love that hymn too.

    I don’t know if I ever mentioned my granddaughter, fourteen, who suffers from chronic pain syndrome, caused by breaking her wrist when she was ten. She tripped and an much larger girl fell on top of her. Natalie suffers a great deal every day still. The cold can really affect it, especially a sudden cold snap. She missed a year of school when this first happened, what with pain, hospitals, tests, and all that, but was able to keep up somewhat by attending a small program that her mother’s friend for her daughters whom she was home schooling. She is back in school but still has the bad flares up when she may have to go to hospital for pain treatment. When you mentioned the Dafter I thought of Natalie and her sensitivity to the cold.

    I do hope you get your heat fixed soon. Enjoy your fire. We have big fires too when it is cold enough.


  6. Happy birthday! It can’t be that a whole year has passed sicne the last one?!

  7. A very happy birthday Christine, and a beautiful bouquet to be greeted with on the day. As for the Dafter’s gift, I can imagine how touching it must have been to receive it, and what a lovely idea of hers to create it. This post gave me a warm feeling, but I hope you get the boiler problem fixed quickly, that’s far from ideal in this weather.

  8. Happy belated birthday. I do hope the boiler gets fixed soon. Hope you have plenty hot water bottles for the Dafter. I have a lovely one that has a blue ‘fur’ coat, shall I bring it Saturday?

  9. A lovely birthday for you, Happy Birthday my Dear Christine! Such thoughtful presents, so sweet and special. I think hand made presents are the best of all and to know the care put into them makes them even more precious. I do hope you get your heat back soon, although sitting in front of the fire sounds cozy. xx

  10. Happy birthday!

  11. Happy birthday! Another September birthday person! Such a precious present from the Dafter.
    The sudden change in the season is sapping. Hoping your heating is fixed soon.

  12. What a beautiful gift from your daughter! Happy (belated) birthday.

    Hope the heating is fixed soon!

  13. happy birthday, Christine! many happy belated wishes for you. how lovely that your dear girl created such a special gift for you. i love how the little hearts follow along to the next group with the same color and the handwriting is so thought out. your flowers are beautiful too!

  14. A simple and heartfelt gift from your dafter, on your birthday. A real treasure. Belated birthday wishes from Hampshire, Christine!

  15. congratulations – beautiful flowers. The joy of being given real gifts by loved ones is a pleasure that only a mother can know. Have a good week, Judy.

  16. Along with many others, I am glad you had a happy B’day celebration, Christine! We have been back to turtleneck-with-sweaters-slacks-and-socks weather the last few days in Portland, too. And yesterday the painters came to stain our house and garage and it was so cool and misty we wondered if the stain will cure properly. I hope your boiler troubles can quickly be resolved so that you are warm and cosy, but knitting by the fire sounds rather lovely too 🙂 xx Gracie

  17. Happy belated birthday!

  18. Happy, happy birthday! May God grant you a year of joy, happy surprises, and laughing till your sides ache.

  19. Dear everyone,

    Thank you all so much for these lovely, lovely birthday wishes! I am a very spoiled woman indeed.

    Linda DeMars, I am sorry to hear about your grand-daughter’s chronic pain. It’s just amazing what some children have to learn to live with. I don’t think I would have dealt with it anywhere near as well as my own daughter. It sounds like your grand-daughter has great courage.

  20. Happy belated Birthday to you. What precious gifts you got from your family. Dafter’s hand writing is really beautiful.

  21. That is one of my favorite hymns as well, and I cried when I read that the Dafter gave you such a heart felt gift.


  22. Beautiful flowers, indeed. But what more precious gift could be possible than something hand made by your daughter? (I treasure a similar item myself)

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