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A look back at September in Aberdeen

I can’t believe it’s already October!  We are enjoying seeing the sun rise again in the morning.  Soon we will be up before the sun.  September was a full month, with my birthday, the Blogger’s Tea and the Surprise Party – you’d be forgiven for thinking we do nothing but celebrate around here.   It’s been really nice to have some celebrations, because the Dafter has been terribly unwell and also you may remember we were without heat for just over a week (except for the fireplace).  So overall, I feel we have achieved a balance!

Here are some photos from this past month.  Roses against a granite wall:

September roses, Aberdeen.

Having the “boiler mannie”s in for two long days wasn’t easy for poor Tilly.  She stayed with the Dafter in the living room where it was warm by the fire, and didn’t complain too much.  After the upheaval was over, she was tired!  Here she is, resting:

Tired Tilly, post-new-boiler-installation, September 2012.

There was a big storm during the last week of the month.  I heard that the newsclips of sea foam in Aberdeen were aired in Oregon and Washington!  Here is a link if you’re interested to see the BBC footage.  Luckily our street didn’t lose any of its trees, but there was damage everywhere you went the next day:

After the Storm, Aberdeen, Sept 2012

The Dafter was able to come out with me in the car the day after, and we went to the beach.  The sea foam was gone but the sea was still very churned up:

The seas are still stormy after the storm. Aberdeen, September 2012.

And two days later, we were back to sunny September.  This is one of my favourite views in Aberdeen:

The North Sea, from Cairncry Road, Aberdeen. September 2012.

And now, it’s on to October!  In another week and a half, we will reach the two weeks of the October Holidays, also known here as the “Tattie-Howking” holidays.  Traditionally, children were allowed off school to help with the harvest.  Here the summer has been so lamentable that there isn’t a lot to harvest, although Michael has achieved a couple of green beans.  For which we are grateful!

Happy October, everyone!



  1. That must be the storm after which my Aberdeen/Shetland friends posted pictures of the ferry that had a rough ride that night! UGH! Can’t imagine enduring that on ship! The rose picture is just lovely!

  2. For 7 years we lived in Crescent City, CA, two blocks from the ocean. Your pictures reminded me how much I loved it there. We NEVER had as much foam as the BBC report showed. Amazing!!! I am glad you and yours are safe and warm, Christine. xx from Gracie

  3. Your photos are so lovely, even of the North Sea in a bit of a rage! You have captured the mood of September from the beautiful roses, to the now calm sea, and the photo of Tilly must sum up your busy month for you! I am glad that there are calmer seas and hopefully some quiet time for The Dafter to rest after her sweet party preparations. We are dropping down into the 30’s tonight – October is here! Blessings to you and your family. xx

  4. Chistine – lovely to see the photos of Aberdeen. As a student I used to live very near the sea, on the north side of town (near the Don river). Coming from land-locked central London, I spent so many hours wandering on the sand dunes or cycling up and down the Beach Esplanade. This time of year always reminds me of being in Aberdeen, landing there as a 19 yr old in late September and being delighted by the city and its surroundings. Thanks for some lovely memories to start the day with!

  5. I’d forgotten about your boiler trouble! Glad it’s mended now and what a sweet pic of Tilly! I used to go tattie picking in the school holidays. We were collected in the village square by a tractor and horsebox. We all sat on bales inside the horsebox and were trundled off to the farm a few miles down the road. We worked from morning til late afternoon doing back breaking work, bent over double the whole day (no wonder I have a bad back now!). We were paid £10 a day and thought we were rich by the end of the week! Great memories. 🙂

  6. Good Morning Christine,

    Lovely photos around Aberdeen, what a beautiful view of the town and sea.

    I love the photo of Tilly resting, it’s just all a tad over whelming.

    Lil Bit Brit

  7. Lovely photos — i especially love your sleepy looking kitty. Wasn’t that storm just awful?! i was informed this morning that, according to “farmer weather reports” (whatever those may be), we should expect snow in just a few weeks. i so hope those farmers are wrong…. xo

  8. Delighted to see Tilly chilling out over the arm of the chair, it reminds me of that photo of you relaxing in Northumberland, gracefully reclining on a small sofa. Here’s to a lovely October full of good things!

  9. Poor, long-suffering Tilly! I’m glad she could snuggle with the Dafter in front of the fire. We’re still having warm days and now cool nights. I had to wrap up at the barn after the sun went down. That was some storm! I can’t wait to show the girls the BBC videos. Glad all is sunny again!

  10. Hoping that October brings an easier time for the Dafter and for you. What a mixed bag of weather, now into the Indian summer phase. Ewan and I passed through Aberdeen on Sunday afternoon on our way south and I enjoyed views like the one in your last photo from North Anderson Drive. I sent thoughts your way.

  11. Looks like you get all kinds of weather in October – one of my favorite months for this reason. ❤

  12. Dear all,

    Thanks so much, as always for your lively comments. Yes, Tilly was very tired after the boiler upheaval. She was just resting on the chair like that for quite a long time! The Dafter has been very poorly, but not seemingly worse after the excitement of the party, which gave her such a lift.

    Heather – I don’t even want to think about what that ferry journey must have been like!

    Karen – it sounds like you will beat us to the first frost on your mountainside.

    Gracie and Judy – glad to have reminded you both of happy times by the sea!

    Tina – boy that sounds like hard work. I’m surprised that tattie howking was still happening as recently as your youthful self’s childhood.

    Laura – I do hope that early snow forecast is wrong! My garden is far from ready for the first snows.

    Lorna – yes, here’s to October. (“gracefully reclining” ha ha!)

    Ellen – glad you enjoyed the video and I hope the girls did too.

    Linda – thanks very much for the good thoughts!

    Stacy – yes, October is a lovely month. We’ll have to see what we get, weather-wise.

  13. I love that you are grateful for the 2 green beans! No one seems to have had much of a harvest this year. That foam in Aberdeen was quite remarkable…..

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