Posted by: christinelaennec | October 7, 2012

Retro fall pullover

For the knitters amongst you, my latest completed project.  It’s a pattern called “Bettie’s pullover” by Maria Leigh.  I was inspired by Roobeedoo’s version of it (here) and used the same wool as she did, Albayarn, which is spun right here in the North-East of Scotland.  (Sorry my own post is far less entertaining than hers was!)

“Bettie’s pullover” in Albayarn

The best thing about this pattern is that it gives you the opportunity to showcase a lovely button!   This is an old silver button, one of a set, that I’ve had forever – probably from my mother’s collection originally.  If ever I have need of it to use with its compatriots on another garment, I’ll pick something else out for this sweater.

neckline detail

The other thing about “Bettie’s pullover” is that you end up knitting set-in sleeves as you go.  It’s like magic!  I chose to knit the sleeves flat, because I really don’t enjoy knitting tubes on double-pointed needles, so I ended up sewing the sleeve seams, but if you knit the sleeves in the round you would have extremely little in the way of finishing to do.

The yarn is lovely to work with and the colours are very subtle.  I think I’ll enjoy wearing this, and feeling a bit Miss Marple-ish in it.



  1. It’s lovely and suits you beautifully! I love the yarn you used, and the button is the perfect finishing touch. xx

  2. Now which Miss Marple would that be?! You are far younger and prettier than any of the actresses portraying Miss M. Its a lovely jumper. Colour perfect. I am still battling with baby cardigans.

  3. I love the neckline with the button, along with the front design, and the colour does look so Scoltand. It looks lovely on you.

  4. Well I don’t understand a word of the knitting jargon, but it does look a lovely jumper.

    • Ha ha, I’m in the same boat and I agree, it’s a lovely jumper!

  5. That looks beautiful.

  6. Both you and the sweater look fabulous. Well done!

  7. Ahhhh will I ever be able to knit something so lovely? Thanks for posting so I can enjoy your beautiful work, Christine. My latest effort was to weave a friendship bracelet from a pattern given out at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. I posted a tutorial of sorts 🙂 and another picture of Mt. Hood for you. xx from Gracie oh and you are welcome for the last Mt. Hood picture you thanked me for 🙂

  8. What a wonderful sweater!!

  9. So very lovely, Christine! It does look very nice on you! The colors are soft and I can just imagine how soft and scrumptious it must feel. You are a very talented knitter, the stitches are so fine and intricate. It’s also so nice to have pure Scottish Wool to work with. I love your button – the perfect finishing touch. xx

  10. Beautiful colour and style, it really looks lovely on you. The button is a gorgeous finishing touch. xx

  11. I love your “Miss Marplish” sweater 🙂 The style is perfect! I love to use local yarns too, there is something special about having a feel for where the fleece comes from, the story behind it. The colour is really beautiful on you!
    And thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement over at my blog 🙂

  12. Gorgeous! Oh, I wish I could knit. I love the colors, too, Christine. They’d be fab on me (I’m a redhead)! 🙂

  13. Your pullover is beautiful! And that wool is just gorgeous!!! Well done!!! Thanks for the blog link, by the way.

  14. the wool is so lovely; all heathery. i am knitting a scarf with similar wool right, although i think it may be a little heavier in weight. my knitting skills are somewhat minor to yours … your cardy is super.

  15. Well done you – it’s lovely, very neatly finished off, just retro enough. I love the little crossover tie thing on the front. What’s next on the horizon? Judy.x

  16. You made this? WOW!!! I love that luscious color!

  17. A belated thank-you for all your extremely kind comments!

    Jill, for me Miss Marple will always be Joan Hickson. A role model for me.

  18. terrific job on your sweater! Love the variations in the yarn…so pretty! The button you chose is just perfect. Enjoy all the wear I’m sure you’ll get out of it!

    • Thanks Lisa, I’m glad you like it. I do enjoy it.

  19. I love that – I’ve been looking at that pattern since I bought the magazine (I love the vintage feel) and it’s good to see it finished, and in reality rather than a mag photoshoot. Plus a lovely button, too.

    • Dear Kate,
      If you do undertake to make it, and if you’re on Ravelry, you might possibly find my ‘translation’ of some of the directions helpful. Maybe I’m just dim, but at the joining of sleeves to body I was totally bamboozled by the directions. I’m ‘tefighe’ on Ravelry and I named the project ‘Glasgow green’. Just in case it’s of help!

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