Posted by: christinelaennec | October 29, 2012

An autumn walk by the River Dee

A few weeks ago, during a particularly difficult time for the poor Dafter, Michael took a firm hand and said to me, “Now go for a walk!”  And I did, and it was almost magically lovely.  I walked along the River Dee.  What is it about rivers that makes them so calming?

Along the River Dee, Aberdeen, October 2012.

There are so many spiritual songs about rivers:  By the Waters of Babylon, Shall We Gather at the River Where Bright Angel Feet Have Trod, Wade In the Water, We Are Crossing Jordan River…  And there is something so very soothing about watching a river flow by.  It sort of puts things in perspective.

The Brig o’ Dee, Aberdeen, October 2012.

(I won’t mention songs about Bridges!)  It was a beautiful evening with very low, golden light.  And there was a faint rainbow, can you see it?

Rainbow to the South of the River Dee, Aberdeen, October 2012.

The Duthie Park was looking very beautiful in the distance, with the top of the obelisk peeping above the trees.

King George VI Bridge, River Dee, Aberdeen, October 2012.

I came home feeling happy and a bit more energised.  And then the rain came down!  But Michael had just made a pot of tea so I really enjoyed my cuppa.



  1. A walk can help t

  2. Sorry, my iPod is going a bit crazy! A walk can help so much with things, and these are beautiful photos. Love to the Dafter.

  3. I’m reading a book at the moment (Jon McGregor: So Many Ways To Begin) in which one of the main characters grows up in Aberdeen in the 1960s. The descriptions of her working class house made of granite and her walks by the river Dee always make me think of you and your stories of Aberdeen life and the great pictures. I almost feel as though it’s a place I’ve already visited and my memories are being re-awakened by the story!

  4. Gorgeous photos! There’s something about the beauty of creation that’s just so good for the soul.

  5. Oceans, rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, and even puddles encourage my spirit’s thirst to be quenched… perhaps by awakening my awareness of the presence of living water and abundant life greater than my own and the One who is able to buoy me along through the currents of my life. Thanks for posting your beautifully refreshing words and photos, Christine. In your last comment to me, the book you just finished reading, TGLAPPS, is one I think I would enjoy reading, too! I appreciate Graham Cookes’ gift to communicate the Gospel dynamically! Graham helps me recognize how I try to box God up in my thinking; thus I feel challenged to be more open to be amazed and in awe of God and empowered by Him to practically love others, near and far. Does that answer your question, Christine? xx from Gracie

  6. I sometimes envision my troubles or worries, handed over to God and then floating away down a river too. Lovely pictures and I’m glad the walk helped.

  7. As usual, I am green with envy over your fabulous photos. You captured the golden, late afternoon light just perfectly.And, yes, I saw the rainbow! I need to go for walks more. You are inspiring me.

  8. favorite picture here is the brig o’ dee. it’s a beautiful setting and i’m glad you were able to get out for a walk. i enjoy a walk near water as well, especially the ocean.

  9. A walk by the river in that beautiful autumn sunlight, a rainbow and then home before the rains came for a lovely cup of tea. Sounds idyllic to me. Good for Michael.

  10. A very lovely walk and thank you for bringing us along! The golden light and tranguil river flowing along seem so soothing and peaceful. How wonderful that you can walk to this beautiful place to restore your spirits and with a kind and understanding husband to offer you tea on your return. Small blessings that mean so much. xx

  11. Thank you to everyone for your comments. I’m so glad you enjoyed going on my walk with me! I always think of you when out and about.

    Katherine, I’ve passed on your love to the Dafter, who says thanks.

    oldblack, I’m so pleased that Aberdeen has become a bit real to you via my blog. I can say the same about Australian coffee houses!

    Laura, how true. Your own photos do that for me.

    Gracie, thanks for answering my questions. I think you would like TGLAPPPS, aka The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Let me know if so!

    Stephanie, your image of letting our worries be washed away to be looked after by God is a great one.

    Ellen, I’m pleased if I’ve inspired you to go on some more walks!

    ajb, I think I actually prefer to the river to the ocean, but yes, there is something about water.

    And yes, Karen and Lorna, three cheers for good old Michael, bless him.

  12. Glad to walk by the river with you in a beautiful autumn day. 🙂

  13. OH! I long to see all this beauty for myself. You are making me need to read my old favorite, Rosamunde Pilcher again, too.

  14. Once again you’ve brought back some lovely memories of my time in Aberdeen – while a student there I was a keen rower and spent most of my weekends on the Dee. We would see a heron quite often up towards the bridge of Dee. I find that going for a solitary walk somewhere beautiful is always a good way of regenerating oneself. Judy.

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