Posted by: christinelaennec | November 16, 2012

Wit’s End Corner, Glasgow

I know I’m not the only one who experiences these strange synchronicities.  Recently I was in Glasgow.  It wasn’t a touristic trip, and so I don’t have many photos to share, but I did snap this one:

Wit’s End Corner, Glasgow, November 2012.

I was very amused by someone calling their home “Wit’s End” and wondered what kind of a family lived there.  If they felt that being at wit’s end characterised their life and home, they must have quite a sense of humour to share that with the world at large.  And then this morning at breakfast, I came across this verse:

Are you standing at Wit’s End Corner, Christian with troubled brow?

Are you thinking of what is before you and all you are bearing now?

Does all the world seem against you and you in the battle alone?

Remember at Wit’s End Corner is just where God’s power is shown.

(Campbell R. Steven, Anthology of Hope, p. 65 – name of the original author isn’t given)

First of all, some days I could truthfully answer yes to the first three lines.  Secondly, surely it must be the case that the person who named their corner house Wit’s End must have had this verse in mind?  And therefore, far from being a chaotic home as I’d imagined, it is the place “where God’s power is shown”!
Truly, life is stranger than fiction.  Another time I will tell you about meeting Endurance!



  1. Very interesting house and post! It’s true that when we come to the point that God is all we have (our wit’s end), we realize that He is all we need!

  2. Oddly enough, there’s a house in Blairgowrie with the same name, but I had no idea about the poem.

  3. How amazing that you should see the house sign, and then later in the week find that quote! Even being at our wit’s end has an end eventually. xx

  4. Thats weird. Seeing the poem after seeing the house sign. Some house signs I have seen have not got such a poetic background!

  5. what really intrigues me is how you got the picture. i can just imagine me trying to be discreet and falling over myself. very nicely done. have you ever heard of the Odyssey series for kids where there is a place called Whit’s End?

  6. It makes a change from Mill Stone and Dunroamin.

  7. Ah, Wit’s End. A place I have visited on many occasions, Christine. I like your take on it.

  8. That is so fun to find a house named that and then to come across that verse! Wonder what the owners would think of the verse!

  9. Serendipity indeed; been feeling at ‘Wits End’ myself this week.

  10. Thanks for the comments, everyone! I’m glad you shared my sense of amazement, and also thanks for your comforting words that when we are at Wit’s End, it does come to an end.

    ajb, I was in the car, so rolled down the window and prayed the light wouldn’t turn green! No, I hadn’t heard of the Odyssey series / Whit’s End but it sounds fun.

    Lorna, how amazing there is more than one house named this! Is the Blairgowrie version also a corner house?

    Linda, I couldn’t agree more. Or those houses named by combining the first two letters of all the members of a family. My dearly departed aunt-in-law lived in a house called “WaKaJoTo”, bless her soul.

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