Posted by: christinelaennec | November 19, 2012

Bloggers’ Tea at the Lighthouse Museum, Fraserburgh

This past weekend, I made a wonderful escape to meet up with Jill from Land of the Big Sky and Tina of Tea and Woolly Socks.  This time we met in Jill’s stomping ground, Fraserburgh.  The drive up was very beautiful:

Harvest time somewhere in Buchan, Aberdeenshire.

Jill is a trustee of the Lighthouse Museum, and she nabbed the best table in the cafe for us.  She’d also asked the chef to make some gluten-free flapjacks for Tina, who was delighted.  So we were very well catered for.

Jill, the museum trustee, with the best seat in the cafe!

And look what was on exhibition there!  Jill’s beautiful watercolours and cards.  I was very taken indeed with her painting of a “wee sleekit tim’rous beastie” – more on that in a moment.

Jill’s one woman exhibition at the Lighthouse Museum, November 2012.

It was wonderful to see them both again and the time just flew as we discussed all manner of things both (seemingly) trivial and (seemingly) profound.  Odd how the two overlap sometimes!

me, Jill and Tina

It was the most brilliantly clear day, although cold.  Tina and I had a wander around the outside of the lighthouse museum.  Here is the foghorn, and a little fishing boat:

A fishing boat on the sea, and the foghorn.

The lighthouse, so the plaque tells us, is the only one in Scotland to be built into an existing structure – in this case a castle!

Kinnaird Head lighthouse, Fraserburgh.

If it had been a bit less brisk, I think this bench would have been the perfect place to sit for a while.

A bench looking out over the North Sea, Lighthouse Museum, Fraserburgh, November 2012.

I bought one of Jill’s watercolours, and as we’ve just repainted our living room walls, it had the perfect place to be!

There’s a moose in the hoose!

It’s so dark and dreich today that I had to take it off the wall to show you a bit better.  (Apologies for the reflection!)

Jill’s beastie.

Thank you, Jill, for your hospitality, and to both of you for the lovely presents and your wonderful company.  Roll on springtime so we can meet up somewhere again!



  1. What a super day out, Christine. Love the mouse!

  2. It was lovely, wasn’t it? Roll on Spring! 🙂 xxx

  3. Glad you had a wonderful time. The wee mouse is one of my favourites of her paintings. Enjoy.

  4. That’s a place I’ve been wanting to visit for ages, I must get myself up to Fraserburgh one of these days. What a glorious day it looks with that blue sky and excellent company.

  5. Hubby and I have been to Fraserburgh in April and loved it. Such a magical and welcoming place. Thanks for the memories, have a lovely new week. 🙂

  6. What a wonderful place. My seafaring ancestors would have been guided by this light as they went to and fro to Yarmouth, following the herring.

  7. Lovely mouse! Sounds like a perfect day – good scenery, good weather, good company, food – and an art exhibit.

    It is so nice, btw, to see how nicely Ashton has settled in at his brother’s. We had a good weekend, and he went to a hockey game with friends on this side of town, but he was happy to get back “home.”


  8. Trying to comment through blushes is difficult.
    But it was you two, Tina and Christine, who made the day for me. So glad you enjoyed the love of my life (after the Dawn Patroller, kids and grandchildren of course).

  9. That light and that blue sky – how beautiful – cold and crisp and intense. Well done you on grabbing some ‘me-time’. Judy.

  10. the views are so fantastic from the museum and I think you did have the best seat in the house. absolutely gorgeous. Jill’s watercolor is lovely. here is the link to the website for the museum:

  11. After days focused on celebrating my youngest daughter’s wedding I have enjoyed getting caught up on your November posts, Christine! I’m so glad you were able to meet Tina and Jill in such a lovely location for a good visit. If you can get Pandora on the internet you might enjoy listening to their Classical Christmas station. I have been listening the last few days. I just found a pattern for a crocheted snowflake I am going to try to make. Mt. Hood has dawned its white winter cape. xx from Gracie

  12. Dear everyone,
    Yes, wasn’t it just the most spectacular day! The weather matched the company. Thanks for “sharing the day” with us.

  13. Lovely views from the corner window, but it’s also good to just seat down and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate especially during autumn/winter months. Good we have some visitors, there will be excuse to make them visit the museum with us 🙂

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