Posted by: christinelaennec | December 8, 2012

Happy Dafter

Particularly after having shared in detailed fashion the challenges of the Dafter’s struggle with ME, I wanted to show you a joyous moment:

The Dafter rediscovers the joy of swinging!

The Dafter rediscovers the joy of swinging!

We managed to get out of the house last Wednesday, and navigated the wheelchair into the playpark.  There was about an inch of snow on the swings, but no matter – the Dafter took the wheelchair blanket and sat on that.  And was able to push herself on the swings!  She had a grand time, and my heart was very much lifted indeed.



  1. Ohhh what a beautiful picture of her !!

  2. What a wonderful picture. All smiles and happiness. A moment to treasure for both you and the dafter. Hope you’re keeping cosy up there in Aberdeen.

  3. What fun for her.

  4. You can see the joy in her face! 🙂

  5. A moment to cherish!

  6. Happy, happy time!

    And how brave wearing a skirt – but then I have noticed that your daughter has a certain style.

  7. Right on -the dafter is one beautiful girl!

  8. What a wonderful photo and I hope there hasn’t been payback for it 🙂

    I loved swings when I was younger, they should have ones for adults to use too

  9. Joy!!! Thanks for sharing, Christine 🙂 xx from Gracie

  10. What a wonderfully joyful photograph – such glee!

  11. what a great picture! love the hat and the big smile.

  12. How happy she looks, wonderful xx

  13. So wonderful to see the smile on her joyful face! I do love her sense of style, too! This is a great photo and one to make a Mother happy! xx

  14. Go Ms. D!!!

  15. Fantastic to see her enjoying herself!

  16. Hurrah! 🙂

  17. Love this picture! You should frame this one. So glad you all had
    a good outing.
    Merry Christmas….

  18. Life is not uniformly depressing, is it? Every now & then I need reminding of that, and your blog is one of the places I look for such a reminder.

  19. Thanks everyone for joining in our moment of shared happiness. oldblack, you’re so right that life can seem unrelentingly dismal at times. My blog certainly helps to remind me that I can choose what to focus on!

  20. Yay! That is a wonderful picture, and a great memory! Something to hang on to when she is not up to swinging.

  21. What a wonderful picture of her! 🙂
    Happy Holiday Season to you all.

  22. I LOVE this photo and I pray it is a picture of more wonderful things to come! Love that smile!

  23. What a lovely picture of the Dafter! Her smile is so heart warming. I’m happy for you.

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