Posted by: christinelaennec | December 14, 2012

Grief at the news

James Galway climbing rose

James Galway climbing rose

I don’t usually comment on current events, partly because often they are so very sad.  However, I’d like to publically express my huge sadness over the recent shootings in America.  One in a shopping mall in my home city of Portland, and now this dreadful news from Connecticut, where I went to graduate school and was married.  I remember crying at the news of the Dunblane school massacre (as it was rightly called by the press here) in 1996 – and that was before I had children of my own.  Tonight I feel the same horror and grief, but magnified by the thought of what it might possibly be like to be one of the parents or relatives of one of the victims.  The Dafter has been asking me how this could happen and I have no answers.

I also remember the incredible aftermath of the shooting at the Amish school in Nickel Mines.  In a way, the news of the Amish forgiving the gunman who killed their children was almost as shocking as the actual event itself.

I’m praying that all those directly affected by these shootings will be able to find some peace and healing.  Our world so badly needs peace and healing.  And I still cling to the knowledge that a single flame will suffice to conquer a roomful of darkness.

Edited to let you know that Martin Hodges of Square Sunshine has written a beautiful poem that is a tribute to those who died on Friday:  here.



  1. Why oh why do they not get rid of guns. I do realise that the people who do this are mentally ill, but the ease of obtaining and having death instruments oh dreadful.

  2. Hugs. It is horrific. There are no words.

  3. This is so devastatingly sad. All we can do is pray. I have no words. You have voiced my thoughts. Hugs to you. xx

  4. Appalled and grieving. Why is the answer to gun violence held by so many in the US to be ‘more guns’?

    Christine, you have bizarre adverts appearing at the foot of your post – seems to be a WordPress thing.

  5. Very saddened. xx

  6. It is just devastating. I remember reading Lionel Shriver’s novel We Need to Talk about Kevin, which is about the upbringing of a young man who commits a massacre like this. It was an interesting read, but of course it didn’t have any solutions, although tightening up on guns would be a start. My sister’s grandchildren in school in Calgary have regular ‘lock-down’ drills just in case of an event like this.

  7. It’s just so horrific, it’s difficult to understand and to know how to deal with this problem. In one swift devastating action one person can change the lives of many, it’s abhorrent and shocking and I can’t imagine how awful for the families involved. When Norway had that nightmare scenario last year, apparently 1 in 4 Norwegians knew someone affected by the attacks. So much devastation from the hand of one madman, it’s almost incomprehensible. I wish there was an answer.

  8. thank you for your expression of sadness and i can also say that i have no answers. the world does need more peace and healing. i like your illustration of a single flame.

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