Posted by: christinelaennec | January 14, 2013

Winter sights

Thank you everyone, for your wonderful comments and good wishes.  I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to comment on your blogs, but things will settle down eventually and I love reading them even if I don’t have time to say so.

I wanted to share two photos that encapsulate some of the advantages of living in Aberdeen in the winter.  Firstly, we get to see lots of sunrises at this time of year, and last Thursday the new moon was also rising.  My photo doesn’t do justice to it.  It was a case of “the old moon in the arms of the new” – you could see the outline of the dark part of the moon so clearly!

Moonrise at sunrise, 8 a.m. January 10th 2013, Aberdeen.

Moonrise at sunrise, 8 a.m. January 10th 2013, Aberdeen.

And snow!  We had quite the snowshower this morning.  The Dafter was thrilled because I had to cancel her dentist appointment.  (There is no way I am taking a person who needs a wheelchair out onto untreated roads where we might get stuck.)

A welcoming doorway in the snow.  January 14th, 2013, Aberdeen.

A welcoming doorway in the snow. January 14th, 2013, Aberdeen.

The snow against the evergreens is so beautiful, and I thought the light over the door of the house made a lovely picture.

I wish you all a very happy week!



  1. Lovely photos and a bit of a reprieve for the Dafter, I would feel the same in her shoes.

  2. So pretty, wish we got more snow,, mostly we get hail stones, yuck!

  3. Ohhh you got snow !! In some places overhere they have snow too but where I live we didn’t get any. I want snow too …. !

  4. beautiful shots

  5. Light in your photographs, and light in your words, Christine. Stay warm and cosy. Indoors is a good place to be just now.

  6. Superb photos – we too have snow, unusual being so near the sea.

  7. Aberdeen always looks incredible in the snow. I love it with a clear sky and heavy frost too.

  8. Oh my! The snow makes the city look positively gorgeous… the North Pole at Christmas time. ❤

  9. What lovely views, Christine, especially that moon rise with that intriguing building spire in the foreground! I love the warm light shining from over the door in the snowy scene. Good choice to stay inside, warm and cozy! xx

  10. Love the photos, Christine! It is not supposed to be snowing in Portland today, but I have been enjoying watching some wonderful white stuff swirling around outside : )

  11. Yes, indeed a beautiful capture of the light at the door with snow around and air is misty -nicely done..
    Hugs.. stay warm

  12. Two beautiful pictures I wish you hapiness and health in your new home

  13. nice picture of the light above the door in the midst of coldness. 🙂

  14. Yesterday we travelled by train from London to Perthshire, and most of the way there was snow outside. I realised that when there is snow you see the detail of the landscape much more clearly; as my husband said, every field looked different. It was incredibly beautiful.

  15. I love your pictures.

  16. Once again some lovey Aberdonian photos, we’ve got some snow the past few days…and it’s freezing. So the whole of Holland is waiting for our Elfstedentocht in Friesland..Now that’s a wonderful skating event…
    Hugs also for the Dafter
    Erna x

  17. I’ve been reading all about your upcoming move although not left many comments lately – I know you will miss Aberdeen because it’s such a special place but there will be so many new opportunities in Glasgow – lots for you and the Dafter to see, explore and discover, and easier access in someways to the beautiful West Coast. Looking forward to lots more interesting posts next year!

  18. Beautiful photos of a winter snow scape. These cool the soul as I swelter away here in a hot Australian summer. I’ll visit your blog again.

  19. I thought I had responded to this lovely post! I love the photos of the winter sights. It has been soooo cold here this week…one day -2 degrees! Needless to say, I stayed in where it was warm and cozy that particular day. Hope all is going well there as you sort, pack and prepare for your move.

  20. I just wanted to let you know that I have been following your posts with interest. It sounds like there are a lot of changes coming your way and I hope that you will find beauty and joy in them. You certainly do seem to see the beauty in the dusk, and the cold, dark nights of the northern latitude.

  21. Dear everyone,
    Thanks so much for your kind comments.

    Karen – the ‘spire’ you see is the roof decoration on our Victorian flat. I’ll try to explain that in another post.

    Mary – welcome to my blog! I’m glad it’s been a little reprieve from your Australian heat. Hot weather is one thing we don’t really have in Aberdeen.

    Dianne – I don’t think it gets very much below freezing here – maybe in the 20s F. But I remember -2F from my Illinois days. Nose hairs freezing and a little bit dangerous!

    Sigrid – thanks so much for being in touch and for your good wishes. I see you have been very busy yourself!

  22. Again, your lovely photos make me homesick. I’m trying to work out where the Cults photo was taken. Somewhere along the Den Burn?
    That was a favourite haunt as I was growing up but everything’s changed so much in recent years.
    I also spent 20+ years in Glasgow and raised my children there so know it well too. It’s a very friendly city and I think you’ll settle in there very easily.
    Good luck with the flitting.

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