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January happenings

Hello folks!  Thanks for your lovely comments, and once again I’m sorry (for myself) that I haven’t been able to spend time blogging.  For one thing, the very cold weather slows our broadband speed down to nearly zero at times, but mostly I have been very busy getting our flat ready to sell.  Here’s me painting over the Dafter’s pink wallpaper:

Painting over the Dafter's wallpaper

Painting over the Dafter’s wallpaper (photo by the Dafter)

But we’re not painting over the rainbow on the ceiling:

... but not painting over the rainbow!

head in the clouds as usual…

We moved here when the Dafter was 4, and she has loved her wallpaper for most of the 11 years we’ve been here.  However, in the last while the pink has been grating on her nerves, and I thought she’d be delighted to have cream walls just until we move – but then she was sad the pink had gone!

Being a Very Good Girl, she had never given in to the considerable temptation to colour in one of the designs, but she asked if she could on this occasion:

at last!

at last!

And then it was gone forever… One more step along the road we go, towards our new life.

We have had snow, hail and gales for the past week or so.  Sometimes the house is so rattled by the hailstones that you think there will be two feet of the stuff outside, but it mostly seems to blow away.  (There is a lot more snow a few miles inland.)  I’ve kept the paths cleared, and there’s only an inch or two on the ground at the moment after a week of very wintry weather.

Last week, it was treacherously icy, but beautiful:

Holburn Street and South Holburn Parish Church, Aberdeen.  January 2013.

Holburn Street and South Holburn Parish Church, Aberdeen. January 2013.

Here is a magical little place in the western suburbs, above a stream with a Narnia-type of lamp:

Winter scene in Cults, Aberdeen, January 2013.

Winter scene in Cults, Aberdeen, January 2013.

The ice, if you can navigate it, is truly beautiful.   Here is the view from my bedroom window, towards the North Sea:

Aberdeen, January 2013

Aberdeen, January 2013

You can see the lighthouse from our house if you know where to look.

So we’ve stayed inside a lot.  Some of my bulbs are coming up, to cheer me:


crocuses – on a wet windowsill!

And I’ve been very happy in my new full-time role of looking after the Dafter:

the darling Dafter, January 2013

the darling Dafter, January 2013

She’s been working very hard to help get ready for the move.  Sometimes all she can manage in one day is to sort through a box of possessions – hard enough when one is well!  But she’s a great encourager of my own efforts, which is such a big help.

We did get out last week, and she managed to climb the stairs to one of our favourite places in Aberdeen, the Victoria Restaurant.  We used to come here for a treat after school sometimes.  They do a fab Victoria sponge.  I can’t remember what this look was in response to, but it’s one the Dafter gives me from time to time, just to keep me in check if I’m getting a bit out of hand:

One of those looks I get from the Dafter:  "Now Mama!"

One of those looks I get from the Dafter: “Now Mama!”

We still have a bit more painting and sorting to do before the flat will be ready for the photographer, but we’re getting closer to the finish line now.  Thanks again for all your good wishes – it’s very exciting!



  1. Gorgeous smiles!! Stunning dafter xx

  2. Goodmorning Christine and Dafter, good luck with all the preparations …It’s good to see The Dafter smile….Hugs and take care
    Erna x

  3. That rainbow is marvellous, did you paint it on? I’m very impressed by the Dafter’s good behaviour in not colouring in the designs on her wallpaper, I don’t know that I could have withstood that temptation. It looks as if you’re getting on very well with your preparations, and it’s good weather for being inside and cosy. Lovely pictures of the Dafter, it’s great to see her looking so cheery! 🙂

  4. So good to see you in blogland! 🙂 What an exciting time, and so many memories there too. So glad you didn’t paint out the pretty rainbow! 🙂 Good to see the Dafter’s smiling face. 🙂 Hugs to you all, xx

  5. Sounds like you have plenty to do at the moment!!! The ice and snow pictures are beautiful and I like the views you have from your house. Glad to hear you have read Lillian Beckworth and only just glancing at different parts of the book I agree with what you said. She is slow-ish reading, so we will see how far I get……So nice to see such happy pictures of the Dafter. God must have gifted her with a cheerful disposition which He knew she would need (or you would need!!!).

  6. Loved the post with the wonderful photos of your beautiful dafter (and you in the clouds!). Sounds like the perfect thing to be doing while the weather is cold and icy outside. And everything accomplished puts you that much closer to your new life. I love new beginnings. Have a great day!

  7. Hello both! Have not left a word in a while but am excited to hear about your move, Glasgow has such a lot of art, many years ago I lived in Shawlands and loved to see the Burrell and Kelvingrove museums etc. Wow how your daughter looks like you in those snaps. Enjoy trips out. I loved your personal map of Scotland! All the very best
    Fee. X

  8. I think you need a bigger paintbrush…!

  9. Awe — I’ve painted a few rooms in my life times and total houses too so I am wondering about your brush — it’s so tiny -you must be painting trim.. All this painting is a lot of work – right!! Your daughter is lovely.. ALL best – keep warm and don’t be out there walking on ice..Be safe.

  10. Good luck with it all. Dafter looks amazing. So pretty and smiley. Just made me smile back.

  11. We are predicted to have freezing rain in the morning so looking at your
    photos makes me wonder if ours will look like that!
    I know you are all busy with the upcoming move. Do you have a date or
    time frame that you will be moving to Glasgow?
    So glad to see that big smile on the Dafter – such a lovely face….

  12. oh, I loved this little ‘day in the life’ post! Very sweet and funny, too ! (head in the clouds) Looks like you are keeping very busy indeed, and a good thing with all that treacherous ice and snow outside your windows, although it does look very lovely. I don’t know how The Dafter managed to restrain herself from coloring in all those little hearts, but so fun that she did get a chance to do it after all! She looks lovely with her rosy cheeks and that blue sweater, (did I say she looks very nice in blue?) – did you knit that one? I love your bulbs – i never manage to pot any up for inside and always admire those that do. Well, an exciting time for you both, even though I know it must be tons of work to get the house ready. Stay off that ice! Hugs xxoo

  13. I just love that “Now Mama!” look of the Dafter, which you have captured so well. We all need to be brought back to earth from time to time and what better way to experience it.

  14. Good luck with the moving preparations and watch out for that slippery looking ice.

  15. great to hear from you, Christine. i don’t envy you all the packing and whatnot. it is rather time-consuming but it will be nice to be settled and you can start nesting in Glasgow. loved the Narnia lamp and your dear daughter is looking older these days. she is becoming quite a young lady and how nice that she has such a lovely disposition.

  16. Oh, you are all so nice!

    It took some arm-twisting to get the Dafter to allow me to post these photos of her, as like most teenagers, she doesn’t like how she looks. (But unlike most teenagers, doesn’t want to ‘improve’ her looks with makeup.) So your compliments are very nice, even if she doesn’t *seem* to believe them! I was also surprised to read Fee’s comment that she looks like me – we always wonder if she does and mostly conclude that she has her Dad’s eyes and eyebrows and maybe looks a little bit like me.

    Of course as my Granny always reminded me, “Beauty is as beauty does,” and I must say that the Dafter is truly beautiful in this way – she has such an honest, loving and funny spirit. She is a far more together and nicer person than I was at her age, I’m sure! As ajb and Heather said, she has a lovely disposition, and I do thank God for that especially in these trying times of ME.

    We painted the rainbow a few years ago but it is staying up as the Dafter loves her “sky” themed room. There are lots of glow-in-the-dark stars in the room as well.

    Roobeedoo – ha ha! Yes, as Kristeen duly noted I was painting the very edge of the paper. I also had a few other bigger brushes and rollers in my arsenal.

    Garfieldcat – I will be phoning the sollicitor today to initiate proceedings for getting the flat on the market and then we’ll have to see how things unfold and how long it takes. Once we have a buyer we can start house-hunting in Glasgow.

    oldblack – I’m so glad you agree! Yes, indeed, it’s the best corrective there is. Delightful.

  17. So good to hear (and see) that all is progressing nicely. Stay warm and well.

  18. I love the Dafter’s painted heart! Kind of metaphorical for life, isn’t it?

    Take care of the Dafter – and yourself as well. We’ll be here whenever you have time to visit. ❤

  19. I’m glad you gave us all an update. You sound upbeat about the move and about your new role. Prayers for a quick sale of your place.

  20. Thanks for letting us know the latest,Christine, and for sharing the lovely photos of you and yours and your beautiful world. I love your white crocus and just posted pictures of our purple crocus blooming inside 🙂

  21. So good to see your news (I’m a fine one to talk tho intend to resume blogging soon). I see a big change in the Dafter, in terms of maturing into the young woman she will be. She is truly beautiful. And that Look! The quintessential daughter-to-mother look.

    No snow AT ALL here in boring Edinburgh (can you tell I’m not in my most ‘loving the ‘burgh’ mood just now?). Your gorgeous rooftops photo broke my heart – I still miss those Aberdeen January days of snow and wide North Sea vistas.

  22. How could she resist not colouring in all those flowers? It is hard to have to go through treasured possesions and decide what to keep and what to leave, but think of it as making room for the future.

    We have had rain over night and all our snow has gone. But we may be in for some more in a week


  23. Dear Martin, Stacy, Kelly, Gracie (hey that rhymes!), Linda and Susan,

    Thanks so much for your comments. Linda, I can just imagine that you are the recipient of such looks yourself! Sorry for your lack of snow.

    Stacy and Susan, indeed I marvel at my daughter’s self-discipline, in many areas of life. As far as wallpaper goes, my own teenage room’s wallpaper was covered with my own enhancements (though I had permission).

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