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A Silver Occasion

This past weekend we travelled down to Glasgow, to familiarise ourselves with the many different neighbourhoods and to begin thinking about where we might eventually settle.  On the way down we stopped at Gloagburn Farm Shop for lunch, on the recommendation of Lorna’s Tearoom Delights book.  And it was delicious!  I had a sweet potato, coconut and lime soup.  As you can imagine, the Dafter’s ME makes travelling difficult, but she was determined to make the journey, and we want her to be involved in the decisions about our next chapter.  Here she is joking around and cheekily showing you a silly photo of me.

The dafter subverts my cheeky photo of her by showing you a cheeky photo of me!

The dafter subverts my cheeky photo of her by showing you a cheeky photo of me!

And laughing at her joke!

Laughing at her joke

Hee hee!

She is such a delight, even when very poorly.  By the way, do you see the lovely sheepy plate?  And the children’s hi-viz jackets in the background?  Gloagburn is a very interesting place.

As well as driving ourselves slightly insane trying to navigate Glasgow, we had a celebration – our 25th wedding anniversary!  We went to the Burrell Collection, which is a new building located in the middle of a vast park in the south side of Glasgow.  The cafe was very full:

Cafe at the Burrell Collection, Pollock Country Park, Glasgow

Cafe at the Burrell Collection, Pollock Country Park, Glasgow

We sat behind a family with twin babies, as you can see from the pram.  Outside the wall of windows, the park is very expansive.  I love that early-spring look of the birch trees:

View from the cafe windows

View from the cafe windows

You can almost see the sap rising at this time of year – they get a sort of pinky tinge I think.

Here’s a photo the Dafter took of us:

Me and Michael on our Silver Wedding Anniversary

Me and Michael on our Silver Wedding Anniversary

We’d agreed that with everything else going on, we’d celebrate in a very low-key way, and Michael had bought flowers and arranged a special breakfast.  I’d said to the Dafter that I couldn’t think of something to give him, especially since I had very little time or money.  She first of all made the brilliant suggestion of making a list of 25 happy memories of our time together.  Then she said, “Get him a silver gel pen!”  I loved the idea, and so as well as the list, I presented him with a silver bag full of silver-wrapped gifts.  Here’s the first:

A silver present in a silver bag

A silver present in a silver bag

Silver cake decorations!   The Dafter enjoyed watching his face as much as I did:

My accomplice!

My accomplice!

All in all, he received silver sixpence wedding favours, cookie cutters, silver gel pen, a silver heart, silver cake decorations, silver chocolates and a “silver” spoon:

All the silver pressies

All the silver pressies

I should mention that we nabbed the last three pieces of cake they had, arriving on the late side!  And the Dafter had picked out a lovely celebratory outfit:

The Dafter's anniversary outfit:  silver-sparkly tights, a shirt with a heart and "True Love" and silver highlights!

The Dafter’s anniversary outfit: silver-sparkly tights, a shirt with a heart, “True Love” and silver highlights!

So it was great fun.  A strange twist to the day was receiving an email from a friend, saying that she’d just unearthed a note from me, written exactly 20 years before (on our 5th wedding anniversary, although she didn’t know it was a special day).  Synchronicity!

We hit a patch of horizontal snow on the drive home. It was blowing so fiercely that it only seemed to stick to the more upright surfaces such as the hills.  When we stopped at Finavon, I could imagine we were somewhere in Vermont!

Silver weather, near Finavon, Scotland

Silver weather, near Finavon, Scotland

So a silvery end to our special weekend.

I wish you all a good rest of the week, and Happy February!



  1. Congratulations and many happy wishes for your anniversary! fabulous pictures … my favorite being the one of you and Michael. your daughter takes very good pictures. I think she has captured your personalities beautifully there. I’m glad you got to go to the Burrell Collection and I enjoyed your style of gift-giving to each other. I was also thrilled to read that you went to Gloagburn Farm as that has been on my must-see list. I remembered blogging about it and went back and checked … 4 times I’ve written about it. lol, time for a visit methinks. Glad you made it home safe and sound.

  2. Congratulations on your silver wedding anniversary, lovely pictures, and you all look so loving and happy. Best Wishes and God Bless xxx

  3. Congratulations, and what a lovely, shiny post! xxx

  4. Happy Anniversary! Your family seem to have a lot of fun and love for eachother, and so creative!

  5. That gorgeous, enormous grin in the second picture just makes me heart happy.

  6. That’s a lovely idea for Silver Wedding gifts! As much appreciated as anything would have been, I’m sure.
    I remember visiting the Burrell around when it first opened – we took French friends & the lady breast-fed her baby right there in the café, which we were both in awe of and astonished by! 🙂 Not so uncommon a sight these days!
    I hope you found a few good places to search in Glasgow. I was there today too: but for the end of an era…the funeral of my last surviving grandparent. We said farewell to her home, as you are saying hello to yours!
    Good luck! (Your pictures are beautiful as always.)

  7. Oh Christine what a lovely idea for gifts. Michael looks so chuffed, you both look so happy (you in your gorgeous Kid Silk Haze cardigan), and please tell the Dafter that she has the most beautiful smile. Happy anniversary xx

  8. Congratulations and lovely photos of all of you! xxoo

  9. Happy Anniversary — This post was fun and neat idea about silver.. what to give to my sweetheart come May on our 33 years together…Glad your safe at home..

  10. Congratulations Christine and Michael! Looks like you had a lovely trip out. Always love your photos…

  11. Hearty congratulations! I’m so glad you enjoyed Gloagburn (thank you for the mention), the soup you chose sounds delicious. Apologies to the Dafter for saying this, but she is so cute! Your silver gifts were a brilliant idea, personally I’d be well chuffed with scone cutters and a silver gel pen. It’s very exciting to hear about you looking round Glasgow with a view to finding somewhere to live, I’m looking forward to reading more about that in due course.

  12. Aw bless – what lovely pictures of all of you!
    Silver highlights? tell her not to wish those upon herself too soon! 😉

  13. What a lovely family day. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary – what an achievement! Your daughter is so beautiful, both inside and out. She is just the type of role model we need for young girls. She’s an absolute credit to you.

  14. Great, silvery ideas and who could have planned on the snow? Happy 25th!

    (What a lovely smile your daughter has!)

  15. Congratulations on your silver wedding anniversary! 🙂
    Sweet pictures. Glad you could go to the Burrell Collection, I really like the wee Egyptian treasures they have there. Did you visit Pollok House too? 🙂
    One again, happy 25th anniversary.

  16. Happy , belated Anniversary, looks like you have had a great time in Glasgow.Hope you will soon find a nice and cosy house..
    Erna x

  17. Many congratulations, a lovely milestone to attain and well celebrated by the looks of it too! Thought of you today as we drove past a stand of birch trees and you are right about the pinkness. Good luck with the house hunt.


  18. Belated anniversary greetings to you and Michael. And what a lovely day the three of you had. Such lovely pics of you all. Glad it was a good day.

  19. Happy anniversary, and may you have many more! Sounds like you had a really fun day.

  20. Congrats on your silver wedding !! Love the pictures of your daughter, she has such a beautiful smile.

  21. Happy anniversary!

  22. I enjoyed your entire post. Reaching the last bit and realizing that you must be familiar with Vermont was a happy moment. Vermont is where Jim and I were born and spent most of our lives.

  23. happy anniversary! Looks like a great trip, hope it’s not taking too long to recover from. Have you heard about “The Yarn Cake” in Glasgow? xxx

  24. Dear Everyone,

    Thanks so much for joining in the fun, and for compliments to the Dafter, which I have passed on.

    Kirsteen – Wow, 33 years, I’m impressed! A quick online search says that that is the “amythest” anniversary.

    Fiona – sorry to hear about your gran…

    Roobeedoo – ha ha! You made us laugh.

    Helen P – the Dafter was well chuffed with your comment, thank you! (I agree, but am not the most objective person to ask.)

    Kia – we only made it to the cafe at the Burrell, having spent several hours getting rather hopelessly lost exploring various neighbourhoods. Another time!

    mimacat – during our years in Connectict we took some memorable trips to Vermont, up to the “Northern Kingdom”. I remember friends saying it looked like Scotland, but I’d never been to Scotland back then! Now I’m saying the reverse.

    Stephanie – oh yes indeed! I went to the Glasgow School of Yarn in October 2011, which was organised by the Yarn Cake. I’m looking forward to becoming a regular patron. Unfortunately the Dafter has paid a rather high price after this trip, in terms of ME, although she doesn’t regret it.

  25. Happy Silver Anniversary! What a nice way to celebrate! I love the idea of all the silver things in a silver bag! And such a nice picture of you and your husband! And of course the Dafter too — I loved her outfit choice. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your time at the Burrell Collection! Just got our tickets booked today and confirmed our car hire for our trip!

  26. Coming late to the anniversary party, but congratulations and warmest wishes for many more happy anniversaries! 25 years feels like a bulwark against this shifting world. We have reached 27 this year and are ever more aware of how precious is time together. And how noble/brave/fun of Michael to agree to his photo on your blog. The pole-vaulter heads smartly in the opposite direction if he thinks he might be published.
    The Dafter looks so happy – wonderful that you were all together for this day.
    Just realising it was a year ago this week that we first met!

  27. Happy Anniversary! Looks like a festive celebration and I loved all the photos!

  28. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! Looks like it has been very well celebrated. You and Michael make handsome couple and I wish you many more happy anniversaries. I loved all the silvery gifts, what a great idea!

  29. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary you all look so happy somtimes little things mean more that an large expensive gift, Dafter looks good too wishing her strength and energy


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