Posted by: christinelaennec | February 27, 2013

The sun is getting stronger

Another post within two days!  Thanks to all who joined in on the conversation about outdoor toilets; that was very interesting and the comments are like a little social history post in themselves.

I wanted to tell you about yesterday, which was an exhilaratingly lovely winter’s day.  I walked into town in the morning and ran into several friends and acquaintances, all of whom remarked on how much stronger the sun has become.  And it’s true.  Look at the distinct lines on this roof, created by the still-frosty areas in the shadow, and the melted parts where the sun has reached:


Frost melting on a roof, Aberdeen, February 26, 2013.

In December and January, the sunlight is much weaker and a sharp frost won’t necessarily melt under its rays.  Also, the days are still very short in January, with only about six hours of light.  But now the sun is up before 7 (as opposed to just rising at 9 am two months ago), and we don’t close the curtains until 6 pm (as opposed to 3:30 twilight).

You might recall I wrote about “the Perfect Garden” in another post.  Yesterday morning it was the perfect illustration of the growing strength of the sun.

Sun melting the frost in the "perfect garden", Aberdeen, February 26 2013.

Sun melting the frost in the “perfect garden”, Aberdeen, February 26 2013.

People have been commenting on the marvellous fact that you actually feel warmth when in the sun.  Tilly is well aware of this:

Tilly in the sun. Aberdeen, February 26, 2013.

Tilly sunbathing (indoors). Aberdeen, February 26, 2013.

We have been busy with people coming to view the flat.  It’s been really tiring but I’m not complaining as I know how fortunate we are.  It’s strange, especially for the Dafter, not to know when or exactly where we will be going when we move to Glasgow, but we trust that it will work out fine.  The fact that springtime is inching closer is such a boost.  It feels like everything is poised for dramatic change, and not just us.

I hope your week is going well!



  1. We’re hoping for some of that warmth here in the south, Christine. I’m sure it’ll turn up soon. In the meantime, your bright and colourful photos are a joy to look at.

  2. So happy you are getting this beautiful sun too, doesn’t it make you feel good! xx

  3. I visited you before I had my own blog re: my son, the poet, now in Norway ex Aberdeen. I lost you, but have just found you again.
    The news is interesting – off to Glasgow. We lived for 5 years in Glasgow, in fact, it is where Jonathan was born. My husband was doing his PhD at the time.
    Hoping that things work out for your family – the property sells and you find somewhere that you like – moving is exciting, but also a life changing experience.

  4. That photo of your garden is beautiful. I can not wait until the snow and gray go away and we have green and sunshine! That is good news that people are touring your flat. I hope it sells quickly for you.

  5. I love the photo of the frost melting on the roof – very observant! I’m feeling just like Tilly this afternoon as warm sunshine floods in through the windows. The weather here over the past three days has been nothing short of magnificent!

  6. Definately a feeling that Spring is not far away, I did a little gardening today with out a coat warm sunshine and some fuchsias in the greenhouse begining to sprout. Wishing you all good health and hoping you get some positive viewing on your home.


  7. Hoping that things work out for your dear friend – that the property sells soon like yesterday – already – wink — but for real.. wishing all the best and great about the sun — we all need it!! Beautiful photos..

  8. We could do with some sunshine here, it’s still very cold and dull, but at least the snow has gone…

  9. Oh – I love the look of those dormer windows! Only in Europe (and the French Quarter of New Orleans) do you find such charm. ❤

  10. Hello from the east coast of USA! I’m also hoping for a lot of sunshine. We’ve had big blizzard, a terrible one, bringing over 2 feet of snow. Now, it seems the left over ice are melting inch by inch. I hope my tulips & daffodils will survive.

  11. Spring WILL come…eventually…I know. Today though, I awoke to huge snowflakes falling again. Almost out of coffee, so I will be headed to the grocery! Hope all is well…

  12. Dear everyone,

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments, as always. It’s so nice to share these little things… Some of you have such severe winters that our little variations must seem minuscule! Thanks also for your good wishes for selling our house. We’ve been busy showing it, which is great.

    wherefivevalleysmeet – hello! I remember your son and his poetry very well. I hope he’s happy and still writing.

    softie1 – the “perfect garden” isn’t my own garden. It belongs to some landscape gardeners in our neighbourhood. My own garden is far from perfect! (Though I love it.)

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