Posted by: christinelaennec | March 10, 2013

A snowy Mothering Sunday

Today, the middle Sunday in Lent, is Mothering Sunday in Britain.  In previous times, servants went home on this day to visit their mothers, and people went to worship in their “Mother Church”.  Nowadays, due to creeping Americanisation and commercialisation (I suppose) it’s now mostly referred to as Mother’s Day.  Due to Michael having had a dreadful stomach flu all week, I was informed by the Dafter that “due to technical difficulties” it would have to be postponed a bit this year.

Personally, I was just so happy to sleep in my own bed for the first night all week (having kept to the sofabed in order to stay well), and to have Michael better, that was enough of a celebration for me.  (Thank you to everyone who posted good wishes – they were very effective.)  And look what we awoke to!

Horizontal snow, Sunday 10th March 2013, Aberdeen.

Horizontal snow, Sunday 10th March 2013, Aberdeen.

Not only was the world sparkling white, with episodes of dramatic blizzard conditions, but when I went down to the kitchen lo and behold there were flowers and chocolates and a card to wish me a good Mother’s Day!  This had been accomplished by Michael in a very cunning “bid for fresh air” when first released from quarantine yesterday, and in between three viewings of the flat yesterday afternoon.  I was so surprised!

I got out for a walk this afternoon and went into the city centre.  As you know, I love Union Terrace Gardens, and I think it looks lovely in the snow.  You can see the snowflakes blowing fairly clearly in this photo:

Union Terrace Gardens, Aberdeen, Sunday March 10th 2013.

Union Terrace Gardens, Aberdeen, Sunday March 10th 2013.

Today is also my mother’s 83rd birthday!  So a happy Mothering Sunday to mothers everywhere, and a Happy Birthday to my Mama.



  1. Happy Mothers Evening, from one to another.x

  2. Happy Mothers Day to you. I am glad your husband is feeling better. I am sure that was a gift in itself. 🙂

  3. snow — Oh man I thought you would be seeing the last of that for the season .. I am thrilled you got surprised — it’s wonderful to be thought of.. glad your sweetheart show such love..Mother’s Day here won’t be until May.. but I wish you a pleasant day for your Mother’s Day or Women’s Day in other parts of the world.. All the best = now keep yourself from the flu bug and so happy your sweetheart is feeling better..

  4. Happy Mothering Day! So nice to find flowers and chocolates, always a nice surprise! Happy Birthday to your own Dear Mother and so wonderful that everyone is feeling better. The snow looks very pretty, but I am sure you must be wishing it would say goodbye, already! We may get snow flurries this week. March is fickle. Enjoy your treats! xx

  5. What a lovely surprise for you on Mother’s Day, and a very happy birthday to your dear mama. Great news about Michael’s recovery, but what’s going on with the snow? I thought we were in spring now.

  6. Belated happy Mother’s Day/Mothering Sunday! Michael and the Dafter seem the most caring of family – you are really loved.
    Yesterday was fairly brisk, wasn’t it?! We came back down the A9 through patches of blizzard. It was worse in Fife than further north.
    Were you the only walker in Union Terrace Gardens?

  7. […] A snowy Mothering Sunday ( […]

  8. Glad to hear that Michael is fit and well again. Stay warm and cosy.

  9. Glad you had a lovely Mothering Sunday (I prefer that name and celebrating it at this time of year). Good news that Michael is on the mend and I wish the same for the Dafter. Sell quick wishes for the flat as well. Happy Birthday to your Mama. Hugs

  10. What a lovely surprise for you, Christine! I remember when I was in London a few years ago at this time of year, I watched a morning news report about the trend of the “Mother’s Day” name creeping into the culture. It was quite interesting! Stand strong for Mothering Sunday; it’s yours, a UK tradition.

  11. Love the snow! Laughed at the comment about the drink! Prayers that the sale will come through quickly! Blessings on Mothering Sunday!

    (If I had a houseful of servants, I’d happily let them off to see their mothers on Mothering Sunday).

  12. I love the name “Mothering Day.” It sounds so much more intimate than “Mother’s Day.” Thanks for sharing your story, and happy Mothering Day to you, Christine! ❤

  13. Late happy “Mothering Day!”

  14. I’m glad you had a few little surprises for Mothering Sunday! And it is interesting to think about the origins of the day. I wish I had known earlier how it started instead of always wondering why the British had Mother’s Day in such a cold and snowy time of year!

    We have had blustering snow on and off all day. Our weather goes back and forth between beautiful and very wintry.

    The children and I are off to see a play tonight of the Wizard of Oz. Hopefully they will all enjoy it!

  15. Dear everyone, thanks very much!

    Linda, there were quite a few people out and about, but like me up above the gardens rather than down inside them. (Being up above and looking down into them is one of the best ways to appreciate them.)

    Ellen, it’s interesting that you remember hearing that news coverage. Things always change, don’t they?

  16. Mothering Day. I had never heard of that till now. How very interesting. I always learn something new when I come here. Thank you for that.

  17. Glad you had a few little surprises for Mothering Sunday! 🙂
    Happy (belated) 83rd birthday to your mother.

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