Posted by: christinelaennec | March 20, 2013

A late-winter hat

I see from my Farmer’s Almanac that today is in fact the first day of spring!  (In New Hampshire, at least.)  Yesterday it snowed most of the day but the wind was so fierce it just seemed to blow past.  My darling neighbour and friend, Mary Morrison, used to say “it’s always windy at the Equinox” and so often it’s true.  I kept the fire going and tried to keep the poor Dafter warm.  Her nails turn blue, she gets so cold!  Heavy snow is forecast for Friday and the weekend.  I can’t say I’m too surprised, because I have quite often seen snow lying the first week of April in Aberdeen.

From weather to hats – the two are obviously related.  Recently Tina of Tea and Woolly Socks made a late-winter hat.  As I’d bought a skein of discontinued Noro yarn in a fit of complete self-indulgence (because I need more yarn like I need a hole in the head), I thought: yes!  I, too, need a late-winter hat!  So I used it to make the Buttoned Cloche:

"Buttoned Cloche" by ?? in Noro Yuzen

“Buttoned Cloche” by Andrea Delhey in Noro Yuzen

I would have liked to make the version with a longer brim, but I’m happy enough with how this turned out and the garter stitch was very therapeutic to knit.  I didn’t make a proper flap with buttonholes, but just extended it a little bit, and sewed the buttons through.  Here’s a photo of me in it, taken by the Dafter:

my late-winter hat on a snowy day.

my late-winter hat on a snowy day.

Hilariously, a perfect stranger in Edinburgh said, “I like your hat!” to me.  I was very startled and replied, “Thanks, it’s fresh off the needles!”  I have no idea whether he understood what kind of needles I was talking about.

Happy Vernal Equinox everyone!



  1. The poor dafter with blue nails, I hope she’s staying cosy, but I’m sure you’re looking after her wonderfully well. You look beautiful in your late-winter hat, and what a lovely hat it is, too. How satisfying to have it admired by a passer-by in Edinburgh. “Fresh off the needles” is a great term, I hope you’ll have cause to use it again. This snow is ridiculous, to my mind. We were lulled into a false sense of security with a week of glorious weather here recently and now this. Tchah! Mind you, it’s great weather for lots of hot tea and cakes.

  2. What a lovely hat pattern…you look stunning xx

    PS: Snow here too 🙂

  3. I like your hat, too! That’s such a lovely photo of you wearing it.I can empathize with the Dafter — my nails turn blue when I get cold, and I am cold a lot.

    I take it perfect strangers don’t often chat in Edinburgh. *I* have done that very thing, but I suppose that marks me as an American, and they’re kind enough to forgive me. 😉 Stay warm today!

  4. Lovely colours! It didn’t look anything like that in the skein!
    And it doesn’t count as stash enhancement if you use it straightaway! 😉

  5. What a lovely photo. I like the colors of the hat and the buttons a re a nice touch. I hape you and the Dafter stay warm.

  6. Rain in the valley, snowing on Mt. Hood this first day of Spring…I am going out to our yard in the rain and cut the few daffodils that are daring to bloom to bring their sunny yellow color inside.
    I enjoyed your wooly adventures of the last two posts, and especially like your latest project off the needles, Christine 🙂
    With loving warmth from,

  7. Love the hat! Is it some sort of cabling on the top? Tomorrow is the first day of Spring – its always been an arguable point. But I count myself a Spring Chicken and tomorrow is the first day of Spring, ok!

  8. I love the hat, and it suits you very well. I sympathize with the dafter trying to . keep warm, Jo struggles as well and feels the cold much more than we do.

  9. It looks lovely and so do you. Did you make the sweater too? It’s very cold and windy here today, 14F with windchill, and I could use two spring hats like that!

  10. You look very lovely in your new hat and I do like the style! The colors are very pretty and soft. Oh, there is much angst over this start to Spring – I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone having good weather. I do think we are ready to say goodbye to Old Man Winter. He has worn out his welcome. Bundle the Dafter up warm and cozy and put on a nice pot of hot tea. Hopefully the sun will warm us up soon! xoxo

  11. Thanks very much, everyone! It is nice to have a new hat at the end of the winter.

    Lorna – “Tchah!” is a great word!

    Ellen – I’ve found that people in Glasgow tend to be very chatty, on buses and so forth. Not so much in Aberdeen or Edinburgh. The man who paid me the compliment was hanging about trying to fundraise, so was no doubt motivated by boredom as much as stunned by the beauty of my knitted creation.

    Jill – no cabling, it’s just the changing colours of the wool. And yes, you are certainly a Spring Chicken so you should know!

    Annie – that’s very interesting about how Jo feels the cold much more than you do. I often think this gives us an insight into why old people’s homes and hospitals are boiling hot.

    Sigrid – great to hear from you! I do realise, having lived in Illinois and Connecticut, that I have nothing to complain about in real terms. Yes, I made the cardigan. It’s an Alice Starmore pattern, Rambling Roses.

  12. Gorgeous hat! And it suits you so well! Love the buttons too! xx

  13. so impressed once more with your knitting skills. love the buttons on the hat and also the picture of your lovely self. very nice hat … the green on the top part is gorgeous.

  14. I think you have a Photographer in the making in The Dafter! Love the hat in fact I love Noro yarn and it suits you beautifully hope though you will be able to tuck it away soon till next Autumn


  15. The hat is lovely on you.

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