Posted by: christinelaennec | March 21, 2013

Fit’s afore ye…

Thank you all very much for your house-selling good wishes!  They have been very effective.  After 16 viewings in 6 weeks, yesterday we agreed a sale with a lovely couple who are starting a family.  I felt just a bit different looking out my window this morning, knowing that we will be gone from this place at the end of July.

Morning view from my window, March 21st 2013, Aberdeen.

Morning view from my window, March 21st 2013, Aberdeen.

I’ve often thought, these past few months, of the phrase “What’s meant for you won’t pass you by”.  A friend from church taught me the Doric version:  “Fit’s afore ye winna ging ahin ye” – what’s in front of you won’t go behind you.  I’ve been praying for the family who would come here (nice to know who they are now) and also for the family whose home we will buy in Glasgow, for our new neighbourhood, school and friends-to-be.  I know there will be moments of great stress as in all moves, but we’re all looking forwards to a fresh start.  The sale will take some weeks to complete, so we won’t be househunting for a little while.

If, like me and Jill (see her comment on the previous post), you believe Spring begins on the 21st, then Happy First Day of Spring!

The Dafter by the fire, March 2013, Aberdeen.

The Dafter by the fire (and with hot-water-bottle) March 2013, Aberdeen.

I’m very glad I managed to get more coal and wood, because it’s been so cold that the fire has been the only way to warm the Dafter up recently.  And I’m so glad I no longer have to be on alert for phone calls, and have everything like a show home for potential visitors.   I’ve had to neglect the Dafter, and Tilly, quite a bit over the past two months, and I’m going to enjoy being able to relax a bit more with both of them.

Thank you all again!



  1. Congratulations on the sale! I’m glad you’re pleased with the couple who’ve bought your home. The powers-that-be say it shouldn’t matter if you like the buyers or not, but I’ve always disagreed. Try to keep warm and cozy! We’re having a spot of cold temperatures here, too, and after several spring-promising days, it’s unwelcome!

  2. Great News, well done. xx

  3. Congratulations on the sale…I hope your new start in Glasgow will bring you all the best…
    Erna x

  4. Congratulations!! Now you can focus forward on the new start. All the best! Jan

  5. Good for you. Love that saying, my daugter is in the middle of a sale and a purchase just waiting on paperwork, so I will have to tell her that.

  6. Congratulations, Christine! (I put in a word for you with St. Joseph. ;D )

  7. Great news – congratulations!

  8. The Dafter has plenty time now to gently, slowly sort and pack. Quite an exciting time for all. Our previous moves have always been done on a gallop, stressful to say the least.

  9. Hooray! Marvellous news Christine, I’m really pleased for you and I hope you can find a place you’d like to move to in Glasgow. Do you know yet which area you want to live in? That picture of the Dafter makes me feel cosy. I have a hot water bottle but I wish I also had my back to a roaring fire. Bliss!

  10. Wonderful news, and now you can take a good, long rest. Fab! xx

  11. That’s great news, well done but of course you will feel a little melancholy. Spring starts on 21 March in mainland Europe too. Let’s hope the icy weather goes away soon.
    Happy weekend 🙂

  12. So excited for you that you’ve sold and I am sure that there is a special place for you and your family in Glasgow. I really like that quote … it’s interesting that the Doric translates just a little differently. Your picture looks cosy; I hope you can stay warm until the temperatures get a little higher.

  13. Woo-hoo! What a relief. But does this mean you’ll have to start learning the Glasgow Patter instead of Doric? How similar are they?

  14. So glad to hear your news! And how lovely to stand down from house-showing-off duty. Being at home with none of that might seem like a little holiday in its own right.

  15. wonderful news — thrill for you and your sear family.. glad no more rushing around to be ready for viewers — now rest…Can’t wait to see your new place but that seem awfully long wait — July.. in any case happy for you..

  16. Good news and a little bittersweet for you, I am sure, knowing you are leaving your beloved home and city with all the memories, but having the excited happiness of a new adventure to look forward to! Hurry up and wait! Now you can breathe a little and focus on The Dafter and prepare for the next chapter. Many blessings moving forward!

    Hugs, xoxo

  17. Congratulations, I’m so happy for you!! Grat news, and what a relief not to have to tidy all the time…I’s a bit of an agony, the selling process, we did it a couple of years ago, and it took quite some time. Good luck with finding a new home in Glasgow!

  18. Congratulations on selling your flat so quickly in these dificult economic times! I am sure you will love looking at properties in Glasgow, the thought of a new begining and also hanging on to the friends and relationships you had at your old home

    Good luck and stay warm it is bitterly cold here in Essex


  19. That’s great news, Christine. Stay warm and cosy. Better days ahead.

  20. Good, Mo and I have been in Donegal, she is still there. We had a nice mass on her anniversary. Pleased about your house sale, love Anne xx

    • Anne, thanks – I’ve posted you an Easter card. I always think of Mia at this time of year. xox

  21. Hi and thank you from Sweden.

  22. Dear All,
    Thanks so much for being happy with and for us!

    oldblack, I’ve been told I’ll now have to learn to speak Glaswegian, but I don’t think it’s recognised as a dialect in its own right. I could be wrong, though!

  23. Congratulations on the sale! 🙂
    Two of my hubby’s coworkers are from the US and they told me they didn’t understand a word of Glaswegian for months! 😉
    Have a look at

  24. Congratulations on the sale. I hope it all goes well both in both ends!

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