Posted by: christinelaennec | March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

It’s a strange thing, but we had snow every single day in Aberdeen between the 10th and the 30th of March this year.  There hasn’t always been quite this much in the mornings, but very often this is what has greeted me when I open the living room curtains:

It has snowed in aberdeen every day between the 10th and the 30th of March 2013!

Average weather in Aberdeen in March 2013!

Often we’ve had sun in the afternoons, so that most of it has melted.  And finally, finally – just as the end of Lent has come – my Lenten roses are in bloom. I think they are so beautiful:

Lenten rose (hellebore), end of March 2013.

Lenten rose (hellebore), end of March 2013.

Here are some brave little narcissi that are so cheerful in the snow:

tête-à-tête daffodils, end of March 2013, Aberdeen.

tête-à-tête daffodils, end of March 2013, Aberdeen.

Needless to say, the above photo was not taken in my garden.  My lawn is hardly ever neatly edged like this.

This morning, although there’s a frost, there’s no snow!  This is good news because there’s a service in the church garden, and also we’re planning one last Easter egg hunt with our downstairs neighbours later this morning.  When they came here seven years ago we shamelessly indoctrinated them into our American traditions, which are now like so much else, becoming more common in Britain.  The traditional thing to do on Easter morning in Scotland is to roll your (hard-boiled) egg, just as the stone of Jesus’ tomb was rolled away.   So from our house to yours,

Easter 2013

Easter 2013

Happy Easter everyone!



  1. And a Happy Easter to you and yours, from me and mine, Christine!

  2. Happy Easter from us to all of you!

  3. Happy Easter to you all! I hope you have the sunshine today, it’s lovely here. Let’s hope April is more spring-like! xx

  4. Happy Easter to you too xxx

  5. Happy easter !

  6. Happy Easter to you!

  7. Happy Easter 🙂

  8. Your hellebores are a beautiful colour – we have some but of the lime green variety. I love seeing the first flowers of spring coming up – small and infrequent, but full of joy and hope. I’m also seeing a lot of decorated twigs in windows too -we’ve been doing it for a number of years too – at first the kids thought I was a bit mad but I can’t remember what inspired me to do it in the first place all those years ago.

    Happy Easter! Judy.

  9. In addition (and I checked with my mum before saying this, in case I had mis-remembered) we used to paint our hard-boiled eggs on Sunday and roll them on Easter Monday morning. It was not on Easter Sunday morning. I know we would have been heading off to church on the Sunday, and I know it was not just us who left it till then. Does anyone else recall this?

  10. a happy blessed Easter to you, my friend. I hope you had a wonderful service outside in the church garden today. we used to roll hard-boiled eggs as kids but I didn’t know that there was a special significance. I remember heading to the park with little handled baskets and our eggs. We may be attempting an Easter egg hunt today but most of our family is all grown up now.

  11. Happy Easter to you and yours xo

  12. Happy Easter!!!

  13. The egg rolling significance was new to me…I like it!
    It has been 70degrees and more and more trees are blooming the last two days…record breaking in my experience of Portland,OR. at this time of year!
    I posted more pictures.
    We had a happy Easter celebration and I hope you and yours did as well, Christine 🙂

  14. Happy Easter, Christine! All this snow has been very odd, hasn’t it? It almost seems normal now, to see snow falling and then disappearing day after day. Hopefully this is us into spring proper now and the warmer days of summer are just around the corner. The flowers in your photos are beautiful and I hope you all enjoyed your Easter Sunday.

  15. Egg rolling is traditional, but, as fifona said, not on Easter Sunday. You would go with your painted egg on the Monday, and roll them down the hill to crack them and then eat them. There was usually a traditional hill that folk would go to. Funnily enough, our visiting preacher talked to the children about rolling eggs yesterday, but added in a very stern voice “but NOT today,” lol.
    Hope you had a good Easter too xxx

  16. Happy Easter! So glad about the sale and the break from sprucing up the house constantly. The US has had late snows as well. We stayed in Virginia last week and woke up to three or four inches which the kids loved.

  17. I hope your Easter service was lovely and you had a blessed day with your family, Christine! I also hope you are saying goodbye to all that snow! Those sweet little daffodils blooming bravely in the snow is quite a sight. Interesting about rolling the eggs! Aren’t traditions funny? Some stick and some fade away, but each family seems to cherish their own. That’s what gives meaning to our lives, doesn’t it? Love your Lentin Roses, too. xoxo

  18. Lovely flowers braving the cold! I never heard of the egg-rolling tradition – I think I’ll do that next year. Happy (belated) Easter, Christine – many blessing for the spring! ❤

  19. Dear All,
    Thank you for all these lovely wishes and comments! The service in the church garden was brief, and began with the minister remarking that it was actually colder that morning than it had been on Christmas morning!

    Fiona and Jacqui – that’s so interesting about the egg-rolling happening on Easter Monday. Nearly 20 years ago we spent Easter with a Scottish family at their holiday cottage. Our abiding memory is of being completely bemused by everyone in the family suddenly jumping up and running out the door on Easter morning, to roll their eggs. They in turn were amused by our thinking they’d all lost their minds, and explained the tradition to us. But maybe it was actually the Easter Monday and not the Sunday. I love how there are always new things to learn about traditions and history.

  20. Sorry about the snow, but it’s good that some flowers are still blooming.

  21. Using a hotel for the final days is very, very wise!
    And Tilly is incredibly beautiful. We moved to Oxford with our dear Tabitha, and she was a calming influence and comforting when things got a bit much.

  22. Love the colourful Easter eggs, what a lovely decoration

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