Posted by: christinelaennec | April 3, 2013

Granny Rhomboid?

Thanks to everyone for your Easter wishes.   I hope you all had a lovely holiday as well.  Our minister began the early outdoor service by noting that it was actually colder than it was on Christmas morning!  But, although there was snow falling on me yesterday, the weather has generally been less frigid and spring is gradually creeping up on us.

Michael has been on holiday – hooray!  We’ve been relaxing together, but we’ve also been organising our move this summer.  We’ve had several removal companies round to give us quotations.  Gosh, do we have a lot of stuff!  Thankfully we have no attic space here but we could easily fill one with heritage toys and family archive material (somehow it’s all come to me).  The Dafter and I have also found a hotel where we all can stay in the final stages of chaos and upheaval.  And by all, I’m including Tilly!

Happy Tilly in her bed

Happy Tilly in her bed, with her hot water bottle

I found three hotels in Aberdeen whose websites said they allowed pets, but when I phoned one and asked about checking in with a cat, they said, “Oh by pets we just mean dogs”.  However, I had a laugh when the woman at the next hotel I phoned went to check with her supervisor.  She came back saying, “Yes, he says anything as long as it isn’t a horse.”  So we will have a wheelchair- and cat-accessible room to retreat to while furniture is taken apart (most of our upstairs furniture could only have made it upstairs in flat-pack form).  It’s a huge luxury, but I know that if I can keep the Dafter and Tilly as happy and calm as possible, the whole process will be much easier on me and less likely to shave years off my life!

Along with all this, I’ve kept on with the crocheted granny square that I learned to make at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival a few weeks ago.  I’d like to make a small blanket from it if I have enough wool and stamina.  But it seems to be becoming a bit wonky:

My granny square (?) end of March, 2013.

The granny square is becoming a rhomboid! End of March, 2013.

I’m really hoping that I can coax it back into a square when it comes to blocking.  If any of you crocheters have advice for me, please let me know!



  1. Glad things are moving along — can’t wait to see your new place – gee, June seem a long ways a way.. Cute cat — and about your granny square- I do know how to crochet them but I am guessing here — maybe watch your tension and make sure you chin one at the end of each row before the next row – I don’t know – could be all for not and I am mixing you up!! In any case that’s what I always have to make sure I am doing..

  2. I hope everything will turn out fine…My thoughts are with you all..
    P.s. love the granny

  3. I like the colors in your granny square. Glad things are humming along for you and that Michael has had some holidays with you.

  4. Moving is such a huge event, isn’t it? I haven’t moved house for around 30 years and it now seems impossible to even contemplate. As usual your post is full of optimism and positive perspectives, but I’ll bet there’s a tiny little bit of anxiety inside that will only be quelled when you’re all settled in your new abode. Have you found a new church yet in Glasgow?…worked out where you’ll do your shopping? found a new dentist, doctor and vet? So many things to think about!!

  5. Hi Christine – my granny squares always go wonky too – I don’t really worry about it too much – have a look at my post ‘shopping’ and you will see. I tried blocking them and it didn’t make much difference. Perhaps that’s why they’re called granny squares? Because they’re just old rugs to stick over your granny’s knees – doesn’t matter too much what they look like. Glad to see you getting into crochet – I’ve only been crocheting for a year and I’ve made some simple things already. Love from Judy. (And there’s been snow again in Sussex today!)

  6. That is a very sweet photo of Tilly! How nice of you to think of her in all the upheaval! I can’t imagine moving- what an undertaking! I suppose it gives you a good review of all the household inventory and forces you to downsize a bit. Enjoy your time with Michael and the Dafter before the big move to come! I like your granny square. Blocking will probably set things to right. Hope your weather warms soon. Hugs xoxo

  7. Moving is always an upheaval, but you’re doing all you can to ease the strain. Hope you get some good crochet advice. What you’ve done looks pretty good to me.

  8. Isn’t it astonishing how much stuff you can accumulate? I’ve moved house quite a bit and am always staggered by how much stuff I have, even when I’ve done my best to keep things to a minimum. Great news about the hotel, I think that’s an excellent idea (and I’m so happy to see that Tilly has her own hot water bottle). Your granny square looks wonderful to me, I’d be cock-a-hoop if I could create anything that good with yarn.

  9. I love your rug-in-the-making. Those are gorgeous colours. Have you got to the stage of agonizing over each colour change – or is that just me? I find my squares only stay true if I start the next colour at a new corner, if that makes sense? I’m sure there’s a correct way but that works for me. I have noticed that lots of granny squares are skew-wif and none the worse for it!
    Good luck with your move. I think the hotel is a brilliant idea. Now, if you can only convince yourselves it’s a holiday and not a house move, you’ll avoid any stress that said move might have entailed 🙂

  10. Glad to hear that you’ve found suitable accommodation which must take a little of the load off your mind.

    I love your rhomboid … my aunt taught me to do a treble stitch too many years ago to even think about and that’s the extent of my crocheting knowledge!

  11. Hope all goes smoothly. Your calmness should help both Tilly and the Dafter.It used to be said that it was the house cats ‘homed in on’, but it is the people.

  12. I think the wonkiness comes when you crochet more loosely on one side than the other. Blocking will help if you’re using wool yarn. Otherwise…..the dreaded rip and re-do! ❤

  13. Glad you have found somewhere to stay for the final stages of the move.

  14. Sounds like things are on a roll now and definitely moving forward! It will wind up being all so exciting in addition to maybe a little stressful. Tilly looks so comfortable in her bed with her hot water bottle! 😉

  15. Moving can be traumatic, I know. But, also a blessed chance to reassess our lives, the choices we make, and the things we fill it with. Blessings to you.

  16. Dear All,
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments, which have buoyed me up! I will confess to having blocked my granny square before continuing, and it has shaped up.

    Kristeen – we’re actually here until the end of July, which is now a bit less than four months. It seems like a long time until you think of all that needs doing, including finding somewhere to live in Glasgow!

    oldblack – I will take my time finding a new church, but there is no shortage of them in Glasgow! Both the minister and assistant minister at our church are from Glasgow, so I will get their insider opinions. As for everything else, I have already made enquiries about the vet, and all the medical care will have to wait until we see what part of the city we end up in. I’m trying to stay calm and take one thing at a time… that *usually* works!

    Judy – thanks for that, I do see how pretty the pinwheel effect can be!

    Karen – yes indeed, the process makes you prioritise, which is no bad thing.

    Martin – thank you!

    Lorna – yes, it is really strange how much accumulates. I do find it hard to get rid of things in an eco-friendly manner. There are quite a few things we need to give away, perhaps on Gumtree or the like. Thanks also for your approval of the hotel-while-moving. And yes, Tilly does have her very own hot water bottle!

    Jan – we have discussed trying to trick ourselves into thinking it’s a holiday! Thanks also for the advice about starting at a new corner. I’m going to try that.

    Cordelia – thank you!

    Jill – oh yes, Tilly is extremely sensitive to her human family. So as you say, the more calm the better.

    Stacy – I think you’re right. Blocking has helped, I think.

    Marjorie – thank you!

    Dianne – yes, the excitement is the thing to focus on.

    Relyn – you are so very right about the opportunity to reassess. It is a blessing, especially as regards the “things we fill our life with”.

  17. I love your granny square blanket!!! My sister and friend have both made them and I have yet to jump on the bandwagon, as much as I love them!

  18. You sound so well organised! I am sure everything will go well for you when you move. Love the granny square don’t give up but if you do it will make a splendid cushion


  19. Your cat looks regally provided for! Very comfy, with a hot water bottle. Must suggest that to my mum for her cat … there’s something about a contented cat that is just so satisfying to see. I think it’s because cats really know how to enjoy themselves. I always feel I could learn a lesson or two from cats on getting the most out of life.

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