Posted by: christinelaennec | April 9, 2013

A Cleome for me

One of my Christmas gift knitting projects was a shawl designed by the talented Charlotte Walford (who blogs at lottieknits).  I enjoyed making it so much that I decided to make one for myself!  I made the smaller size this time.

"Cleome" shawl, designed by Charlotte W....????

“Cleome” shawl, designed by Charlotte Walford

Knitting it a second time was very satisfying.  It gave me a feeling akin to re-reading a book that I rushed through a bit too quickly the first time around.  The lace section looks complex but is actually much easier than the finished item suggests.

Cleome shawl, detail

Cleome shawl, detail

The wool, Manos de Uruguay silk blend fino, is very beautiful in its colour variations, and also lovely to handle.  I like that it’s made by women who might otherwise not be able to support their families, and who are able to take pride in their work.

The smaller size is perfect for wrapping around your neck, and the crescent design ensures that it stays on your shoulders like a lovely lacy collar.

I am still persevering with my New Leaf Cardigan, in case anyone is wondering.  After several attempts, I finally feel I’ve mastered a good knitting technique for the colourwork.  ajb had asked about holding the wool in both hands, and I might attempt a bit of a photo tutorial if I can manage it.

April has continued to be very cold here in Scotland – still some snow falling – but we hold firm to the idea that spring WILL come when it’s ready!  For the moment, though, there are plenty of opportunities to wear my new shawl. I hope you’re all having a very good week.



  1. Beautiful! I love the color and design. I’m not sure I will ever get past “knitting and purling”. I guess I will have to sign up for another knitting class! Hope all is well as you progress in your journey to your new home.

  2. Oh Christine that is beautiful. The pattern and the color you chose. I love your header. It reminds me so much of the warmer weather to come.

  3. Your talent astounds me, Christine! How beautiful this is – cheerful way to keep warm in the spring. It’s been unseasonably cold here in Louisiana, but my friend gave me a shawl recently, so I’ve been enjoying the cool weather more than I normally would! ❤

  4. A beautiful design wonderfully knitted! Although I wish the snow would stop, I’m glad you’re getting the chance to wear your lovely new shawl. The wool looks, and sounds, lovely.

  5. That is lovely. Still cant do crochet, but I wouldnt mind having a go at that, you did say it was easier than it looks!

  6. Very pretty! I remember seeing it in its infancy during our cuppa in Huntly! I bet it looks beautiful on you! xx

  7. How lovely! I am so glad you made a second one for yourself – you deserve it!

  8. what a gorgeous shawl! it looks dainty and yet nice and warm. I would love it if you could put a tutorial together on how to knit holding the wool with both hands. 🙂

  9. hi just wondering where to get this yarn and pattern and do you think a plain purl knitter could knit this I so want to move beyond my level but have no one to show me (I can knit all the basic stuff it’s just lace and cabels whcih is what I long to learn) thanks

  10. Oh your shawl is gorgeous! I love the crescent shape and the beautiful pink!!!! I hope that spring truly comes soon for you!

  11. I just love that shawl!

  12. Beautiful colour and design – that lace looks very intricate – don’t undervalue your skill in completing it – I always shy away from anything too lacy. Judy.

  13. I knitted this shawlette? for myself at the start of the year-mine is a blue mix and I love it. It feels delicious against my skin and it is seldom that I knit something for ME! It makes me think of sea and sky and hopefully warmer days.

  14. Dear everyone,

    Thanks for your lovely comments. Yes, it is very pretty, isn’t it? Such a great combination of design and wool.

    Grace, I ordered the wool over the internet here in the UK (from Deramores). I think they sell the booklet the design comes in as well. I’ve been thinking about your question. If you’ve never knit lace before, I might advise a simpler pattern to begin with – the Holden Shawlette, which I also knit before Christmas, would be a good one for learning decreases and yarn-overs, as well as how to follow a lace pattern. There’s a photo of it on this post:

    But you’ve made me think that I would like to try to do a tutorial on my blog of the various stitches and steps involved in Cleome – watch this space!

    ajb, I’m glad you’re still interested. I’m going to try to do that tutorial first, when I get a chance.

  15. A beautiful design, beautifully knitted! 🙂
    I haven’t knitted in… OMG, almost 20 years!
    Happy April to you and yours.

    • Thanks Kia! Maybe it’s time to pick up the needles again?!

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