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Christmas all year long!

The Dafter loves Christmas and all things sparkly, so you can imagine how amazed and delighted she was to see the Nutcracker Christmas Shop in Callander.  We first spied it on an evening exploration.  Could it really be open in April, we wondered?

The Nutcracker Christmas Shop in Callander, April 2013.

The Nutcracker Christmas Shop in Callander, April 2013.

We returned the next day – twice in fact – and it was all a Christmas-lover could have hoped for, and more:


We have a family tradition of picking out a new ornament for the tree every year.  Normally this happens in November or December, but we now have our ornament for 2013 – one that says “Callander” on it, to remind us of this fun trip.  Look at the expression on the Dafter’s face!

In the Nutracker Christmas shop, Callander.  April 2013.

In the Nutracker Christmas shop, Callander. April 2013.

The shop owner was very friendly, and allowed me to take photos of the shop.  I’d never seen anything like these amazing carved wooden arches before:

Beautiful wooden carvings in the Nutracker Christmas Shop, Callander.  April 2013.

Beautiful wooden carvings in the Nutracker Christmas Shop, Callander. April 2013.

She told us that not only does she have the shop in Callander – which was never short of customers during our two visits – but there are three others!  Two more in Scotland and one in Stratford-upon-Avon.

We had such a fun time.  It wasn’t too hard to feel Christmassy with the freezing cold weather and the occasional flake of snow, but we’ve been known to sing Christmas carols in July at our house, so perhaps we’re a bit extreme.  You can find out more on the Nutracker Christmas Shop website here

Perhaps a visit to the Christmas Village in Crieff should be planned?  For the summertime?  Hmm…



  1. I was just thinking as I read this that I’m sure I’ve been to a similar shop in Crieff. There’s one in Pitlochry too, but I don’t think it’s called The Nutcracker, so it’s no doubt run by other people. Those carved arches are lovely, what a delightful discovery for the Dafter.

  2. It does look like a fun shop. I love Christmas too.

  3. Amazing! What a find for the lover of things Christmas!! I love the idea of gradually accumulating tree decorations, each of which has some significance from the occasion of its acquisition.

  4. Wow! That looks fun! Just the kind of shop you can never find when you most need it! I’m so pleased to hear ‘the dafter’ is slowly improving. What a truly horrible condition it is. I’ll keep her in my prayers.

  5. I love those arches! What would I Goggle to take a closer look, I wonder. Glad you’re both out and about!

  6. I would have loved to have been along on this visit with you! I love Christmas shops! That one looks wonderful!

  7. So much fun!

  8. oh how fun! The Dafter does look enthralled!!!! That is a fun memory from your little holiday and you will all enjoy the Christmas ornament in December!

  9. I remember the one in Stratford-upon-Avon! I was very bemused by it, I remember. it is indeed a paradise for Christmas lovers.

  10. Oh, a Christmas shop is my favorite place, too! We used to have one in the little town where my husband grew up. We bought an angel for the top of the tree for our first Christmas that we still use every year. I love the rapt expression on The Dafter’s face! How fun! You will have to show us your ornament! xx

  11. Hi! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can check out my blog for details. Participate or not (I know we’re all busy), but I just wanted you to know I think your blog is awesome!

  12. Looks as if you all had a great and rather festive time. Not sure I could handle Christmas more than once a year 😉

  13. I love that shop, I’ve visited it many times and do you know I didn’t know about the other ones. You clearly talk to people more than I do! I have duly noted the Crieff village and intend to visit soon, I love Christmas too. Best Christmas shop ever was one in Boston in USA – the Christmas Dove, you need to tell Dafter to put that on her list of places to visit one day, she’d love it! But Crieff and Callendar will do nicely for now – for all of us I guess lol. Glad to hear she’s beginning to feel a bit better thats such good news.

  14. I’ve seen many Christmas shops here in the US. My sister HATES them! 🙂 The wooden arches in your photos are lovely. I’ve *never* seen anything like that before!

  15. Dear everyone,

    Thanks for sharing our surprise and delight over a Christmas shop. Ellen, I can understand your sister’s point of view, because Christmas should be special. I had never encountered such a thing as a Christmas shop before, and if they were everywhere I wouldn’t like that either. But we had fun!

    Thanks also for your very kind wishes about the Dafter’s recovery. I am now seeing a big difference from last November. She’s perhaps back to where she was a year ago. I may see if she would like to do her own update!

    Kelly, try googling (or goggling – :-)) “carved wooden christmas arch” or “illuminated wooden silhouette”

    oldblack, it’s never to late to start such a tradition!

    Karen, I certainly will do, next December. Your angel must be such a special part of your own Christmas.

    Sarah, thank you so much! I will do my best to step up to the podium as soon as I can. Thank you again.

    Heike, perhaps that’s because being German you already have a very big dose of Christmas? I’m sure those carved arches must be from Germany. There are so many exquisite things in the German Christmas markets.

    Marksgran – noted!

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