Posted by: christinelaennec | April 23, 2013

Spring is here!

At last!  Spring is finally here.  We’ve had some warm afternoons – weird! – and things are starting to happen.  Look at these beauties:

Daffodils in Aberdeen, Aprl 2013

Daffodils in Aberdeen, April 2013

The blossoming plum trees are still not in flower, but if we have a few more days like this they soon will be.  I had a blissful hour weeding out dandelions in our garden yesterday evening.  I love these little wood anemones.  They’re volunteers, I never planted them.  And as you can see, they have some pink cousins in with the purple ones.

Tête-à-tête narcissi and anemones amongst tulip shoots.  My garden in Aberdeen, 22 April 2013.

Tête-à-tête narcissi and anemones amongst tulip shoots. My garden in Aberdeen, 22 April 2013.

I will miss my garden very much, but I’ve learned a great deal from my 11 years of gardening here, and I am VERY excited about making a new garden in Glasgow! (I like the old expression “to make garden” – I’ve read it in Laura Ingalls Wilder and Willa Cather.)

I hope you’re all having a good week and that springtime is coming to you as well (for those in the Northern Hemisphere).



  1. Those blooms are beautiful! I wonder if you’ll find you’re able to grow different plants that bit further south and west when you move to Glasgow, I suspect you might. What’s happening with this weather though? It’s very windy here at the moment, apparently turning wet overnight and then temperatures only about 10 or 11 degrees in central Scotland with possibly 20 in London. Mind you, I’d still rather be up here than down there.

  2. Don’t you just love Daffodils…such friendly and happy flowers.
    Positively springlike here too and everything is coloured traditionally green and yellow here in Wales.

    Sunshine happy love to you and family xx

  3. Ah “to make a garden” that is what is fun!

  4. Pretty flower shots. It is so beautiful when spring gets itself in gear.

  5. I was very happy living in a double upper, in our case for thirty years, but we do enjoy very much the fact that now we can just open the back door and step into the garden. I guess you will find the same after your move.
    I love those little anemones, too. I did buy some to start with, but mysteriously some them have migrated to different bits of the garden.

  6. Lovely pictures, Christine. We’ve been feeling the sun on our shoulders down south, too. What a difference it makes.

  7. You’ll be making green pumpkin pie (The Long Winter) next year before you know it!
    Are there still as many municipal daffodils in Aberdeen? What I remember of this time of year as a student were the swathes of daffodils in Seaton Park, and every second student emerging from the park with a large bunch of (freshly picked) daffodils to take back to their hall of residence room…

  8. I love seeing all the daffs, although it’s sad to see how many of the farm fields (Aberdeenshire/Angus) are full of unpicked ones, thanks to the rubbish weather earlier in the year. I, too, got my garden weeded the other day. My primroses and pansies are blooming, although the daffs aren’t quite there yet (my neighbours’ are!).
    OccasionalScotland – I was one of those students!

  9. My tulips and narcissus are growing too. But some animal, I think it’s a squirrel, really loved the tulip leaves. I found one tulip plant almost lost its leaves. Happy gardening!

  10. There is just nothing like a daffodil. NOTHING!

  11. wonderful = you-got-spring!!

  12. Christine, consider framing the first photo of the daffodils…it will welcome you home wherever you see it hanging 🙂 BEAUTIFUL!!!

  13. Beautiful daffs. Nice to hear someone mention Willa Cather.

  14. Oh! You love Laura and Willa, too? I should have known. Kindred spirits for certain.

  15. They are just splendid !

  16. Oh! Such beauty surrounds you this time of year, Christine! ❤

  17. Love the daffodils! Nothing says SPRING like bright yellow jonquils or daffodils!

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