Posted by: christinelaennec | May 19, 2013

Green, and good as gold

We had a very rainy day on Saturday, which the garden loved.  The depth and variety of green was amazing!

rain-soaked garden, Aberdeen, 18 May 2013.

rain-soaked front garden, Aberdeen, 18 May 2013.

Earlier in the day I sprinted out of the house to meet Jill from Land of the Big Sky in the city centre.  It was so great to see her!

Me and Jill in the Coffee House, Gaelic Lane, Aberdeen.  18 May 2013.

Me and Jill in the Coffee House, Gaelic Lane, Aberdeen. 18 May 2013.  The dynamo (on the right) is at rest for a wee minute!

Jill and I had a good catch-up.  Sadly, Tina was unwell and couldn’t make it.  Instead, she made a beautiful doll!  We will try to have another get-together before I head south for Glasgow (some people may say I headed south long ago!!). 

I’ve said it before, but blogging has been a wonderful way to make friends.  Many of the people I’ve met through blogging I’ll probably never have a chance to meet in person, but it’s so fun when blog-friends can actually get together.

Happy start to the new week, everyone!



  1. We had rain all day here in the Dakotas, too. You can almost see the trees waking up and the leaves unrolling.

  2. The green is so refreshing isn’t it? Such a joy to behold after months of dull colours through the winter, I think it’s physically good for the eyesight! I love your cardigan, too.

  3. The various shades of green do our hearts good. A few sunny spells make for a perfect picture, though. Wishing you a good week too, Christine.

  4. Missed you both! What a great pic of you two, the dynamo….great nickname, I think we ought to keep it! 🙂 See you soon! xxx

  5. The ‘dynamo’ enjoyed herself too!

  6. It is indeed nice & green in your garden. You must get plenty of rain, I thought. But then I wondered, just how much is ‘plenty’? I found these interesting statistics for average annual rainfall:
    Aberdeen: 753 mm
    Glasgow: 991 mm
    Sydney, Australia (where I live): 1214 mm

    But that doesn’t tell the whole story….this adds a bit of gardener-relevant information:

    Rain days per year:
    Aberdeen: 285
    Glasgow: 201
    Sydney: 100

    Presumably you don’t leave home in Aberdeen without an umbrella!

  7. green green and more green — wow wee — love green — but I guess with green you gotta love the rain … lovely photo of you and your dear friend..

  8. Gosh, your garden looks so alive and fresh! Still waiting for ours to look even remotely this green.

  9. Love that green!

  10. Dear all,
    Thanks so much for your comments, I just love hearing from you.

    Lucinda – I know just what you mean about almost being able to see things happening at this time of year. The other day some tulips I see from my kitchen window were green in the morning, and yellow-tinged by the evening!

    Lorna – I agree that green is good for our eyes, and our souls. Thanks for noticing the cardigan – there’s a bit of a story about that, which I may tell some day. I copied one my mother knitted in the 1950s.

    Martin – absolutely, and thank you.

    Tina – we missed you so much. And I’m glad if the nickname sticks, it’s certainly descriptive!

    Jill – glad the traffic ordeal was worth it!

    oldblack – now that is very interesting. It confirms our impression about differences between Glasgow and Aberdeen – though we’ve never been to Australia. Clearly you have lots of rain condensed into smaller amounts of time. Glasgow seems to have much more changeable weather than Aberdeen – rain, sun, rain. Whereas in Aberdeen the weather seems to settle to be one thing or another. The other difference is that we do suffer from the sea mist a lot more than Glasgow does. Sometimes it’s just damp here all day long, not even falling as rain as such. I’d be curious to know if this qualifies as a ‘rain day’? Thanks very much for taking the trouble to look that up.

    Kristeen – glad you liked the green! Maybe it seems particularly strong for you, living in the desert as you do (or what seems like desert to me).

    Laura – I would have thought you’d have the same thing, just a few miles up the road!

    Kelly – it reminds me of Ireland when it gets like that!

    • Both the UK Met Office and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology define a “wet day” as one with at least 1 mm of rain. Sunshine hours might also be of interest, and in that regard the Met Office says that for Dyce (which I believe is not far from you) the most sunshine occurs in May! Enjoy it while you can. The Met Office also notes that May in Dyce is sunnier than June “because of the tendency for settled anticyclonic conditions in late spring which is a feature of the weather over Scotland as a whole. However, this national trend is less marked and even reversed at places close to the east coast because of the occurrence of sea-fog (haar) in late spring.” Perhaps Glasgow will offer a relative freedom from haar and hence more sunshine? I look forward to your reports!

  11. first of all, i LOVE your cardy. it’s beautiful! I also have to say it was so lovely to meet you last month and I’ll have to get some photos up soon. I am quite behind on my blog, especially with my trip pictures. what a very nice picture of you and Jill.

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