Posted by: christinelaennec | May 24, 2013

All the seasons in two days

You’ve no doubt heard the expression, “All the seasons in a day”.  Well we’ve had them all in two days – although I am not complaining about the weather, because we’re spared the truly dreadful extremes that other people have.  Yesterday in Aberdeen was like being plunged back into winter.  There was sleet lashing down and very fierce, icy winds from the north.  And do you know what causes these black dots to appear on the hearth?

What causes these black dots to appear on the hearth?

Mysterious black dots on the hearth

Hailstones!  When they come down the chimney, they get covered with soot, and roll out onto the hearth where they melt.  When we first moved here, I was puzzled by their occasional appearance until one day I was near the fireplace when the black hailstones came bouncing down, and the mystery was solved.

I have no other photographic evidence of the wintry day we had yesterday, but The Scotsman has a piece on how the roads in the Cairngorms were closed with the amount of snow that fell.

When I woke up this morning, I was determined to investigate the damage in the garden.  And what do you know, not only was it minimal, but we’ve had a beautiful day!

The best thing about today was the Dafter being able to make it outside.  Yesterday she was so weak that for the first time she couldn’t get dressed or make it downstairs, which was so very worrying.  But the ME loosened its grip a bit today.  Here she is – do you like her outfit?

The Dafter makes it outside!  24 May 2013.

The Dafter makes it outside! 24 May 2013.

Her boots have wee star studs on the sides.

I staked the peonies, and was delighted to see how well the tulips survived the fierce gales.  Aren’t they so beautiful?!

Tulips, Aberdeen, 24 May 2013.

Tulips, Aberdeen, 24 May 2013.

I’m feeling very, very thankful this evening.  I’d like to think that isn’t just the effect of the weather…  Meanwhile, the days continue to lengthen.  At 10:30 at night I can see the chimneys of the houses opposite, silhouetted against a deepening blue sky.

I wish you all a very good weekend.  I believe it’s a holiday weekend for my English, Welsh and American cousins – enjoy!



  1. Those are some hardy tulips! Love the boots, too.

    Hail is such a bizarre phenomenon. I know there’s a perfectly logical, scientific explanation for ice cubes landing on the lawn, but the few times it’s happened here, it just seems other-worldly to me.

  2. Love the tulips!….but the colourful Dafter is far more interesting. They’re both great survivors and it’s wonderful to see such brightness after the storm and tempest that the world has thrown at them.

  3. your daughter’s boots are fantastic. the hail story is funny. i would have been wondering too what the black dots were. sorry to hear the Cairngorms were shut down because of more snow.

  4. Love the DAfter’s style. Hugs to her and yourself. Glad the garden survived the hailstorm.

  5. What a curious phenomenon with the hailstones, I’m so glad you were able to solve the riddle before you move house. Great news on the Dafter’s day in the sun, with lovely boots like those she must want to get out and show them off.

  6. What an attractive flower in your garden, the one wearing boots!

  7. Great skirt Ms Dafterl! 😀

  8. That is quite an amazing phenomenon to see black hailstones! Spring does come in with a temper sometimes – we’ve had snow in the mountains, still, and the local ski resort is up and running this weekend! So nice to see your beautiful daughter out enjoying some sunshine – I do love her outfit – so bright and cheerful. Hopefully this will be the end of the hail for this year! xx

  9. yes, hailstones in the hearth is something I remember well, weird if you don’t know what it is!

  10. Hi Chrisitine – can you tell me how I can send you an email? I need to get your address to post your keyring to you. Judy.

  11. Have never heard of black hailstones before but the explanation makes sense. Glad to see your daughter is out and about.. love the boots with stars. The tulips are beautiful.

  12. Great to see the Dafter out and so gorgeously dressed. Friday 24th was unspeakably horrible in Oxford – even in winter clothes we were still cold, and very wet indeed. The next few days were lovely, and now today it’s back to the cold and the wet. Your blog does make me miss the long bright evenings. I loved that about Aberdeen.

  13. Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments. The Dafter was “well chuffed” that you liked her outfit. Thank you also oldblack for your poetic insight that both she and the tulips are great survivors!

  14. indeed survivors — when storms show up and beat those awful hard winds along with rain — it is amazing that any flower and flowers look so good after storms.. your daughter look sweet in her outfit.. I love color too and her outfit is very stylish – what ever makes her feel pretty – that’s important to the soul..

  15. So much love for that skirt – it’s amazing! What a beautiful young woman your daughter is.

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