Posted by: christinelaennec | June 12, 2013

Happy day! A friend, coffee and yarn

A few days ago, I had the most wonderful break from being mostly housebound looking after the poorly Dafter.  I drove out into the countryside, up to Oyne.  I wish I could show you how lovely the Aberdeenshire countryside is at the moment.  The roadsides were graced by beautiful pink wildflowers and gorse, and the oilseed rape fields are the most startlingly bright yellow.  But there were no obvious places to stop for a photo, so I will have to leave it to your imagination.

I met Tina, of the Quiet Home, at Gadie’s coffee shop, which adjoins the craft shop Touched by Scotland. (their joint website is here)  Tina and I had a wonderful catch-up, and equally wonderful coffees and cakes.  I had lime scones fresh from the oven, with homemade lime curd; Tina had a delicious gluten-free brownie.  Once again you’ll have to take my word for it, as we were too busy gobbling them up to take photos!  Here’s the corner where we sat, knitting and crocheting:

Shy Tina crocheting at Gadie's coffee shop in Oyne.  June 2013.

Camera-shy Tina crocheting at Gadie’s coffee shop in Oyne, Aberdeenshire. June 2013.

I really liked this detail of the woodstove:

Detail of the woodstove at Gadie's coffee shop in Oyne, Aberdeenshire.  June 2013.

Detail of the woodstove at Gadie’s coffee shop in Oyne, Aberdeenshire. June 2013.

You can see I was very happy!

Me, giddy with being out of the house, seeing a friend, coffee, and knitting.

Me, giddy with being out of the house, seeing a friend, coffee, and knitting.

After a good long chat, we went to have a look at the newly-relocated yarn shop, The Wool Shed.  It used to be just next door, but has now come inside Touched by Scotland.  The Wool Shed sells a lot of British wools, including New Lanark wool and J.C. Rennie’s wool.

The Wool Shed, now located within Touched by Scotland, Oyne, Aberdeenshire.  June 2013.

The Wool Shed, now located within Touched by Scotland, Oyne, Aberdeenshire. June 2013.

And look what else!  Tina designs the loveliest knitted and crocheted dolls, and sells her patterns through Etsy.  The Wool Shed is currently showcasing wool for her designs.  In the basket is some lovely heathered New Lanark wool.

Tina's doll patterns, with wool sold by the Wool Shed, Oyne, Aberdeenshire.

Tina’s doll patterns, with wool sold by the Wool Shed, Oyne, Aberdeenshire.

It was such a lovely morning, and gave me a real boost.  Hooray for friends, coffee and yarn!



  1. It was one of the nicest mornings I’ve had, spending quality time with you. 🙂 Thank you for linking to my pattern shop, xxx

  2. Thank you for this feel-good blogpost!

  3. That looks like such a lovely place, and lime scones with lime curd? I really need to visit this place. Great for Tina having her designs featured in the shop, too.

  4. Hi Christine – haven’t caught up in a while – just read about the Dafter’s struggle with anaemia. Be warned – those iron tablets, while great, do play havoc with the bowels. I’ve been a lifelong-sufferer of anaemia and I’m always looking for alternative ways of absorbing iron -drinking/eating oranges/juice, lots of green leafy veg etc, although I take the iron tablets too. It’s good to see you’ve got out and had a bit of a break too – that coffeeshop looks gorgeous. Glad you liked the keyring, Love Judy.

  5. What a lovely place to meet, sit and knit or crochet. You indeed look very happy…wearing your favourite cardigan. Love to you from Wales xx

  6. My goodness, the Scots seem to really know how to do tea and scones! And having just finished reading “The Knitting Circle”, I can understand the knitting in a new way.
    [Also, on the subject of iron, I have been taking iron supplements for years with no apparent adverse effects]

  7. Looks heavenly!

  8. Such gorgeous, vibrant art up over the stove. Looks so homey.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful day, sipping tea, eating fresh scones and chatting with a friend by the fire. The wool shop has me wishing I could go there – the yarns are so lovely and so nice that Tina has her designs there, they are so sweet. You both look happy! xoxo

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your photos!

  11. Three of my very favorite things, Christine. If I am ever in Scotland, I hope you don’t mind my passing by to have a cup of coffee in the yarn shop with you….as we knit those beautiful dolls. I am going to add those to my list of things to knit on my Ravelry account. *aaahhhh perchance to dream*

  12. Your description of the Scottish countryside make me long to be there, although i have been spoilt by already being there this year but I can picture it in my mind’s eye and it is lovely. how absolutely divine to have a place to knit and drink tea/coffee. we have big bookshops where i live to sit and read books but i think having a knitting corner is positively superb. i read the comments on taking iron and i have found that taking liquid iron (floradix) is the way to go to avoid any tummy upsets. that may or may not be helpful. 🙂

  13. Dear all,
    Thanks for sharing my fun morning with me! It is a lovely place and as Relyn says, full of vibrant art.

    Lorna, I would definitely recommend the lime scones with lime curd, when you get around to doing your Aberdeenshire tearooms volume!

    oldblack, I’m very impressed that you’ve read a book full of knitting. When will you cast on?

    Judy and Alison, thanks for the iron suggestions. Floradix is an old friend of mine, but the Dafter can hardly bear the taste. However, we’ll see what the future brings. So far no major problems with the iron tablets.

    Stacy, well if you are in Scotland you must absolutely get in touch! There’s a knitting shop in Glasgow called the Yarn Cake, which has a similar dual focus on knitting and coffee/cakes! I hear their homemade cakes are superb. Yes, Tina’s dolls are startlingly life-like! Very sweet.

  14. What a wonderful outing….just what I would have pictured. I love all the yarn!

  15. I am planning to visit Stonehaven in 2014 and would love to have a crochet class from you or Tina at Gadie’s Coffee Shop. What fun we would have.
    Karen – USA

    • Well you never know, it could happen! Although I wouldn’t be much of a crochet teacher, just being a total beginner myself.

  16. […] of time hanging around cafés adjacent to health practitioners. Other people, however, get to visit much more interesting coffee shops and ‘tea rooms‘ and eat lime scones fresh from the oven, with homemade lime curd or […]

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