Posted by: christinelaennec | June 20, 2013

Crochet à go-go

Along with some cross-stitching (and knitting of course – that goes without saying, like breathing) I have been continuing to crochet.  Below is one of two doilies I made for gifts – from a pattern!  It was the first time I’ve ever followed a crochet pattern, and I’m pretty sure that despite my best efforts I got the count wrong and ended up with too many petals, but hey they lie pretty flat.  I will continue to learn (and count).

"Dashing doiley" pattern by Nicky Trench.

“Dashing doiley” pattern by Nicky Trench.

You might remember the Granny Square that Grew?  Thank you to those who wrote in with suggestions as to how to keep it from becoming a Granny rhomboid.  I blocked it a few times as it grew, and started every new row on a new side, and the result is to my liking:

Granny Square blanket for Ena.

Granny Square blanket for Ena.

This blanket will be a gift for Ena.  Ena is one of the people that Michael used to refer to as my “eldees”:  those people whose church elder (get it?) I was, before I had to step down as an active elder to care for the Dafter.  I always enjoyed visiting Ena.  She’s a fiercely independent older lady who not too long ago was a hillwalker and a Swedish Exercise enthusiast.  Recently her health and sight has been failing.  While I made this blanket, I thought of her.  She really feels the cold these days, so I hope that even if she can no longer see the blanket, she can feel its warmth, and know that it was made for her with love.



  1. Lovely blanket! Your comment about “made for her with love” remind me of a recent tv program I saw. I don’t know if you are familiar with the series ” Call The Midwife”. I understand it has been on the BBC for a while, or maybe was. My husband and I have been great fans, and Ashton like it too when he saw it sometimes. In the season finale, one of the midwives has her baby and has a very bad time with bleeding,etc. The other nurses and the nuns have been working on making a blanket, knitting or crocheting, and it was made up of granny squares, not as beautiful as yours, because they used what ever odds and ends of wool they had, mostly as a project to keep the eldest nun busy so she would not answer he phone. Anyway Camilla was lying in a very drab grey room with what look like a thin blanket over her and her husband was sitting all alone there holding the baby. The nurses and nuns came, and the older nun in the group said< She is cold. Lets put the blanket over her to keep her warm" Then I think someone else said "and she can feel our love." even if she is unconscious. It was a very sweet scene.


  2. I love how Ena’s blanket has turned out! And your doiley is very pretty. 🙂 xxx

  3. Having been the delighted recipient of one of your lovely hand-made gifts, I am sure Ena will be just as pleased. You always inspire me to knit more. I really don’t make enough time for it. I think I need to find a project that I really want to do. I usually knit while watching a movie and not much otherwise. 🙂

  4. Lovely work! I am sure Ena will be so pleased 🙂

  5. Lovely crochet work Christine. I am sure Ena will be thrilled with the afghan.

  6. Oh I just love that doily!!! I haven’t thought of doing something in color like that. It is beautiful!!!! And what a special home the blanket will have. Am packing Michael’s things today as he leaves tomorrow for eight weeks. Yikes! That means Scotland is just around the corner.

  7. What a thoughtful gift, I’m sure Ena will love it. Your doily has tuned out beautifully.

  8. I like Ena’s blanket, should try again to crochet, but I sit and look at what you gave me and …….I will try!

  9. Beautiful crochet and colors, Christine! I have a “saying” that I heard my mother exclaim for years: “I only sew for love”. The same could be said about quilting, crochet or knitting. Now that my daughter sews, I have heard her say the same thing. In other words, you couldn’t pay me – it wouldn’t mean the same thing. Whatever I do is a gift of love – my time. I think your sweet “eldee” will love it and know that this gift comes from a heart of love!

  10. You have true talent not to need a crochet pattern, Christine. I have to have one to come up with something worth having! Wish I could envision what I want to make without one, but alas, no can do. ❤

  11. What beautiful work!

  12. Both pieces are very beautiful, I don’t think following the pattern exactly is always that important as long as the final outcome looks as good as the photos you shared.

  13. Hand-made gifts are the best! Lovely blanket! 🙂
    Have a lovely Monday.

  14. Thank you everyone for your kind comments!

    Linda, I haven’t watched that series but that scene sounds very true to life. As Dianne says too, things that are made with love communicate that love.

  15. Beautiful work! I’m a great fan of granny squares. They are so simple and so satiffying both to crochet and to look at. Your doily also looks great. I love mandalas and everything that’s round!

  16. Beautiful little doilie Christine I have a similar problem with crochet, I would rather look at the picture then do it my way


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