Posted by: christinelaennec | June 24, 2013

Beauty in the garden

Things are starting to get busy here – packing has begun.  It’s less than six weeks til we move, jeepers! (I do know people here in Scotland who say “jeepers”.  Also “Jings!”)  Yesterday I packed up the dolls’ house.  It was so touching to see the many hand-made things in it, things made by me in earlier days and by the Dafter as she grew.  Fimo-clay dishes, bananas and apples made by me to her specifications; packing-peanut furniture lovingly covered with fabric, matchbox chests-of-drawers, hand-woven and embroidered blankets and rugs, miniature posters, pipe-cleaner coat hangers, tiny books and much more, all made by her.  Sweet days!  (And they aren’t necessarily over yet.)

I won’t bother to show you photographs of the growing chaos inside the house, but look at what’s happening in the garden!  Beauty and order (sort of) reigns there:

Ranunculus, my back garden, Aberdeen, 19 June 2013.

Ranunculus, my back garden, Aberdeen, 19 June 2013.

Strawberries coming on, my back garden, Aberdeen, 19 June 2013.

Strawberries coming on, my back garden, Aberdeen, 19 June 2013.

In the midst of house-moving preparations and caring for the Dafter, I spent an unforgettable morning with my lovely neighbour Betty last week, which I will tell you about in two posts, as I get a chance.

Happy start to your week, everyone!



  1. I don’t envy you the packing, Christine. Good luck with that. Looks as though you’ll be harvesting some strawberries before you’re on your way. Mmm…

  2. Lovely flowers, and I hope the packing isn’t too tiresome. Whenever I’ve done it it’s been a much bigger job than I had anticipated. I just don’t know how so much stuff accumulates.

  3. I’m not a fan of packing either but won’t it be fun to UNPACK in your NEW home! Hopefully, you will have time to enjoy some of the strawberries from your garden in the next six weeks. I know Betty will miss you!

  4. Are you going to pack some plants too?! We always have done telling the purchaser of course.

  5. happy packing, Christine! you are almost on your way to being settled after much anticipation. i’m excited for your new adventure. what beautiful flowers you have!

  6. My goodness Christine, you have even strawed your strawberries! On that evidence I don’t believe that chaos reigns inside your house.
    What a lovely, creative range of things the Dafter has made for the dolls’ house. I’m sure there is a lot more creativity to come.
    We will be in your new home town tomorrow for a graduation – hoping for a dry day.
    Oh – I have been known to say ‘jeepers’…

  7. Good luck with the packing.
    Love your ranunculus

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