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The Victoria Restaurant

One of the places the Dafter and I wanted to be sure to visit before we leave Aberdeen is the Victoria Restaurant.  We used to come here for the occasional after-school treat, and she is very fond of the place.  It’s owned by a lovely couple, Gillian and Gordon, whom I first met when they owned a smaller place nearby where I would go when I was expecting the Dafter.  They first met her when she was just a few weeks old.

The Victoria Restaurant is on Union Street at the corner of Belmont Street.  It’s one floor up and shares the premises of one of the oldest jewellery shops in Aberdeen, Jamieson and Carry.

The Victoria Restaurant, above Jamieson's and Carry's jewellry store, Union Street, Aberdeen.

The Victoria Restaurant, up the stairs from Jamieson and Carry’s jewellery store, Union Street, Aberdeen.

Gillian makes fantastic scones and cakes, which you can see on the cake trolley here.

It was wonderful to be able to come here with the Dafter, as a month ago she was nearly bedbound.  The iron tablets are having an effect!  There’s no lift, so we hauled the wheelchair up the stairs, and she was able to make it up without too much difficulty.  Here she is looking (I thought) very grown-up and demure:

The Dafter looking demure, at the Victoria Restaurant.

The Dafter looking demure, at the Victoria Restaurant.

And here she is in more usual Dafter mode, very excited about her hot chocolate and caramel crunch slice.  I hope she never loses her enthusiasm for life, which severe illness has only heightened:

The Dafter excited about a treat!

The Dafter excited about a treat!

She snuck in a photo of me, which I have included because it gives you an idea of the view down to Union Street below.  The Trinity Centre is just across.  I had a Scottish version of strawberry shortcake:

Me, probably texting!  It's fun to watch people coming and going down on Union Street from the Victoria Restaurant.

Me, probably texting Michael to let him know we made it! It’s fun to watch people coming and going down on Union Street from the Victoria Restaurant.

We had a great time, and bid Gillian a fond farewell – although we will be back someday.

As always, we enjoyed walking past the very sparkly upstairs showroom of Jamieson and Carry on our way back out.  This is across from the restaurant:

Across from the Restaurant, the upper floor of Jamieson's and Carry's Jewellers.

Across from the Victoria Restaurant, the upper floor of Jamieson and Carry’s Jewellers.

This shop is a good place to come if you want to buy a quaich to give as a gift.  Some readers may not know what a quaich is.  It’s a small silver (or pewter) bowl with two handles:

Quaichs are often given as prizes, or as a gift to mark a special occasion such as a wedding or a big birthday.  They come in various sizes but the ones I’ve seen are usually about 4 inches across.  I believe the quaich was originally a drinking cup, so you could give the recipient a bottle of whisky as well, if you were being lavish.

I’ve just realised that with cranachan in my last post, and quaichs in this one, I’ve mentioned whisky two posts in a row. Hmm!  Well, the Dafter and I were content with coffee and hot chocolate, and were both so very pleased that we were able to go to the Victoria Restaurant once again.  Maybe once we’re in the thick of complete housemoving upheaval I will be needing to pour myself a wee dram!



  1. What a coincidence, Christine – I’ve just finished looking up another Victoria Restaurant in the North East – the one in Dinnet near Aboyne. Pity the Union Street one doesn’t have a branch on the Dundee to Aberdeen road. We could do with somewhere nice to stop for tea and a cake.

    Do I detect you’ve now entered the period of ‘last’ visits to various places. It must be bittersweet, but of course so much to discover in Glasgow, and how fantastic the The Dafter is regaining strength. Hopefully the balmy southern air will also contribute to her recovery.

  2. Wow, the Dafter is looking great! Glad you had a lovely time.

  3. Dafter looks lovely in her outfit, I’m so glad the iron tablets are helping 🙂 it must have been nice for you both to ‘escape’ for a little while. Good luck with your move!

    Lottie xxx

  4. Well done to the daughter for making it up those stairs!!! I was diagnosed with Fybromalgia early this year although had the health issues for several years – finely as is often the case I read an article in a woman’s magazine and the penny dropped now trying medications which hopefully will alleviate the symtoms. Anyway I digress what I was commenting on was that I worked in the Victoria in the early 1970’s after school (the rules were more relaxed then) I was 14 and worked at first in the kitchen then promoted to waitress. To me them it was very posh with table linen and real silverware – cake stands for afternoon tea. We wore the white blouse, black skirt with crisp white frilly edged apron and trained to a high standard. The ladies who came were for the most part matronly Lol (to me at the time anyway) great memories thank you for sharing snippets of life in the north east as I don’t get home often and look forward so much to hearing the lastest from you hoping the iron continues to improve the dahters quality of life and she gets out n about more – and hope the moving process is’nt too stressful for all of you. Please feel free to edit down this comment I have’nt mastered how to use it and text as I speak which can mean I ramble on x

  5. ‘The Dafter’ has such a contagious smile. That picture with the hot chocolate cheered me greatly!

  6. This seems to be a special and meaningful place, especially looking at your daughter’s great smile.

  7. I have a vague recollection of this restaurant but I should have paid more attention when I was in Aberdeen. I’m glad you got to go there again before leaving the city. I like the pictures of the Dafter, before and after being presented wth treats, and that one of you in the beautiful pink cardie. You have a lovely collection of knitteds.

  8. Dear All,
    Thanks for your wonderful comments and good wishes – they are much appreciated.

    Linda – that is very strange indeed. I don’t know the Dinnet Victoria Restaurant. As for places to stop in between Dundee and Aberdeen, Finavon (either the Finavon Hotel or Peggy Scott’s) is all I can recommend. There’s also Cairntradlin (?) Berries but that is only about half an hour from Aberdeen. And Lorna did a post about Balmakewan, near Laurencekirk, which must be about half-way. I haven’t been to either. We often stop at Glendoick just a few miles from Perth on the Dundee road.

    Yes, we are very much in a final stage of fond farewells. Two weeks to go!

    Catherine, Lottie and Laura – yes indeed it is wonderful to see the Dafter’s improvement after months of deterioration!

    Chris – what a fantastic insight into the Victoria Restaurant of the past – thank you so much! And good luck with the fibromyalgia. My granny suffered from it, and I know so many women who have it. Not easy.

    Feb12 – yes, it has many happy memories.

    Lorna – It’s a great place to go in Aberdeen – sort of tucked away but in the middle of everything. And thanks for the compliment about the cardigan – it gets a lot of wear! I made it a few years ago.

  9. Christine, I love your cardy! Quaichs (is there an “e”? I’m not sure) have always intrigued me as they are so lovely to look at with the smashing designs on the handles. I’m glad you and your daughter could get out for a spot of tea and some delicious goodies at this memorable restaurant. I wish you all the best with your packing. Exciting times ahead.

  10. Oh, it is a lovely place to sit and have a little treat! You both look very happy, but a bit wistful at not being able to visit this sentimental place as often in the future. How special that you have been going there since the Dafter’s birthday! I do love the little Quaichs – such a sweet tradition. Let’s hope you won’t need to resort to whiskey unless it is to raise a toast at how well your move is going! Now there’s wishful thinking! Here’s to a smooth transition! xo

  11. Thank you Christine, for your very kind comments about our restaurant, and for your loyal custom over the years, both at The Victoria Restaurant & at Craigies in Belmont St.
    We are, of course, sorry to lose a good customer, but wish you and your family all the best for the future, and look forward to seeing you again someday soon.
    Gordon & Gillian

    • Gordon, you’re more than welcome! You and Gillian have put in so many hours of hard work to make your restaurant the great place it is. We will see you again, and I wish you all the best for the future as well.

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