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Some photos from the time of upheaval

Ouf! as they say in French.  It’s been quite a week.  Things are going well, and at the very same time I have felt very wobbly and numb from the shock of it all, and from the wrench of saying goodbye to friends.  It’s a bit like a successful surgery:  all has gone to plan, the results are going to be good, but there’s a natural process of rebuilding to go through which can’t be rushed.  Michael, the Dafter and Tilly aren’t suffering these pangs, which is good.  The Dafter has done brilliantly and has had some real moments of happiness here already.  She loves the buzz of the city.

I’m relying on her photographic talents to provide me with pictures for my blog this month, as my laptop is dead, and all software to make my phone and camera talk to borrowed ‘devices’ is safely packed away in storage.  Her photos are much more interesting than mine, and give a new perspective on things.  So here are a few from the last week or so.

The view from one of the windows of our hotel room in Aberdeen, where we stayed during the final few days of packing and dismantling the house:

View from our hotel room in Aberdeen, end of July 2013.  Photo by the Dafter.

View from our hotel room in Aberdeen, end of July 2013. Looking up Langstane Place.  Photo by the Dafter.

Michael and I at the new house, talking to the team of workmen there.  (We have provided them with a teapot, a kettle and the occasional packet of biscuits.)

Visiting our new house in Glasgow.  Photo by the Dafter.

Visiting our new house in Glasgow. Photo by the Dafter.

Large hole in the ceiling over the landing, where a folding ladder is to be installed:

The workmen are making a bigger hatch up into the loft so we can install a folding ladder.  Photo by the Dafter.

The workmen are making a bigger hatch up into the loft so we can install a folding ladder. Photo by the Dafter.

All the carpets are out, and there are gaping holes in the walls of both living and dining room for new fireplaces.  The house is undergoing surgery as well – but it is going to be really good when it’s done.

The workmen made an interesting discovery:

A chest found under the house - disappointingly, it was empty!  Photo by the Dafter.

A chest found under the house – disappointingly, it was empty! Photo by the Dafter.

We think this must be an army chest, and we’ll let the former owners know.

Me knitting with Tilly on my lap, in Michael’s flat.   Such moments have been a rarity lately but are all the more delicious when they do come.  Gosh, I look so severe!

Knitting with Tilly on my lap in Michael's flat.  Photo by the Dafter.

Knitting with Tilly on my lap in Michael’s flat. Photo by the Dafter.

Tilly has really relaxed here:

Tilly in MIchael's flat.  Photo by the Dafter.

Tilly in Michael’s flat. Photo by the Dafter.

But I’m pretty sure she knows this isn’t our final destination.  We think we will be in the house by the very end of this month, so there is a ways to go yet.

This afternoon we go to the school for a special meeting to register the Dafter.  She is going to be going very part-time at first, and will repeat the year.  She may only attend registration every day and do one subject, and build on that.  She is very excited about being back at school after being shut up at home by herself for two years.  She’s nervous as well, naturally, but the excitement and enthusiasm is predominant.  School begins next Wednesday (a week earlier than Aberdeen, and much earlier than in England).  I hope to be back before then, though!

Thank you all again for your lovely warm wishes.  They have been so helpful to us all!  I hope you have a great weekend.



  1. Continued best wishes for EVERYTHING, Christine. I don’t wonder you feel as you do – such a big change. Just remember Proust’s words about the soothing but slow power of habit – “L’habitude! aménageuse habile mais bien lente…” But I’m sure you’ll also remain open to all the delightful new impressions long after the sharp edges of moving city have worn away.
    Great to hear of The Dafter’s dipping the toe into school. I’m sure Glaswegian school students will be as welcoming as the ‘random’ strangers you’ve encountered so far.

  2. Great photos from the Dafter, and lovely to hear how you’re all getting on. I can imagine it must be pretty nerve-wracking for the Dafter going back to school, and in a completely new place, but the fact that she’s looking forward to it so much is very encouraging. What a pity about the chest being empty, it looks as if it ought to contain pirate treasure. Workmen at my parents’ house recently found an old toy tin truck and an ornamental dog in the loft space, which seemed a most peculiar find. They haven’t known what to do with these things and so they’re sitting in the summerhouse. Perhaps that was the problem the previous owners had too, what to do with them. It seems mean to bung them in the tip but I doubt a charity shop would want them as they’re not in very good condition.

  3. Slowly but surely, you’re settling in, Christine. I’m looking forward to hearing more, and seeing the dafter’s photos of the building progress, etc. Have a great weekend, yourselves.

  4. Tilly is such a gorgeous cat! Good luck with school for the Dafter, if it’s any help 15 is the age when socialising at school got easier for me

  5. What fun to see the Dafter’s pictures!! I enjoyed them all and I am so pleased that she is going to be able to try just a little bit of school! I hope that it all works out and that she will have enough energy to consistently do a little bit.

  6. Dafter’s candid and artful view of some of your current circumstances really capture a sense of a family on the move 🙂 I hope you incorporate the trunk into your new house decor…such a fun discovery! And I am sooooo excited that Dafter is well enough to be able to try to go back to school 🙂 Woohoo!!! Today August 9, 2013, is officially the first Boring and Dull Day. A post to follow after I make it over to the celebration tonight, I hope 🙂
    Gracie xx

  7. Great photos from the Dafter – excellent perspectives on daily goings on for all of you! Exciting projects going on all around with the house and so happy that the Dafter is looking forward to school and enjoying her new adopted city. Transitions are always tough, but hopefully you will be in your new house before you know it and settle in to the comforts of home. Wishing you all a peaceful transition. xo

  8. I love Tilly and the photos are so lovely. I think you look like you are concentrating. Hope all continues to go well with the move and the new home, and the new school.

  9. Great photos! The Dafter clearly has a talent for photography 😀 I hope she enjoys her gradual return to school.
    I hope your renovations go smoothly and you are able to move in and settle into your new home on time.
    Best Wishes, Lottie xx

  10. HI Christine, welcome to Glasgow! Being a born and bred Glaswegian I find it strange that in other cities people don’t speak to us! I was once in a museum in London on my own and I tried to catch the eye of someone to comment on how wonderful an art exhibit was and no-one would look at me! I found it very frustrating not to talk to anyone all day – that would never happen in Glasgow!! Bus stops are notorious for having a great conversation with a stranger lol. I look forward to hearing all your news as your house gets ready for you and I’m sure Dafter will love being at school, making new friends. Which side of the city are you on? I live in the southside – south of the river Clyde. We talk of the southside, the north (both of the Clyde) then there’s the west end and the east end. I hope you are soon settled in your new home. Best wishes. x

  11. I too love the Dafter’s photos, especially the first two.
    New schools are hard for anyone, and I imagine the next few months will be tough in many ways for her. I’m really hoping she gets through the initial strangeness OK and starts to become part of that community.
    I don’t feel I need to express the same hope for you, Christine, as I’m absolutely convinced you could fit into anywhere.

  12. That first photo is quite dramatic! I don’t always comment, but I’ve been following, and I’m happy Dafter is doing better and going to try school. I hope you’ll all be very happy in Glasgow;. It sounds lovely.

  13. Thank you all so very much for your encouragement and good wishes! The Dafter has been very pleased that you’ve liked seeing her photos.

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