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Transition update number 47

Hello!  I don’t think I’ve gone without blogging for a week very often before.  Thanks once again for all your good wishes and kind comments.  I thought I would make a little list to let anyone interested know how things are going for our family.  But first, an image from the image bank as my camera and Michael’s laptop are not on speaking terms.  Tilly relaxing:

Tilly in the sun. Aberdeen, February 26, 2013.

Tilly in the sun. Aberdeen, February 26, 2013.

So it’s been quite a week, but a good week.  In list form:

  • The balmy temperatures continue to amaze all of us.  22 (71F) in the car the other afternoon!
  • The dampness is very noticeable, and a nice change from the drying wind.  A postcard from a friend curls, the edges of paperback books curl, and I now understand why some people in the Western Isles iron their towels dry!
  • Driving here has been an experience and a half.  The road markings are nearly invisible, and there are the strangest road layouts I think I’ve ever seen.  It’s like a game of snakes and ladders – get in the wrong lane and you will be swept onto the motorway and carried miles away within minutes. But I’m learning!
  • As I write, I hear that our things from storage have been decanted into the house – and have all fit, moreover.  I feel a spot of unpacking coming on.  Whoo – it’ll be like Christmas, I can’t wait!  We will stay in the flat for another week, to give ourselves time to get the house ready and stay in a bit of a normal routine.  We move the rest of our things, and ourselves, on the 31st.
  • Although it’s been hard work, especially going back and forth between flat and house and doing a lot in both places, we are just delighted to all be together again in the same city.
  • The Dafter had quite a bad relapse after her hour at school on the 14th.  But she very patiently built up her strength, fought off feelings of despair and being behind at the start, etc., and today she was able to go back, and was able to stay for the entire lesson (1 hour 40 minutes).  She likes the other pupils, and it’s a very friendly school.  Onwards!
  • People here are amazingly friendly.  Our new neighbours have all been so helpful and kind, on alert to move cars for the moving van and so forth.  Apparently they were very relieved to hear that “a nice family” was moving in – I do hope we won’t disappoint them!
  • There’s a really nice old-fashioned feeling about Glasgow.  Michael says it reminds him of what Cambridge was like when he was growing up in the 1970s.  There are ordinary shops, selling ordinary and useful things rather than double-mocha-frappuccinos (though I wouldn’t mind one right about now).  There’s an organic veg van that comes around, and apparently a real milkman, so we can have bottles of milk on our doorstep.  Michael has become well acquainted with the hardware store nearby.  He said they do have everything there.  He told me that while he was waiting for the owner to cut keys, it was as if someone had devised a series of challenges.  First a woman came in wanting footballs and hula-hoops:  yes, they had them.  Others needed shed paint and gardening tools – all in stock. Then a lady came in asking if he had any photographs of Glasgow they could use for a poster – he did happen to have one under the counter she could have.  All with a smile and some rather hard-to-understand (for us) Glasgow patter.
  • There are a lot of urban foxes here.  In the three weeks we’ve been in the flat, we’ve seen half a dozen of them, and they are quite brazen.  We’re told they roam our new neighbourhood as well.  If we decide to let Tilly venture out next spring, we’ll have to be careful.  Any advice welcome!
  • Tilly herself has come off her Kitty Chill Pills but even without them is very relaxed.  She’s been very playful, and has developed a fixation about a small tape measure.  When the Dafter was very poorly this past week, Tilly was right on the job, curling up next to her and generally being a good pal.  Does she know we have one more move to make?  We think she does, somehow.  Of course she does.  She’s a mind-reader.
  • I’ve gone to two very different churches, and will continue to explore the possibilities.  When I do eventually transfer my membership to a church in Glasgow, it will be a major commitment because I’m an elder, and – not to wish to sound arrogant – they will likely want me to resume serving as an elder to lighten the load.  So I know it will be some time before I find a new church home.  Interestingly, in both services that I went to, we sang a hymn that I really love, “Here I am Lord”.  I’ve been doing a bit of hymn singing at home, as well – Abide with me, and also Come down O Love divine.  Very soothing.
  • Knitting continues!  It’s like the love of God – never ending and always with me.
  • I am hugely, hugely grateful that so far things have gone to plan, and that we’ve begun to build a new life here.  There have been moments where I’ve felt jangled, and I have missed my Aberdeen friends enormously.  But it’s been great that all three of us are in the same city.
  • I am astonished at all the Happy New Home cards that have been waiting for us at the house.  This has been a prolonged transition, if you count it from January when we began preparing our flat to go on the market.  But really, it’s happened pretty quickly, and we’ve all felt so boosted by people’s good wishes for us.

So things here are going well, and I have a good feeling about this fresh start.  I hope that whatever’s happening in your life, you feel there are possibilities and opportunities ahead too.

Take care and bye for now!



  1. Cats just know when you need a hug! So glad it’s all going well. x

  2. That sounds very positive, Christine, and well done Tilly keeping the Dafter company. Lovely shot of her in the sun. The roads round Glasgow are a total nightmare, I don’t envy you having to negotiate them but, as you say, you’ll get used to them soon enough. So much is new for you, despite it being the same country and not all that far geographically from Aberdeen. The two cities do have very different atmospheres, however, and I’m sure there’s a lot you’re going to love about Glasgow even if you do still miss Aberdeen. I hope the final move at the end of the month goes smoothly and that you’ll enjoy the unpacking and sorting everything into its new home. I think you’re going to be very happy there and I’m really pleased for you. 🙂

  3. Glad to hear that the moving went smoothly, but sorry that the Dafter has had a relapse. I hope she continues to grow stronger. xxx

  4. Whoo. Such a lot going on. Hang on to what is important, as I see it thats you, Michael and the Dafter and Tilly. They all seem to be pretty smiley. Dafter is doing ace as I expected, looks to me like one step forward, half a step back and two step forward. Tilly will keep you grounded, once the move is completed the only way is forward.

  5. I’m so glad things have mainly been going well, and that the Dafter has been well enough to go back to school for another lesson. I understand why you would feel apprehensive about Tilly meeting foxes. Oxford has urban foxes, and once or twice we’ve seen and even photographed one in our garden, but we do let the cats (now sadly just one cat) go out, and no harm has resulted. This reminds me of our son in Oregon who worries about letting his beloved cat out because of raccoons!

  6. Very curious to hear which church in Glasgow you eventually settle in — there are certainly plenty to choose from!

    Continued prayer and best wishes xo

  7. It all sounds so exotic – and yet – it is good old Glasgow! Such a lovely post, Christine – glad it seems to positive. love to you all (and I never iron towels..)

  8. We used to have a hardware shop like that but alas it closed, people still shake their heads and sigh whenever it’s mentioned.
    Poor Dafter, 1 hour 40 minutes is a long time for a lesson, glad it’s a friendly school though and Tilly sounds like a lovely cat, I so wish I had a cat.

  9. I am so happy that things are falling into place nicely for you, except for a little setback with The Dafter, I am glad to hear she is back to school and you are almost moved in. It has been a long journey and now you can start a new chapter as soon as you figure out the road system! Tilly sounds like she is taking it all in stride and has been good comfort. I would not let her out with foxes unless you have a secure fox proof fence. Best of wishes for a smooth transition in the weeks ahead. Hugs, xo

  10. Ooh, I just love your comment knitting continues! It’s like the love of God – never ending and always with me.

  11. Glad to hear you are nearly into your new home. Sorry about the Dafter but as you say she just gets on with it and that positive attitude will help her all the way through life. My Dad was an elder and he moved three times-welcomed each time by the new minister and fellow elders. I am knitting wee hats for smoothies for Age Scotland-look on the website if you are interested/intrigued!

  12. Temperature and humidity level differences can be an interesting part of a move! I do hope you do not have to resort to ironing towels 🙂 While I am so sorry Dafter felt poorly after her first class, I am so pleased for all of you that you are in a supportive environment, and making good progress in settling into your new location. My sister and I start driving back to Mt. Hood tomorrow from a week in Nebraska on my niece’s family farm. A steady breeze across the plains helps the summer heat to be almost enjoyable 🙂
    Blessings to you and yours as you continue to feather your new nest and settle into a new church home as well.

  13. WordPress ate my comment yesterday, so I will keep it brief and just say – take care that you all have some rest time in the midst of so much activity.

  14. What a great chair! That color has me drooling.

    So glad to have had the chance to get caught up on all your comings and goings. I’ve missed all my bloggy friends.

  15. True, there are a lot of urban foxes here, and they are quite tame. But don’t worry for Tilly, she will be fine outside too. 🙂
    So happy the Dafter could go back to her class and that she is in a very friendly school. Maybe you and the Dafter might go to one of the Willow Tea Rooms ( for a lovely Afternoon Tea and celebrate! 🙂
    Enjoy your new town.

  16. I missed this post entirely, which means I’m reading this the day before you move into your house. Good luck with the flitting! Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

  17. good to hear your news

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