Posted by: christinelaennec | September 2, 2013

The dressing-gown-effect fireplace

Hello from our new house!  Thank you all so very much, as always, for your encouraging comments.  Things have gone very smoothly.  We’re not quite all unpacked, but we’re getting there.  I’ll show you more anon, but for this morning, look at one of the more unusual features:

New (reproduction) gas fire in our dining room - with special dressing-gown effect.

New (reproduction) gas fire in our dining room – with special dressing-gown effect.

Why is there an old dressing-gown jammed into the fireplace?  Especially as it isn’t an open fire for burning coal, and there’s only a small crawlspace behind?  Regular readers will have guessed it:  Miss Tilly is up to her old tricks!  Luckily the “coal” in the gas fire only left her with a few tell-tale smudges, so a full-scale bath wasn’t necessary.  But I’ll have to get some wire mesh to jam up inside so that she doesn’t crawl in there.

Tilly seems to know that this was the “final flitting,” as she has been very relaxed.  And I’m delighted to tell you that the Dafter sang most of the afternoon yesterday while unpacking in her new room.  It’s already a happy house.



  1. So happy for you all and keep an eye on Miss Tilly:)

  2. That’s all really good news! x

  3. Tilly is a little tease! Great to hear you’re settling in nicely and all the best for the rest of your unpacking. Looking forward to more from Glasgow anon.

  4. Glad your moving is over now, hope the Dafter is doing ok with her new school routine.

  5. Fab fireplace. Glad all is well and you are all in despite typical cat explorations.

  6. So glad to hear you’re flitted and settling in!

  7. What is it with cats and chimneys? I remember having this problem with our cat in London when he first came to live with us. He stopped trying to get up there after we started allowing him to go outside. Fancy fireplace! 😉

  8. Nice to hear you all are settling in. I couldn’t help but laugh at Miss Tilly. I just finished reading “The Tale of Samuel Whiskers” to my grandson, where Tom Kitten jumps up inside the chimney. Although, he’s a Tom, it seems girls like chimneys as well.:-) Good she wasn’t too dirty!
    Enjoy your day!

  9. what a lovely post! so nice to hear that you’re getting settled in and that there is singing in the house. really super …. i’m very happy for you.

  10. I can only imagine what a lift it was, to hear the dafter singing in her room. A happy house indeed!

  11. Ha, our animals do like to provide us with some ‘entertainment’, don’t they?

    Glad the final move went well and trust the unpacking continues to go as smoothly xo

  12. Lovely fireplace – no wonder Tilly wants to explore it! So glad things are going smoothly and love to hear that singing is the happy result. xo

  13. ‘scuse me for drooling over your fireplace. So glad to hear you are all settling in,

  14. Welcome home! I confess that my first reaction to the fireplace was, “How in the world did the cat stuff a dressing gown up the chimney?” It’s still early here.

  15. Health and happiness in your new home looking forward to hearing more about it


  16. Welcome to your new happy home – long may it continue to be happy! x

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