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Hello again!   Does anyone remember the phrase “Warning:  contents may settle”?  I seem to recall that on American cereal boxes, and I always thought the sense of alarm was unwarranted.

We are starting to settle – both contents and inhabitants, in our house and in our new city.  Here are a few snaps from the first two weeks of September.

We arrived at the house the evening of August 31st, and Tilly spent the first few days rather radically exploring.  She tried to get up the fireplace and she managed to slip up the ladder to the loft.  The loft is floored, but beyond the floor there is an open descent under the roof to where it begins over the front door.  And while climbing up the ladder was the work of a moment, going back down the ladder was not something in Tilly’s worldview.  Luckily the Dafter and I, with the aid of an open box, managed to get her back down.

Tilly spent the next few days desperate to return to what we now call Loft Land.  Do you see the large ceiling hatch over the landing?  That’s where the ladder to the loft comes down.  Here is Tilly prowling along the top banister, with about a 15 foot drop to the start of the staircase below her.

Tilly exploring, Sept 2nd, 2013.

Tilly exploring, with tail swishing.  Sept 2nd, 2013.

That afternoon we heard an odd sound, and I found her sliding down the banister you see here.  She was on her belly, with both front and back paws desperately gripping either side of the banister, but losing the fight against gravity.  The look on her face!  To my credit I didn’t start howling with laughter until I had tenderly and sympathetically rescued her.  Then I laughed and laughed for about a day and a half.  There are scratch marks on the paint, but they just make me laugh!

Tilly’s response was to spend the next three days in the Dafter’s room.  She knows perfectly well that the Dafter, although implicated in removing her from Loft Land, is not in charge and it’s Meanie Mom (me) who makes such decisions.

Tilly helps the Dafter unpack.  Early Sept. 2013.

Spot the cat!  Tilly helps the Dafter unpack. Early Sept. 2013.

This worked out very well for all involved – I could keep track of Tilly, and the Dafter had much needed company.  Unfortunately, but not too surprisingly, the Dafter has been very unwell indeed with all the moving and everything.  Since attending a full lesson (1 hr 40 mins) on August 23rd, she has been mostly housebound and some days bedbound with her ME and a bad cold into the mix.  However, for the most part, her spirits haven’t been too low.  After our first week here, she commented that she didn’t feel as if she hadn’t left the house for a week, because she can hear and see the children at the primary school from her bedroom window.  She’s longing to get back to school herself, and she will do, given time to recuperate.

I have also been at home a great deal of the time, looking after her and also sorting out the house.  But I have had a few very welcome escapes.  Last Sunday I went to an evening church service, and very much enjoyed my walk home.  The skies here can be as dramatic as Aberdeen skyscapes:

Evening sky in the West, Glasgow, Sept. 8th 2013.

Evening sky in the West, Glasgow, Sept. 8th 2013 about 7:30 pm.

(Parking cars halfway up the pavement seems to be a common technique here, in case you’re wondering!)

Here is a little house that I thought was charming, and almost American:

House in Glasgow, early Sept. 2013.

House in Glasgow, early Sept. 2013.

And we have had company!  I mentioned that our former neighbour, J, and her family now live nearby; I also had a delightful visit from an American friend.  We used Mrs. Morrison’s tea set.  I remembered her expression:  “I do love a cup of tea of a forenoon!”  Also in the photo is my Granny‘s green glass milk jug.  Moving all these precious things has made me want to use them more often.

First tea party at our new house!  Sept. 2013.

First tea party at our new house! Sept. 2013.

I hadn’t quite gotten organised enough to bake anything myself, but we enjoyed the Tunnock’s tea cakes.  Tilly was perfectly decorous – you’d never suspect her of being in the least bit rambunctious, would you?

Tilly is really settling, too!  Sept. 2013.

Tilly is really settling, too! Sept. 2013.

I thought this photograph encapsulated some of my first impressions of Glasgow:  leafy, and with changeable weather.  The sun was very warm that day, but when the rainclouds burst it was very wet!  Warm and wet – unusual for someone used to Aberdeen weather.  I walked wearing a knitted jacket and carrying an umbrella.

Sun and rainclouds:  a Glasgow day, Sept. 2013.

Sun and rainclouds: a Glasgow day, Sept. 2013.

Here are some snaps from another rainy walk:

Rainy walk:  near Kelvinbridge, Glasgow.  Sept. 2013.

Rainy walk: near Kelvinbridge, Glasgow. Sept. 2013.

Just as I love curvaceous granite in Aberdeen, I really like what nineteenth-century architects did with red sandstone in Glasgow.  I’m very partial to Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Art Nouveau-era design with its organic curves, and the architecture in Glasgow is a delight.

Glasgow is a great city to walk in.  Note the Caledonia bookstore and the Alba cafe in the photo above, and this lovely display below:

Display of flowers, including Chinese lanterns.  Glasgow, Sept 2013.

Display of flowers, including Chinese lanterns. Glasgow, Sept 2013.

I was sorely tempted to buy a pot of Chinese lanterns (physalis).  I’ve never seen them for sale before, and I used to love them as a child.  I’ve twice tried to grow them from seed, with no success.   Perhaps I’ll go back soon and see if they are still there!

We’ve been incredibly fortunate with how smoothly all the different transitions have gone, and once things in the house are all more or less in place, I will give you a little tour.  Thank you all for your cheering good wishes.  I hope you’re having a great weekend!  Now that things are returning to some kind of normality, I can’t wait to read blogs and spend some time in Blogland.  It’s even more fun than Loft Land, and less dusty as well.



  1. Tilly is such a pretty kitty, and now I know for certain that she is adventurous as well 🙂 I can imagine her slide down the bannister was delightful to witness, even though a bit terrifying for her!

    Thanks for taking us along on your walk as you explored your new environment…beautiful clouds, interesting architecture, and enticing shops 🙂

    Blessings to you and yours as you continue to settle in, Christine. May Dafter continue to heal, and all of you enjoy Glasgow!
    Gracie xx

    PS Mt Hood needs a fresh coat of snow, I think!

  2. Sorry to hear about the Dafter, but not surprising giving all the upheaval. Moving house is exhausting for anyone, never mind someone battling ME. It’s great that she doesn’t feel lonely though and that she seems to be very happy about the move to Glasgow. Tilly is such a character, and I liked your reaction to the scratched banister paintwork. I’m looking forward to more pictures of Glasgow in the months to come, there are so many architectural delights in the city. I was wondering if you’d be noticing the lack of bitingly cold easterly wind that you’ll have got used to in Aberdeen. Quite a different climate.

  3. I love this comment of yours:
    Last Sunday I went to an evening church service, and very much enjoyed my walk home.

  4. Glad to see that you’re settling in, Christine, but sorry to hear that the Dafter is not so well. Here’s wishing her well, and some exciting times ahead. So much to see and so many new places to explore!

  5. It’s good to hear how you’re doing. You seem to be living in quite a central location, with some good local shopping. I hope Michael is really happy now to have made the move: having you, Dafter and Tilly there in your permanent home must really make a difference after all this time. Greetings to your young lady from our young ladies, too!

  6. So funny how Tilly is trying to find her way in the new house.
    Hope the Dafter gets well soon.

  7. I’m so glad to see that you are getting on so very well. It must be strange for you all to live in Glasgow . I think Glasgow is so different from Aberdeen. But I like both cities. Hope the Dafter will feel better soon.

  8. Glasgow is very red, isn’t it? And it strikes me for the first time from your photos, much more ‘billowy’ than Aberdeen.

    And do I detect that the Range Rovers have followed you?

  9. so good to hear from you. i was hoping the moving-in was going well. i am sorry to hear about your daughter not being well and i hope she is feeling better and able to return to school soon. i am absolutely loving your pictures of architecture around Glasgow. i think i have undervalued Glasgow in the past and when i saw a bit more of the city this year i realized that there are so many beautiful old buildings there and so much history. the red sandstone is particularly gorgeous. wishing you a blessed autumn as you continue to settle. 🙂

  10. Christine…Welcome to your new home…I hope, too, that the Dafter is feeling better and that Tilly has settled into her new “digs”…I enjoyed the pics of your picturesque new home…peace and good…patb

  11. so glad to hear you are all settling in here, doesn’t Glasgow look great in the rain…Dafter give your self time remember all the fun stuff will still be waiting for you when you are better

  12. What a beautiful town, Christine. Glad you (and Tilly) are settling in. I love the picture of her in the chair, basking in the sunlight. ❤

  13. Poor Tilly. I hope she settles in soon. From the chair photo it might not be long. Hope the Dafter feels better soon too and can get back to school. The photos of Glasgow are beautiful. My stepson visited there while he was in university and declared it his favorite city in Scotland. Can’t wait to see photos of your explorations of your new home.

  14. Oh, I am laughing. Laughing and laughing. Just picture me snorting and giggling for at least a half hour as I picture your poor Tilly. Too funny!

  15. Love that vintage tea set! Tea always tastes better from a pretty cup.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  16. I’m catching up on blogland today and sorry to hear that dafter has had some rough spots but, with all the changes, it isn’t surprising. Hopefully, she is feeling much better now. Love the tea set and goodies. The story about Tilly still has me laughing! 😉

  17. So glad to see that you’re all are settling in so well. 🙂
    Hope that the Dafter is better now, and ready to discover some lovely corner of your new city. Take care and happy autumn.

  18. Dear everyone,

    Thanks so much for your heartening comments, they are very much appreciated. I’m glad Tilly’s antics amused you as well.

    oldblack, thank you for the laugh! I did enjoy the service too.

    Linda, you are quite right, there are a few Range and Land Rovers in the vicinity. I always think of you when I notice them.

  19. […] love the detailed woodwork in the house, especially painted white.  This is where I found Tilly sliding down the banister (thank you again Tilly for the […]

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