Posted by: christinelaennec | October 26, 2013

A rainy visit to the Botanics

The “fall colors” in Glasgow have been really stunning.  Friday was a very wet day here – can you see the water flowing down the path in the photo below?  But even in the gloomy low light, the colours were beautiful.

The Kibble Palace, Glasgow Botanic Gardens, 25 October, 2013.

The Kibble Palace, Glasgow Botanic Gardens, 25 October, 2013.

The enormous Victorian glasshouse is called “The Kibble Palace,” after its designer John Kibble.

The tearoom at the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow.

The entrance to the tearoom at the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow.

I didn’t have time to stop for a cuppa at the tearoom, as inviting as it looked.  I went there a few times in the summer, and it is a very nice place to be.

Beech tree and cherry tree aflame, Glasgow Botanic Gardens.  25 October, 2013.

Beech tree and cherry tree aflame, Glasgow Botanic Gardens. 25 October, 2013.

After leaving the Botanics, I walked across the bridge on Queen Margaret Drive, which gives you the most amazing view down into the River Kelvin:

Bridge over the Kelvin River, beside the Glasgow Botanic Gardens.  25 October 2013.

The Kelvin River beside the Glasgow Botanic Gardens. 25 October 2013.

It’s hard to believe that you’re in the heart of a large city in places like this.  You can see how the surface of the river was being pelted by the rain.  I was very glad to have a good waterproof coat and an umbrella, and enjoyed being out on such a beautiful autumn day.

You can find out more about the Botanics on their website here.  I hope you are all having a very good weekend!



  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful fall photos, Christine! Our days have been foggy of late, but strangely without much rain [so I enjoyed seeing yours :].
    Guess what! My daughter and son-in-law welcomed their youngest, Rose, safely into the world this evening! I am so grateful and excited! I will post photos soon 🙂 Continued blessings to you and yours,
    Gracie xx

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos Christine,Glasgow is beautiful, my favourite, and this autumn is wonderful too..
    Hugs and a nice Sunday

  3. It’s amazing how the colours glow even on dark days, isn’t it? I’ve been noticing that a lot this year. The Botanics look as lovely as ever, it’s a fine glasshouse, that, and a wonderful view from the bridge.

  4. So beautiful – how fortunate you are! (We’re still waiting for our colors to pop.)

    I’m going to visit my daughter for Halloween – I’ll pick up that last thing for the Dafter and get her surprise in the mail soon!

    • You’re very kind, Stacy. I hope you have a wonderful visit.

  5. I really must visit the Botanic gardens. I’ve lived in Glasgow all my life and I’ve never actually been there yet. I think its partly because the parking is so difficult in the west end. It’s the other side of the city from me and would take forever by public transport however I have threatened a few times to park at the nearest underground station and go by underground to it. I will put it on my to do list for spring time I think. Beautiful as the trees are now I’d love to see it in the springtime. Glad you’re getting out and about and enjoying the city. x

  6. gorgeous colors! I love the autumn. fave photo is the last one with the water and the trees. 🙂

  7. I so miss the Botanic Gardens and Byres Road and all the other little treasures that area holds! Lovely photos.

    On an unrelated note, I’ve been wondering.. How is the hunt for a suitable church progressing?

    • Thanks for asking, Laura. It will be a long process and I am currently focusing on linking the Dafter up with a local youth group of a church that isn’t really my thing but may well be hers. I want to do a post about the extraordinary variety of worship I’ve found here, just within the Church of Scotland.

  8. What beautiful photos!!! The tearoom must have been added after we left Scotland in 2005. It would have been fun to have checked it out this time but it didn’t work out. Did I tell you we got to the gardens for the afternoon of Sept 28 (whatever that Sat was) and it was the most glorious day! The grass was covered with people! We spent the whole afternoon visiting and Michael was gone on one bathroom trip for a VERY long time and turns out he and one child ducked into the booksale that was going on! Lucky things!

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