Posted by: christinelaennec | October 29, 2013

Glasgow hair

This is what in our family we call “Glasgow hair” – the effect of the damp air:

Glasgow hair

Glasgow hair

I hardly recognise myself because my hair didn’t used to be quite this madly curly.  But I’m not complaining.  The Dafter likes how her curls spring up as well.   (Michael’s just glad to have hair, full stop.)

On Sunday a woman in church amazed me by saying, “I thought you were from the Isle of Lewis”.  Because of my dark colouring and my curly hair, she said.  Well, I do have a few great-grandparents unaccounted for, so who knows?  Maybe there is a link there.  Or maybe it’s just living in Glasgow!



  1. Ha ha, I like it!

  2. Stunningly Celtic looking…even with ‘Glasgow Hair’ xx

  3. Lovely! Really lovely.

  4. I think you look as cute as a button! 🙂

  5. Wonder how my hair would do there? I already have plenty of curls!

  6. Oh, honey, it looks like New England hair too 🙂 It has great body and so wear it with pride 😉

    Wendy in NH

  7. I know the feeling. We don’t go to the coast too often here in California, but when we do, I think I give everyone a good laugh. Your hair looks very tidy with all your waves.

  8. I love your hair this way, and I know all about damp weather and curls…

  9. What fun, Christine! It is interesting how climate effects one’s hairstyle, isn’t it. I am glad that you and Dafter are embracing your current stylish curls 🙂
    No bad hair days for you! And the sense that you are home, and that you belong are precious, aren’t they! As one who has pioneered back and forth across the USA, and a little bit abroad I can appreciate the satisfaction of being considered a native to the area where you currently live!
    Gracie xx

  10. Ah, damp air, my hair’s worst enemy! My hair is naturally curly, but very fine and flyaway so unfortunately it doesn’t curl nicely in the rain like yours, but just goes into a big frizzy mess! Thank goodness for hair straighteners!

  11. Strangely my hair only reacts like yours when we go to Florida. My hair is frizzy from the minute we arrive till we get home again. At home my hair is smooth and no problem unless I get it actually wet then its a bit frizzy but not as drastic as Florida! Who knew hair had such a life of its own! lol

  12. It’s strange – my too fine hair just goes horribly flat when it’s damp. And I’m very interested in the remark about Lewis. My family on my mother’s side tends to have what we think of as a rather Scandinavian look, and when my uncle married a woman from Lewis we noticed that she and her family looked different – and not unlike you! I like the look of your lovely full hair and strong colouring.

  13. You might enjoy this blog, Christine:

    The lady is an artist living in Oxford. She is married to a maths teacher and has a daughter (dafter?!) in college. She loves knitting and vegetarian/vegan food and she has beautiful photos and recipes. I thought you might enjoy looking in…
    all the best, Sandra

  14. Now… why is it that I want to call you “Monica”?!
    Just be glad you have the option to tie it back / down. No danger of “lavvy brush hair”! 😉
    N.B. I speak as one who shares this reaction to humidity. I am not just being rude, honest!

  15. I’m new here and i must say, I love your curls, I have stick straight! Best wishes from Canada!!

  16. Thanks everyone for your kind comments and for having a laugh with me! I’m enjoying my new curls and (as you can see) am not particularly fussed about looking like society dictates a woman in her 50s “ought” to look!

    Marksgran – yes indeed hair does have a life of its own. Funny that yours is fine in Glasgow but goes mad in Florida.

    Sandra – thanks very much for the blog suggestion!

    Laurie – welcome to my blog! And thanks for your good wishes from Canada. I have had some happy times in your country.

    Roobeedoo – “I know!!” Thanks for the laugh.

  17. Oh, I’m late for commenting, but I wanted to tell you how sweet you look with your beautiful wavy hair and peaches and cream complexion! I think Glasgow really agrees with you! xo

  18. Hmmm. I have the same occurrence in Louisiana. People ask me if I have my hair permed. No, I say. It’s just the humidity. Your curls do look quite lovely on you, Christine. ❤

  19. I had to laugh when I read this post. I was recently in Scotland on holiday. I noticed, right from the start, how much “fuller” my hair was….I loved it !!!

  20. I like it. While visiting my parents in the Florida keys, I grew tired of beating and spraying my hair into submission only to walk outside and have it curl. Now I’m playing up the curl which has gotten curlier since I passed 45. Hormonal? Don’t know but most days I like it.

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