Posted by: christinelaennec | October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

We’re hoping we may have some “guisers” visiting us this evening!

Cowgirl and tiger!  The Dafter did her own face paints - very impressive.

Cowgirl and tiger! The Dafter did her own face paints – very impressive.



  1. Both of you are beautiful !!
    Happy Halloween !

  2. Wow! Great costumes and very impressive face paint 🙂

  3. Your guisers are in for a treat! That make up is fantastic.

  4. DAfter looks like she is going to scare a lot of people. Have fun.

  5. Oh, what fun – you both look fabulous! Great job on the tiger face, Dafter, and you make a charming ‘Ellie May’. Have fun and Happy Halloween! xo

  6. Cool, Happy Halloween.

  7. Hope this was enjoyed by all. Looking good – and scary.

  8. And did you? We had one paltry lot – guisers aren’t what they used to be. Tho most of the children in our street are past that stage now, and in a city I don’t like the idea of children visiting houses they don’t know.

    Great art work!

  9. You certainly look ready to enjoy the nights festivities – did you get many knocks on your door ?

  10. LOVE the costumes!

  11. Heehee! Oh but Christine, where are your Daisy Duke’s?! 😉
    Fab make up from the Dafter!

  12. Wow! The tiger painting is impressive!!!! Halloween was moved to Friday because of bad weather. It was raining absolute torrents last night!

  13. Thanks everyone, for joining in our fun! We had a wonderful evening – the Dafter counted 12 parties of guisers / trick-or-treaters, and she came to the door for every one of them. Some of the littler ones were a bit frightened by the tiger who opened the door! I passed on your compliments to the Dafter, who had a very happy time indeed.

    Karen – yes, I am in fact descended from a long line of hillbillies!

    Roobeedoo – I did have my cowboy boots on, but not visible in the photo. Not sure about Daisy Dukes, though?

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