Posted by: christinelaennec | December 5, 2013

And the winner is…

A big thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway for the Burns tea-towel.  The Dafter was able to be my assistant for the giveaway this evening.  I wrote the names on slips of paper, and she chose one at random:

Ooh!  Suspense!

Ooh! Suspense!

Drum roll please….  it’s….



Catriona!  Who lives right here in Glasgow, would you believe it?  And who said that if she won, she would buy me a cup of coffee!



Catriona, I will be in touch by email to see about arranging things!

Thanks again to everyone who entered.  I hope you’re all doing fine this week.  It’s been very stormy indeed here in Scotland, and now it’s snowing – but we are fine, snug, warm and (as you can see) electrified, so all is well.  Our thoughts are with people living where the tides are the highest they’ve been in 60 years.  Sending very good thoughts to all of them…



  1. Congrats to Catriona !!
    Fingers crossed for all the ones in this stormy weather !

  2. Oh how fun!!!

    Well we are about to get snow here too this evening. Glad that I am now home for good today and hopefully the storm won’t be too bad here or there!

  3. So happy for Catriona, and good for you on the coffee treat. Beautiful flower pictures.

  4. Congratulations to Catriona! It sounds like a good swap to me, a teatowel for a cup of coffee.

  5. congratulations, Catriona! glad you are staying nice and warm. I was reading about the storm online and it looks like it’s been a rather fierce one.

  6. Congratulations to Catriona – and hugs to you and the Dafter from across the pond. ❤

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