Posted by: christinelaennec | February 20, 2014

Weird food

The other day I was in the frozen aisle of the supermarket, and I had a moment of thinking:  What kind of totally bizarre world do I live in?

In the supermarket, Glasgow.

In the supermarket, Glasgow.

For my convenience and delectation, I could buy (if I weren’t vegetarian) 4 pork faggots with West Country Sauce from Mr. Brain’s, who claim to be a “firm family favourite since 1925”.  And for dessert I could have half price Phish Food (should be “Phood” really) ice cream.

These bizarre phoods reminded me of one of those very old-fashioned menus with 15 courses of dishes such as Mushrooms under Glass, Celery Aspic, Fruit Syllabub and Peppermint Bombe.

This morning we had a visit from a lively friend who said, “Whenever I’m in doubt about what to eat, my rule of thumb is:  have breakfast.  I eat a lot of porridge, at all times of day!”  Sounds good to me.  Porridge, anyone?



  1. I agree….porridge sounds good to me. I don’t even want to know what a “pork faggot” is.

  2. Well I just noticed those McBrains thingys in Asda this morning!- not on your nelly! I’m not for trying them! Funnily enough I love the Ben & Jerry Peanut Butter Ice Cream – it has BIG chunks of Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups! Yum! Admittedly not very Scottish but appeals to our very sweet tooth!!

  3. oh wow. I think I prefer the top shelf to the bottom one. The Mr. Brain’s packet looks most unappetizing.

  4. I’ve wondered about that Phish food, but it hasn’t tempted me at all. As for the Mr Brains….! I think your friend is very sensible, I like cereal for dinner myself.

  5. Porridge is a great standby when you can’t decide or can’t be bothered. However I do like it made with milk.

  6. By coincidence, I have just finished my daily breakfast porridge, made with water, but topped with sunflower seeds and chopped walnuts.
    Have to admit I don’t like any Ben and Jerry’s ice cream – to me they all seem to have bits of foam rubber in them (eg cookie dough or the Phish food), and they’re too sweet. But Mackie’s ice cream – mmm, or any ice cream in Italy. Which bizarrely is also sweet but a more natural sweetness in that it has come from the fruit content. Time to stop thinking of ice cream and get off to work, fuelled by porridge!

  7. Porridge is great, but the ice cream gets my vote! 😉

  8. Mr. Brains faggots? It used to be McBrains faggots! Hated by everyone I know, especially hubby! Faggots are stretchy, sinewy meat balls….ugh, shudder! Porridge is what I have every day for breakfast, even in summer! 🙂 xxx

  9. Some of my family have a debased taste for Phish Food. Once this led to a misunderstanding when I mentioned to my vegan daughter that this stuff was in the freezer, and she thought I was talking about actual fish.

  10. Faggots? There’s such a thing as faggots? Christine, I do so enjoy stopping by your blog. Hope to return here after a blogging break. Do enjoy the rest of your winter…

  11. I vote for porridge too. Not a fan of American ice cream and don’t eat pork.

  12. I’ll take the porridge. Although that reminds me of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I’m not sure what porridge is exactly, but I do like hot cream of wheat. Would that qualify, I wonder? I try not to look too hard in certain sections of the grocery store. I will lose my appetite forever! 🙂 xo Karen

  13. I didn’t know you were vegetarian too (or maybe I did, I don’t know!), they do look odd indeed. I used to like Phish Food but it’s too rich for me now.

  14. Thanks everyone for the fascinating comments. Used to be McBrains?! “a debased taste for Phish Food”…

    Karen, porridge is what I think we Americans call oatmeal – cooked rolled or milled oats, served with salt if you are a true Scot, or with sugar and milk if you’re a softie incomer like me. Cream of wheat, that’s something I haven’t seen for donkey’s years.

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