Posted by: christinelaennec | March 7, 2014

Spring at the park

March came in like a lamb here, and we had a beautiful day at the start of the week:

Crocuses in Victoria Park, GLasgow.  3 March, 2014.

Crocuses in the park, Glasgow. 3 March, 2014.

My trusty point-and-shoot has given up the ghost since this photo, and I’ve bought another camera, which I have yet to try out.  All being well, I’m hoping to have a little adventure this weekend, so I hope to have some snaps to show you next week.  Fingers crossed!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!



  1. That’s beautiful, Christine. Happy snapping with your new camera, I look forward to seeing the first fruits.

  2. Looking forward to finding out what the adventure is…Lovely photo of spring, lets hope its here to stay.

  3. Lovely! The daffodils are up and about here in my part of the world. I love their little yellow faces.

  4. Fun to go on an adventure, especially with a new camera to try out. Crocus are lovely, have not seen mine, they are buried under snow. Wishing you well.

  5. […] Spring at the park […]

  6. Hey! We’re in sync!! Our crocuses are starting to flower too. We have autumn crocuses, however, so their blooming marks the start of the cooler weather. Sad, but inevitable. Winter’s sole raison d’être is, after all, to make us grateful for summer.

  7. How beautiful those crocuses are! (It’s daffodils around here.) ❤

  8. Gorgeous

  9. What a lovely park! Nothing is up around here yet.:-(

  10. Shame about your old camera, but what a lovely photo to be its final one. And of course, yay new camera! 🙂 Crocuses are out in Aberdeen too; I must go and actually take some photos! Hope you have a fun adventure 🙂

  11. Thanks everyone! oldblack, I love what you say about the only reason for winter being to make us grateful for summer! I also think winter teaches us the value of rest.

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