Posted by: christinelaennec | March 15, 2014

A cross-stitched rug

I started this rug for the Dafter in the autumn of 2012, and finished it before Christmas 2013.  But it’s been so dark that I haven’t had a sunny day to photograph it until now.  The pattern is from Cath Kidston’s Stitch book, but the Dafter (not being a big fan of beige) designed the colours herself.

The Dafter's rug

The Dafter’s rug

It is very “her” – so cheerful.

The Dafter's rug, closer up.

The Dafter’s rug, closer up.

It was an interesting project for me, especially as it required a frame.  But once I got into the rhythm of it, I enjoyed making it.  I stitched the last row just a few days before we left Aberdeen, on a Sunday afternoon when our dear friend T came by for a last cup of tea in the bay window.  Then it went into the moving boxes, and was in storage for a while, and I finally backed it in November.

The Dafter really likes having it by her bed.  It reminds me of the progress she’s made with her ME/CFS, because there were so many days in Aberdeen that I sat stitching or knitting on her bed, trying to keep her company and cheer her, as she was so ill she couldn’t do anything much.  I pray those really awful days are in the past now, and this rug was part of getting through them.  It also symbolises to me how illness does not define us.  Although the Dafter was so very poorly, her true, sunny self came through in her design.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend!  I see that my American cousins have “sprung forward” but we don’t take the leap here until March 30th.



  1. The Dafter has a talent for color, for sure! ❤

  2. WOW!!! I love the color arrangement and the pattern, Christine and Dafter!!! Is it cross-stitched on needlepoint canvas? When my youngest son was hospitalized for a total of six weeks when he was six I cut out two needlepoint canvas pieces in the shape of a star about 12″ in diameter. I used bulky weight creme colored yarn to cross-stitch on the canvas and left an opening so I could perch the star on top of our Christmas tree. I doubt that my working on the star while keeping him company in the hospital cheered him much [as a usually active little boy :)] but it helped me feel calmer and hopeful that he would get better…and I am grateful he did! xx

  3. What a beautifully symbolic piece of craftsmanship. The colours are lovely.

  4. The Dafter has taste. I love it…

  5. Wow! That is GORGEOUS! How thick is it? Is it tapestry wool on canvas or bulkier than that?

  6. What a glorious splash of colour Christine-no wonder your daughter likes it so much. I met a lovely woman today in M and S coffee shop in Kingsgate and she was knitting a one-ply christening gown with Jamesons wool. It was superb and is going to be lined with the baby’s mother’s wedding gown. She told me about an exhibition at Kelvingrove in June by her students so I’ll keep a lookout for it coming and we’ll organise a wee jaunt if you like!

  7. Thank you everyone!

    Roobeedoo and Gracie – the rug is about a centimeter thick. It was done on 5-count rug canvas with tapestry wools, and I backed it with burlap/hessian.

    Gracie, I love your story about making the star!

    Catriona – do please let me know about the exhibition. I hope to be in touch before then, though.

  8. Such beautiful colors. Your daughter has good taste, and I am, so glad to her that she continues to feel better.

  9. Beautiful, bright and cheery ~ with lots of memories too. 🙂
    Glad to hear the Dafter is doing better.

  10. Fabulous colours. You and the Dafter are both very talented.

  11. Beautiful colours! They really pop out in the photos.

  12. Lovely to see the Dafter’s zest shining through.
    As usual, anything involving needles,/thread/wool is and will always be a mystery to me, but the end result is fantastic.

  13. This is so beautiful, Christine!

    The sentiment behind it really touches me and I hope your daughter knows how brightly her light shines out into this world.

  14. What beautiful, rainbow colors! It must be so cheering to have this little beauty under foot, knowing that her dear Mum made it with loving hands while sitting bedside during long, trying days. I am sure your darling daughter just loves it. Hugs xo Karen

  15. What a lovely rug. The colours and the stitching are beautiful, you are both very creative. I had a peek at the book on Amazon, there are some lovely patterns in there aren’t there. Glad you got a day sunny enough to show us it! x

  16. What a lovely rug 🙂 I hope there are better times ahead for all of you. x

  17. The rug is JUST gorgeous!!!! Wow. Will have to have a look at Cath Kidston’s book — our library probably has it. Love the colors and the meanings associated with it. Yes, we have sprung forward and the extra light is so nice, although it seems weird to have it so early in the season and our temperatures are so far below normal still. Oh well…..

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