Posted by: christinelaennec | April 8, 2014

Early April in Glasgow

The other day the Dafter was able to get out of the house and we went for a “wheelchair walk” in Kelvingrove Park.  I’d never been there before.

The Dafter at Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow.  April 2014.

The Dafter (out of her wheelchair for a little bit) at Kelvingrove Park, with Kelvingrove Museum and the River Kelvin in the background.  Glasgow. April 2014.

“It’s freezing!” said the Dafter, and a lady walking past with her dog said, “Aye, we’re down by the river.”  We got to talking and, like a lot of people here in Glasgow, upon hearing my American accent she asked me where I was from.  I then asked her where she was from.  “A small island called Tiree.”  “Oh yes, my Gaelic teacher is from Tiree,” I said.  And then we spoke in Gaelic a bit, including the Dafter, which surprised and delighted the lady.  Introductions all round, including the dog.  This sort of thing never used to happen in Aberdeen!

In a few weeks’ time, you won’t be able to see the museum through the tree branches, as the leaves are coming in a bit every day.

Kelvingrove Museum, seen from Kelvingrove Park. Glasgow, early April 2014.

Kelvingrove Museum, seen from Kelvingrove Park. Glasgow, early April 2014.

The view up to the University on the other side of the park is very pretty.  There are a lot of flowering trees at the moment – I love that flash of pink through the grey-green.

The University of Glasgow, seen from Kelvingrove Park.  Early April 2014.

The University of Glasgow, seen from Kelvingrove Park. Early April 2014.

Closer to home, I am delighted that our transplanted (from the old garden, pre-bulldozers) is blooming despite all we put it through:

Daffodils and camellia, my back garden, Glasgow.  Early April 2014.

Daffodils and camellia, my back garden, Glasgow. Early April 2014.

It’s such a pretty shade of pink, with those lovely yellow stamens in the middle.  Does anyone know what variety it is?

Camellia blossom

Camellia blossom

Finally, I’m curious to know what you think of the size of these photos.  WordPress has changed how you determine the size of the photos inserted in the post.  The top photo is “large” and the third photo is “medium”.  What do you think?  (I know it depends on what kind of machine you’re reading this on.)

I hope you’re all doing very well.  Happy spring!



  1. The weather does look rather bleak to me…but the cheerfulness of the Dafter’s smile and the daffodils’ faces surely makes up for that.

    Photographs all look good to me, but with my poor eyes I always go for the larger option (my browser text selection is two sizes larger than “standard”).

  2. You’re up late too, Christine!
    The medium photo looks quite small to me. Photos sizing is a challenge! I am just reconsidering a move to WordPress but it seems to take a bit of getting to grips with – is that your experience?
    Fantastic to see the Dafter out and about, and how lovely about your ‘Gaelic in the Park’.

  3. Great to see the pictures of the park and flowers and your daughter looks so lovely out and about. Loved how you shared about the visit. So nice to meet people that you can share things with.

  4. Wonderful that you are able to get out and about with your daughter. The park looks beautiful. Flowers always brighten my day.

  5. I always enjoy your positive attitude, and your photos. I didn’t realise the Dafter spoke Gaelic as well, did she learn it at primary school? For me, viewing this on a laptop, I can see the medium pictues all at once but I can’t see the whole of the large one on my screen. I’m used to that though, lots of other blogs use large photos and it’s a very nice one of the Dafter. I think I prefer the large size, even if I can’t see it all at once. (And I can always reduce the size of what I’m seeing to fit it all in if I really want to see the whole thing at once.)

  6. It looks you really had a good time in the park, both of you. I’m happy for that.
    Your pictures all look perfect. I think strange things sometimes happen with WordPress. Sometimes (not always) I don’t get comments, at least not at their site, whereas I get them separately by mail. But that’s not how I want to reply to comments.
    Personally, I prefer the large picture, I always like to visualize and so for me the bigger the better.

  7. It’s so nice to see the Dafter out and about and Kelvingrove Park is the perfect setting! I’m particularly fond of it when the ice-cream van takes up residence in the summer 😉

    Personally, I much prefer the larger pictures ..but then I am pretty fond of photos!

  8. I think either of the two larger photos are the best. I can’t see the entire photo “large” at once, but the other two, I can. But I don’t mind scrolling!
    The smaller one isn’t as big as I’d like 🙂

  9. Yes, the medium size is quite small. I really liked the size of your last two photos with the flowers. What a beautiful park.

  10. Thank you everyone, for your thoughts on the photo sizes. There seems to be a consensus that larger is better. That’s really helpful.

    Linda, I’ve been happy with WordPress, though I’ve never used anything else so I don’t have anything to compare it to.

    Feb12, I’ve not had the experience of comments not showing up on my dashboard but appearing in my email, but I think there are glitches with any platform / software.

    oldblack, how funny that it looks bleak to you whereas to me, it’s full of very exciting potential! But it was a cold, foggy day. (And we were down by the river, as our new acquaintance pointed out.)

  11. The Dafter’s smile is absolutely beautiful 🙂

    • Thank you, Helen. I think so, too, although I am just slightly biased!

  12. I liked it better when we could give the pictures precise dimensions. I’ve started using the medium size – the large just seems to take over the page.

    The Dafter looks positively radiant. Say hi to her for me. I hope your camellia thrives -I am considering moving that same variety this fall. It’s already too hot to move it this spring. xo

  13. Someday I want to plant a camellia because my dear friend Helen always looked forward to hers blooming with much excitement. I wonder if they grow here in the Midwest….I’ll have to investigate. So nice to see the Dafter standing there in the park!

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